Best app icon packs for iPhone in 2023

best ios 14 icon packs for iphone and ipad

Apple made it easy to customize your iPhone home screen with custom app icon packs in iOS 14. We’ve already covered some fun free aesthetic app icon packs to download, but there are tons of other excellent options out there too.

Here’s our roundup of the best app icon packs for iPhones running iOS 14 or later.

1. Traf monochrome app icon packs

monochrome app icon sets for iphone and ipad

The black and white look never goes out of style. Traf contains 80 custom app icons with an elegant monochrome look. You can choose from light or dark styles.

Although it might seem a bit pricey, you get the assurance of lifetime updates, so your icons will last a long time. They make a good investment for those who love monochrome.

Price: $28.00

Buy Monochrome Icon Sets

2. Ruffsnap 6-in-1 app icons

Ruffsnap App Icon Set for iPhone and iPad

Whether black, white, shades of grey, or any other color, gift yourself the freedom of truly customizing the iPhone Home Screen your way. With over 600 icons in its arsenal, you have a plethora of options at your fingertips.

The Ruffsnap app icons pack includes six variations of each icon: light, dark, light grey, dark grey, original.png & original colors. Notably, the original.png enables you to apply a background color of your choice.

Price: $14.00 (Get $5 discount by using our promo code – “iGeeksBlog”)

Buy Ruffsnap Icon Set

3. Fall aesthetic app icon packs

fall aesthetic app icon pack for iphone and ipad

If fall is your favorite season, you’ll love this icon pack that features 32 app icons for your most-used apps, all designed in beautiful earthy tones that capture the spirit of autumn.

The illustrations are clean and classy, keeping your screen looking elegant. You can even contact the artist to get a customized color palette if you like.

Price: $5.90

Buy Fall Aesthetic Icons

4. Beach Pastel app icon sets

beach pastel app icon packs for iphone and ipad

If you’re like me and always missing the beach, this icon pack will stave off your craving for waves. It features 32 popular app icons in the most soothing blues and purples that will remind you of beautiful sunny days on the beach.

Moreover, the illustrations are minimalist and classy, ensuring your phone screen stays stylish. You can also get the color palette customized to your preferences by contacting the designer.

Price: $5.90

Buy Beach Pastel App Icon Packs

5. Rose gold and black app icon packs

rose gold and black icon packs for iphone and ipad

Glam up your iPhone with these gleaming metallic icons in black and rose gold. You’ll get 70 iPhone app icons and a bonus black marble background to jazz up your screen and give it a unique look.

Furthermore, it includes easy-to-follow instructions to customize your home screen. This icon pack is ideal for those who love art or fashion.

Price: $5.90

Buy Rose Gold and Black Icon Packs

6. Neutral-Toned app icons

neutral-toned app icons pack for iphone and ipad

This app icon pack features 25 app icons in warm neutral shades that will appeal to every user. You also get a free background image that perfectly compliments the icons.

Each icon consists of a gorgeous image with a subtle illustration imposed upon it. This gives it a breezy and minimalist vibe that’ll never go out of style.

Price: $5.90

Buy Neutral-Toned App Icons

7. Halloween app icon packs

Halloween App Icons Set for iPhone and iPad

If you love Halloween, here’s an app icon pack equal parts eerie and fun for you guys. This bundle includes 50 unique app icons, five wallpapers, and four widget graphics.

We particularly enjoy the underlining note of quirk in the design. It doesn’t take you to the gothic, dark side but gives you tons of spookiness at a reasonable price point.

Price: $3.68

Buy Halloween Aesthetic Icon Set

8. Math theme app icon packs

math theme icon packs for iphone and ipad

Every math lover can geek out over these creatively designed icons that are all about the science of numbers! You get 50 uniquely appealing icons to use as you please.

Furthermore, there are three different styles to choose from: flat, lineal, and lineal color. These app icons are not sold as a pack; instead, you sign up for a subscription and then download as many as you like.

Price: $8.25 for a monthly subscription of unlimited icons

Buy Math Theme Icon Packs

9. Ruby red app icons

ruby red icon pack for iphone and ipad

If red is your color, look no further. These stunning blood-red icons are sure to energize you every time you see your screen. Moreover, this color is known to inspire creativity.

It includes 26 app icons, and they’ll look exceptionally remarkable if you have a red-colored case to match. Of course, they’re also ideal for Valentine’s season.

Price: $1.17

Buy Ruby Red Icon Pack

10. Plant theme app icons bundle

plant theme app icons bundle for iphone and ipad

Here are 50 gorgeous green-themed app icons that will turn your phone screen into a mystical forest. It’s ideal for plant and nature lovers, adding a touch of serenity to your screen.

It even comes bundled with matching wallpapers that have quotes on them, making it an excellent value for the price. Customize and achieve a vibrant look on your screen with this pack.

Price: $3.53

Buy Plant Theme App Icons

Summing Up!

Which app icon packs for iPhones are your favorite? Share your picks with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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