How to use desktop widgets in macOS Sonoma

add or remove widgets from desktop in macOS Sonoma

Apple’s commitment to enhancing customization and personalization on Mac is evident in the newest version of its software, macOS Sonoma. During WWDC23, the tech giant introduced interactive widgets for the Mac desktop, generating significant buzz. In this article, I will illustrate the process of adding or removing desktop widgets in macOS Sonoma.

How to add widgets to desktop in macOS Sonoma

You can add interactive widgets to your Mac desktop in two ways: by right-clicking on the desktop and from the Notification Center. The methods for both are demonstrated below.

Method 1: Add widget using right click

  1. Go to your Mac desktop.
  2. If you’re using a Mac trackpad, tap with two fingers.
    If you have a Magic Mouse or any wireless mouse connected to your Mac, find an empty area on the screen and right-click there.
  3. Select Edit Widgets from the prompt displayed.

    Right click on Home Screen and select Edit Widgets
  4. From the left pane, choose the app for which you need widgets.
  5. From the right pane, select the widget style of your preference. Upon clicking, the widget will automatically move to your desktop.

    From the left pane choose the widgest and from the right pane select it's appearance

Alternatively, you can hover over the widget → Click the green plus (+) icon. Moreover, you can also drag and drop your preferred widget onto the desktop.

Method 2: Add widget from Notification Center

  1. To access the Notification Center, click the Date and Time located in the top right corner of the menu bar.
  2. Simply drag and drop any widget you desire from the Notification Center to the Mac desktop.

    How to add widgets from Notification Center

That’s it! The selected widget will appear on your desktop.

    Further, you can also check out our article on the best notification center widgets for Mac to unlock the capabilities of the Notification Center.

    How to remove desktop widgets in macOS Sonoma

    If you no longer find widgets useful on your Mac desktop, removing them is a simple process.

    Right-click the widget you wish to remove → Select Remove Widget.

    Right-click on the widget your wish to remove and select Remove Widget

    Also, while adding a new widget from the widget center, let’s suppose you accidentally selected one. Then you have the option of clicking the minus (-) button located at the top left corner of the widget and removing it before going back to the desktop.

    While trying to add a new widget from the widget center, you can click the (-) button

    Widgets available for Mac desktop

    Below mentioned are some of the most important and commonly used widgets that are available in macOS Sonoma:

    • Calendar: Displays your upcoming events and appointments.
    • Clock: Demonstrates the current time, date, and weather.
    • Notes: Showcases the most recent to-do lists and notes.
    • Photos: Exhibits of your latest photos and videos.
    • Safari: Highlights the bookmarks and websites you cherish the most.
    • Stocks: Reveals the most recent stock prices.
    • Weather: Provides a forecast as well as the current weather conditions.

    Additionally, there are various other native apps like Screen Time, Shortcuts, Podcasts, etc, that have widgets available for the Mac desktop.

    Moreover, Apple has claimed that it has made it easier for developers to create custom widgets for macOS Sonoma. As a result, I believe that the Mac will soon be equipped with a wide range of widgets to satisfy various interests and needs.

    Benefits of using desktop widgets on Mac

    You can benefit from a number of things by using widgets on your Mac desktop. I’ll list a few:

    • Instant access to information: Widgets grant you immediate access to essential information, such as weather updates, your calendar events, or your to-do list. This saves time and aids in staying organized.
    • Personalization: Widgets can be tailored to display the information that matters most to you. This allows for a more personalized and visually appealing desktop experience.
    • Enhanced efficiency: Widgets enable you to take action without the need to open individual apps. For instance, you can reply to messages, start timers, or add events to your calendar directly from the widgets, bypassing the need to open the respective apps like Messages, Clock, or Calendar.
    • Increased productivity: Widgets contribute to increased productivity by providing you with relevant information and tools to accomplish tasks. You can utilize widgets to track project progress, stay updated on email, or receive reminders about upcoming events, ensuring better productivity.


    Can I customize the look of the widgets?

    Unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible to personalize the appearance of the widgets on your Mac desktop. Nonetheless, you do have an extensive selection of pre-made templates available for your selection.

    That’s it!

    By effortlessly adding or removing widgets, you can curate a desktop space that caters to your unique needs, providing quick access to information and tools that matter most to you. Check the read more section below to learn more about the all-new macOS Sonoma.

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