Best Clear Cases for 10.2-inch iPad in 2019: Let Your iPad Shine-Through

If showcasing the design while still offering basic protection to the iPad 7th Gen is what you are looking for, you are at the right post. Take a glance at the most impressive transparent covers for iPad 10.2-inch!

Protection matters a lot, especially when dealing with a sophisticated device like iPad 7. After all, a little care upfront is much better than a ton of cure later. With that said, many of us like to drop the guard at times just to give a bit liberty to the tablet to feel relaxed and also showcase the famed design. And that’s where a transparent case has a role to play.

So, if your tablet is willing to get rid of the classy sleeves or looking to go past the vintage folio covers, now is the right to check out the best iPad 10.2-inch clear cases. While most transparent suits are slim for a form-fitting and compact design, there are quite a few crystal clear covers that have fairly durable construction for impact resistance.

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Thus, even if you decide to let your 10.2″ iPad shine through, the tablet will continue to have reliable protection from scratches and even minor shock. Having said that, let’s explore the round-up without any further ado!

Best 10.2-inch iPad Clear Cases in 2019

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#1. MoKo

MoKo Clear Case for 10.2 inch iPad

Looking at Moko clear cover for the iPad 7th gen, all I can say that it can be a template for many transparent cases out there. While the clear back showcases the design of the iPad, the rugged frame shields the tablet against shock, so, you can flaunt the looks of your iPad without having to compromise with the protection.

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For additional shield against scratches, Moko transparent cover features raised lips both on the front and the back. Therefore, the camera, as well as the 10.2-inch display, has the trusted safeguard against scuffs. Not to mention, the bumper design also offers a secure grip to prevent accidental slip offs.

USP: Impact-resistant bumper design
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#2. ESR

ESR 10.2 inch iPad Clear Case

There are a couple of notable features that make ESR stand out of the rest. First and foremost, it has a flexible design thanks to the soft TPU material. Thus, installing and removing the clear case remains an easy affair.

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And the second, the transparent cover feels quite comfortable in the hands due mainly to the anti-slip exterior. So, if you don’t trust your butterfingers anymore, it might well turn out to be your savior.

Even though the cover lacks a sturdy construction, it can endure the onslaught of scratches. And the ability to ward off fingerprints play a decisive role in keeping its clarity intact.

USP: Soft exterior and flexible design
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#3. TiMOVO

TiMOVO Clear Case for 10.2 inch iPad

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A pretty compact and form-fitting clear case like TiMOVO can make an adorable pair with the iPad 7. The transparent design gives the desired liberty to the tablet to shine through, while the precise cutouts offer easy access to all the ports. But can this clear cover hold fort against bumps and scratches?

Though I would say you shouldn’t expect much from this slim cover, it is good enough to withstand some random impact. And, it can also take on scratches with ease. Moreover, TiMOVO can comfortably get along with Apple Smart Keyboard case. Therefore, you don’t need to take off the cover before transforming your tablet into a handy notebook.

USP: Pretty compact and slim form-factor
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#4. MoKo Case with Tri-Fold Design

MoKo 10.2 inch iPad Translucent Frosted Back Case

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Yet another cover from Moko that has caught my eyes. Unlike its other sibling mentioned above, it’s got a front cover in the form of soft PU leather.

Aside from protecting the Retina Display from scratches, the front cover also plays the role of a handy tri-fold stand. So, you can use the invisible stand to ideally prop up your iPad 7 for comfortable viewing.

On the rear side, the cover comes with a hard PC back panel that can certainly take some beating. Courtesy the frosted finish; the back also provides the grippy feeling. To further safeguard the screen, it has a smooth microfiber interior. Overall, it’s got everything to stake the claim of being one of the best clear cases for the 10.2″ iPad.

USP: Tri-fold design for multiple viewing angles
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#5. Dadanism

Dadanism Translucent Frosted Back Case for iPad 10.2 inch

When it comes to making a pretty nice match with the 2019 entry-level iPad, Dadanism is not behind in the race. And that too without giving up on protection.

I like its sleek design with sophisticated PU leather front and soft TPU back. With the translucent back, the cover enables the iPad to flaunt the design.

Despite having a comparatively slim form-factor, Dadanism has the durability to take on scratches and even low impact. Besides, the clear case doesn’t turn yellow and also features auto sleep/wake functionality for improving battery life.

USP: Sleek and sophisticated design
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#6. ESR Yippee

ESR 10.2 inch iPad Translucent Frosted Back Case

This offering from ESR is a complete clear case for iPad 7. The cover is made of faux leather and features a hard back-panel for improved impact resistance. Besides, Yippee has also incorporated soft microfiber to fight out scratches and keep the display protected.

The front cover features strong magnets to support auto sleep/wake functionality. For the comfortable viewing angles, the front cover plays the role of a useful stand – due mainly to the tri-fold design. Lastly, Yippee also offers a secure grip and comes in two hue options namely black and rose gold.

USP: Built-in magnets support auto sleep/wake feature
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#7. Dadanism Compact Clear Case

Dadanism Clear Case for 10.2 inch iPad

If it’s time to make the iPad 10.2″ the center of all attention, Dadanism’s compact clear case is the right way to go. The cover sports an ultra-clear profile to showcase everything that your tablet boasts. But has this translucent suit completely given up on protection in favor of style? Nope.

The use of hard PC material has added a bit of resistance to the construction. So, the compact transparent cover can endure scuffs and even low shock. Not to mention the frosted back that makes holding the iPad a little more comfortable.

USP: Crystal-clear profile
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#8. IVSO

IVSO iPad 10.2 inch Clear Case

Sporting an all-clear design, IVSO is second to none as far as offering the desired freedom to the iPad to flaunt the profile is concerned. But unlike other ordinary transparent covers, the case has got more than what meets the eyes.

The one-piece construction makes it lightweight and snug fit. Courtesy the flexible material coupled with an anti-slip finish; you won’t feel slippery while holding the tablet.

Another thing worth checking out is the extra shield that has come in the form of beveled edge to protect the rear camera and the screen. Add to that the low price ($5.99) and you have a transparent cover that not only passes all the basic tests but also costs way less than others.

USP: Extra protection for screen and camera
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#9. SimplylinUltra

SimplylinUltra Transparent Case for 10.2 inch iPad

Maybe all you want is a simple clear case that can let your iPad shine-through and also offer it basic protection from scuffs. If it’s the case, SimplylinUltra is worth checking out. Just like many other clear covers mentioned in this post, it’s also made of soft TPU material and features one-piece design for a form-fitting appearance.

But what catches the eyeballs is the low-price that stands at $2.99. Going by the soft material and neat design, the cover does seem to be a steal.

USP: Soft and flexible TPU material
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#10. Websa

Websad Transparent Case for 10.2 inch iPad

Yet another cheap clear case in the house. Look-wise, it keeps everything normal just like SimplylinUltra. And with the TPU construction, it’s no pushover when it comes to keeping off scratches.

As for safeguard against impact, it has incorporated slightly protective corners that can withstand minor bumps. At $3.99, it’s clearly a lot cheaper than most transparent iPad 7 covers that are available in the market right now.

USP: Cheap yet pretty good in most aspects
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So, that concludes the lineup of the clear cases for iPad 10.2-inch.

What’s Your Favorite?

For iPad, I mostly prefer a sleeve or a folio cover as they not only offer more protection but also take care of several things like holding docs and Apple Pencil. However, I do try out a clear cover once in a while just to get rid of the monotonous look.

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