4K Tokkit review: Download TikTok videos on desktop quickly

4K Tokkit review to download TikTok videos on desktop quickly

Some TikTok videos are worth saving so we can keep viewing them. And we might even share them with our friends. Although you might download videos directly from the TikTok mobile app, it’s impossible on the web version. Besides, you can’t download in bulk on the mobile app. Plus, you don’t want to clog your phone’s storage.

4K Tokkit, a TikTok video downloader, solves this problem and more for you without hassle or technicality. And it’s superfast, too, that’s one of the reasons I love it. Among other things, 4K Tokkit saves time and storage space on your phone by downloading videos to your computer or external storage. But is it worth it? Let’s find out!

⚠️ Caution: Although the app lets you download TikTok videos, remember that the content you download might be subject to copyright protection. Hence, unless the content (including TikTok videos) is expressly licensed under creative commons, they’re subject to copyright.

4K Tokkit review: Download TikTok videos in a jiffy

4K Tokkit is a full-scale TikTok video downloader, offering all the tools you need to download multiple TikTok videos at once and in the best quality. It uses an advanced scraping and querying algorithm to search and download semantically related videos, including captions, meta descriptions, and cover images.

However, the app is available for installation as a Windows, Ubuntu, or Mac app. 4K Tokkit uses its wealth of features to connect you with content from your favorite hashtags and creators. You can also get all videos featuring a particular song. And downloading a single video is also possible, but you need a premium package.

Nonetheless, 4K Tokkit features a date filter to limit your downloads to a specific timeframe. For some reason, the filter doesn’t work for videos downloaded by hashtags or featured sounds.

Considering the heavy requests, I also thought it’d take ages for content to download. But my expanded experience with the app changed that notion. Indeed, the download speed is impressive, depending on your network.

Being a desktop app, one of the problems 4K Tokkit solves is that it allows you to download TikTok videos directly to your PC or Mac. Hence, saving storage space on your phone. You’d find 4K Tokkit handy for storing downloaded videos to an external drive.

How to use 4K Tokkit on Mac

Downloading TikTok videos with 4K Tokkit is easy, depending on what you intend to download and how you intend to get them. However, note that each bulk download is called a subscription in 4K Tokkit.

For instance, all you need is the username from a particular creator. For videos mentioning a particular hashtag, paste the hashtag (followed by #); a similar process goes for downloading videos with a particular sound; just enter the song name. However, you need to copy and paste the link to get a single video.

Besides, you can also use the filter to trim down the number of videos 4K Tokkit downloads at once. Let me take you through the process of downloading videos from a particular creator since this doesn’t cost a dime to start. Say you want all videos between March 30 and March 31, for instance:

  1. Open the desktop app and type the creator’s username in the console
    This doesn’t have to contain the @ symbol.
  2. Next, click the creator’s name from the options.
  3. Click the filter icon and specify the date.
  4. Finally, click Download. That’s it!

To see the videos you’ve downloaded:

  1. Click three vertical dots at the top right.
  2. Next, select Show in folder to see where the videos are on your computer.

To remove a download or subscription: Click three vertical dots and select Remove.

Note: Removing a subscription or download from the app doesn’t delete the ones in your local directory.

What I love about 4K Tokkit

Having used 4K Tokkit to download many TikTok videos for a while now, here are the features I love:

1. Download TikTok videos in bulk

4K Tokkit’s iterative download is one of the attributes that make it unique. This feature’s mechanism is straightforward. With it, 4K Tokkit can download videos in three fashions, depending on your choice.

When downloading creator-specific videos, 4K Tokkit goes through a creator’s profile to index all the videos they’ve posted on TikTok. The hashtags search is more extensive as it scrapes TikTok of all videos containing the queried hashtag. This is pretty handy if you only need to see all posts related to a trending hashtag.

TikTok itself offers built-in sounds for videos. 4K Tokkit leverages this information to query videos by featured sounds or songs. I must confess, I’m blown away by the app’s performance.

