Apple Car: Rumors, opinions, leaked features, and more

Apple Car - Rumors, opinions, leaked features, and more

Apple once again made the headlines with its rumored Apple Car. The words came out in December 2020 after the release of AirPods Max. However, this isn’t the first time Apple Car is gaining attention across the web. Guesstimates encircling iCar started in early 2015 when the rumor broke for the first time.

Surprisingly, more than Apple’s anticipated launches in 2021, Apple Car is making a buzz among leading analysts, industry experts, and fans. Though the idea and any other detail related to it are still not confirmed, the news has given numerous postulations.


Speculation of Apple Cars: Above and beyond the tradition

Apple Car concept design

In my recent interaction with Mikey Campbell, Senior editor at Apple Insider, he shared,

Apple has the opportunity to wow if it delivers a wholly original take on the car, perhaps one that incorporates features traditional automakers typically present in concept vehicles. Judging by the rumors, that is not what Apple is planning. A self-driving car with new battery technology is not the rethink required to disrupt a deeply entrenched market.

Without any doubt, I agree with Mikey, and this eventually made me run through the details and progress of ‘Project Titan’ to date.

Project Titan and Apple Car timeline: Why it got delayed?

The news of Apple Car broke in 2014-15 for the first time. This was when the Cupertino-based tech giant was relishing its iPhone 6/6 Plus models’ success. Rumors came of Tim Cook’s approval on Apple Car’s ‘Project Titan’ and that the brand assigned the task to VP Steve Zadesky as a project manager with few other industry experts.

The year marked notable R&D by Apple, including meeting with GoMentum officials and on-boarding other industry experts. The same year Tim Cook stated,

“It would seem like there will be a massive change in that industry, massive change. You may disagree with that. That’s what I think…We’ll see what we do in the future. I do think that the industry is at an inflection point for massive change.”

By 2016, Apple was rumored to house over 1000 experienced professionals for the project Titan.

In the coming years, neither the rumors nor the news related to Apple’s plans for developing an autonomous EV stopped. Especially in 2018, when it registered 27 self-driving vehicles with the motor vehicles department of California.

While the work was going in full-swing, things seem to go a little off-track in the mid of 2018, when a former Apple employee got arrested by the FBI for stealing Apple’s autonomous car tech. Followed by this, for the first time, Apple reported the crash of its self-driving car, a little away from its Cupertino-based headquarters. But it didn’t seem to lose its confidence and kept moving ahead.

Perhaps, this made way for the breakthrough in 2019, when Apple acquired, an autonomous driving startup. Finally, in 2020, the tech giant was again in words with Hyundai, and it’s expected that Apple would start production by March 2024.

As shared by E-Daily reporter Seung-Hyun Lee, Hyundai has internally assigned the Apple Car project to Kia. If it all goes well, the rumored Apple Car shall begin production at Kia’s Georgia Plant. Another reason behind this is Kia’s announcement of its plans on building mobility solutions and PBVs under the ‘Plan S’ strategy.

While so much has been going around since the last 5 years, the question arises;

What to expect from Apple Car (features)

Apple Self Driving Autonomous Car Concept

Aligning with Apple’s primary vision, we can expect two things from the upcoming iCar. This includes;

Unified ecosystem

The brand never misses flaunting, and even the users talk the most about Apple’s secure ecosystem. The entire product lineup is commendably interconnected, and this year, it also announced its plans with a unified ecosystem. Besides, it also announced its unified app strategy.

Despite Apple Car being completely different, this means you can expect to have your iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps compatible with Apple Car. Besides this, you can also look forward to accessing your iCar features using Apple ID.

An autonomous EV for sure; Maybe solar-powered

Considering Apple’s vision to go 100% carbon neutral by 2030 and its accomplishments in the last few years, it won’t be wrong to expect the anticipated futuristic vehicle to carry the same trend. While it’s confirmed that the brand is planning to introduce an autonomous electric vehicle with powerful battery technology, it is safe to explore the scope of it being environment-friendly through solar power.

If not, the battery used will offer features like power charging and long-lasting performance that contribute to its vision of being 100% carbon neutral by 2030.

Other anticipated Apple Car features

  1. Easy sync: Apple’s calendar app may sync with your car map. This will auto-route your journey based on the time and day’s schedule. It may also utilize AI to learn about your daily travel patterns and set your routes and notify you about the day’s plans.
  2. Communicate and commute with comfort: You can also expect to use HomePod Mini or your iDevice to turn on the car’s AC/heater before you are about to enter it. Taking this further, you may connect your HomePod/HomePod Mini with Apple Car to pass a message to the one driving it while at home.
  3. Where’s my iCar: Considering the ‘Find my iPhone’ app feature for iPhones, it is sound to expect the ‘Find my Car’ app to serve a similar purpose for your car.
  4. Easy access: Your Apple ID and linked thumb impression can be the key to unlock the car and access it. You may stay prepared to have a smart car that doesn’t require a key of any form.
  5. Emergency and health: Just like Apple Watch’s sudden fall feature, Apple Car may call SOS in case of any accidental emergency or system failure. This will surely add to the health attributes introduced in iWatch. And just in case you don’t own an Apple Watch, your iCar’s steering wheel might come mounted with ECG and other features.

Preparing the foundation

Rumors of Apple Car

There isn’t any doubt that Apple performed exceptionally in 2020 and managed to prove its excellence with some groundbreaking achievements. And before bidding farewell to the year, rumors of Apple Car surfaced.

Its current modus operandi and efforts to expand the market with a revised approach suggest that we’ll soon have an autonomous car rolling with the  Apple logo.

Experts believe that with the brand expanding its manufacturing units in India, its overseas operations will focus more on building this smart car. However, there’s no confirmation yet from the brand. Let’s hope for some update in mid-2021.

What are your thoughts on Apple Car? Share in the comments below.

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