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iGBAppsTrypScore for iPhone review: Make the roadway a safer place

TrypScore for iPhone review: Make the roadway a safer place

If I were to bet, I’d say every driver that gets behind the wheel would like to see safer road conditions. But it seems punitive punishment, such as speeding tickets, do little to prevent the colossal, and growing, number of roadway accidents.

“What if the answer lies in positive reinforcement for safe driving?” A question asked by TrypScore, an innovative app with noble goals in mind: significantly improve driver behavior and reduce the number of collision-related injuries.

Does it live up to the task? How does it work? Do you have to pay a subscription fee? Here’s everything you need to know about TrypScore.

Note: While you can download the app and earn contest entries for the amount of days you spend in the waiting list, TrypScore is currently only available for use to those with an invite code.

How does TrypScore work?

TrypScore uses its own blend of leading-edge tech such as geospatial location services and anonymized data collection to monitor and score your driving habits.

Safer driving means a higher score. A higher score means more gift cards, contest entry spots, and discounts for you to claim.

You’re scored on how smoothly you break and accelerate, how well you take corners, whether or not you swerve, how steady the car is throughout the trip, and other important factors. All of these points feed into your overall driving score, and you can see weekly and monthly average scores to track your improvements over time.

You can also complete challenges to earn more rewards and xp, contests run daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, and exclusive offers for answering 5/5 questions correctly on trivia run every day.

Perhaps you’re not in it for the glamorous rewards and exclusive offers. You’re in it for the competition. You want to see your name climb above your friends and family members on the TrypScore leaderboards.

Luckily you never miss a chance to rise in the ranks because the app automatically starts and stops tracking based on your trips. But doesn’t that mean they’re storing your personal data?

Straight from TrypScore: “We never send your personal data to insurance companies, your parents, your work, or anyone else…it’s just you, your scores, and your rewards!”

So you know how it works, but now the question on everyone’s mind: is TrypScore actually free? Yes! It’s 100 percent free with no in-app purchases.

Get started with TrypScore

  1. Download and open TrypScore.
    Enable Location and tap Get Started Now. For the time being, TrypScore is only available to those with an invite code.
  2. Run through TrypScore’s guided tutorial to learn about the app.

    TrypScore's guided tutorial to learn about the iOS app
  3. You’re ready to get started making Tryps, collecting Pyns, and completing challenges!

    Get started making Tryps and collecting Pyns with app
    Completing Daily Tryvia is a great way to earn extra xp, both by answering questions correctly and completing Tryvia related challenges.

    Earn extra xp by completing Daily Tryvia

Key Features:

  • Tracks safe driving to grant exclusive deals and rewards
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual challenges
  • Frequent contests and chances to enter
  • Leaderboard to compete with friends, family, and other users

Download TrypScore for : iOS | Android

How TrypScore keeps drivers safe: Video

Maybe you’re more of a visual learner, and we completely understand. Lucky for you, TrypScore put together an easy-to-digest informational video.

Help make the road a safer place with TrypScore

We commend TrypScore not only for its mission but its execution as well. The app boasts a clean UI, they promise not to sell your personal data, and the deals and rewards offered are worth downloading the app for (alongside the pride and peace of mind that you’re actively forging a safer roadway.)

Check out TrypScore and help make the roads a safer place. Have any questions? Ask away in the comments, we’ll do our best to help you out!

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