2. Subscribe to queries automatically

4K Tokkit uses subscriptions to pin users to their previous downloads. So this attribute updates your feed automatically once there’s an update related to your queries. This doesn’t apply to downloads sorted by dates since 4K Tokkit stops updating outside of the chosen dates.

However, you can remove a subscription from your feed, pause them, or update them manually if you’ve stopped auto-update previously.

3. Sort TikTok content by date

The ability to sort a creator’s videos by the date they post them lets you trim down your queries. This ensures that you don’t download all their content starting from when they joined TikTok.

We hope to see this feature work for videos queried by hashtags and sound clips soon.

4. Download a single TikTok video (Premium only)

Yes, TikTok lets you download videos singly. And this works on the mobile version only. But to save a video directly to your computer or an external drive, 4K Tokkit comes in handy. However, this feature comes with a premium plan.

With that said, you can also subscribe to the author of a single video. So this triggers 4K Tokkit to download all their content, similar to the bulk download.

5. Save video cover photos and captions

4K Tokkit doesn’t stop at the videos only. It goes further to download a video’s cover photo in a separate folder. This can come in handy depending on the user, though. But you can delete them if you feel they’re taking an extra storage space.

Ultimately, you can extract captions from a downloaded video by clicking the three vertical dots on a video and clicking Copy.

6. Backup your TikTok content

Backing up your data to your computer is another spectacular feature of 4K Tokkit. This makes your videos, captions, cover photos, and more available offline, should you have limited internet access or none. Plus, it might be handy if you lose your TikTok account.

7. Organize your downloads easily

Although 4K Tokkit creates a folder on your computer when initiating a download for the first time, you can change the download location. However, I love how the app organizes downloads into separate folders on the computer. 

This extends into the app, too, as it outlines subscriptions for easy accessibility. Additionally, you can see videos you’ve downloaded by hashtags, music, or creators. This is handy, as you can jump into the folder containing your videos directly from within the app using its Show in Folder feature.

What more is coming in 4K Tokkit?

4K Tokkit keeps adding features and is continuously improving existing ones. This is admirable. But are they worth anticipating, after all? Here are the upcoming features.

I don’t know how 4K Tokkit intends to get private videos since these are only accessible by the creator. But candidly, I want to sit tight and see this feature unfold. Besides, you might need to peep into what others have in their private corner at some point. Well, that’s creepy!

And if this is later ever possible, I’d blame TikTok and not 4K Tokkit for such a breach of privacy. Besides, 4K Tokkit only intends to satisfy its users.

However, downloading recommended videos is a super-cool feature worth anticipating, as you can get tailored videos based on your interests.

2. Proxy service to download region-specific videos

While TikTok is available in almost all regions of the world, it still restricts what you see based on your location. Hence, it’s location-bound. Undoubtedly, 4K Tokkit’s incoming proxy service will be a killer feature since it will give you access to videos outside your region’s reach.

What’s broken in 4K Tokkit?

For the most part, I love what 4K Tokkit brings to the table. Its user interface also looks simple and easy to understand. But what I found frustrating about the app is that you can’t close the downloaded videos and subscription menu to go back to the Home Screen once you start downloading videos.

This might prevent you from accessing other features like account backup. At a point, I got it closed when I removed all subscriptions and downloads. But there was no way I could do so after downloading a single video. I believe this menu could use a back or close button to fall back to the Home Screen.

Is 4K Tokkit worth it?


User interface
User experience
Download speed
Value for money

Overall, 4K Tokkit is a valuable piece of software and pretty decent for downloading videos from TikTok. Among other things, its organization, download speed, and search speed impress me. With a tool like 4K Tokkit in hand, you can get all you want out of TikTok in no time!


  • Easy to use with an intuitive user interface
  • Stop downloading at any point
  • Subscription tabs to update content in real-time
  • Access downloaded videos easily


  • No one-click button to go back to the Home Screen once you start downloading
  • No date filter for videos downloaded by hashtags or featured sound


  • Free
  • Personal: $15
  • Pro: $45
  • Bundle: $65


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