Download macOS Big Sur Wallpapers

macOS Big Sur is here and so is it’s amazing wallpapers. macOS 11 incorporates four static & two dynamic wallpapers that are based on an abstract graphic and Bixby Bridge’s images. And if you want to jazz up your desktop with Apple’s latest wallpapers, download macOS Big Sur Wallpapers.

Abstract Color-banded Wallpapers

If you are after the wallpapers showcases in macOS demonstrations during the WWDC 2020, here are the abstract color-banded wallpaper both in the light & dark mode.

macos big sur vector wave light wallpaper

macos big sur vector wave dark wallpaper

macOS Big Sur Bixby Creek Bridge Wallpapers

A little Google search will tell you that the name of macOS 11 is derived from one of the most photographed bridges, the Bixby Canyon Bridge on the Big Sur coast of California.

Apple converts this inspiration into some amazing wallpapers. The beautiful view is captured at eight different times during the day.

In macOS Big Sur these wallpapers join together to make one amazing dynamic wallpaper. When applied, they shift corresponding to the real-world local times.

macos big sur daylight wallpapermacos big sur daylight wallpaper 4macos big sur daylight wallpaper 5macos big sur daylight wallpaper 6macos big sur daylight wallpaper 7macos big sur daylight wallpaper 3macos big sur daylight wallpaper 2

Safari Splash Screen Wallpapers for macOS Big Sur

The macOS 11 Safari now enables users to set custom backgrounds. And Apple has incorporated a set of three wallpapers to help you customize the start screen on the browser.

safari background blue wallpaper

safari background orange wallpaper

safari background pink wallpaper

Before we sign off, we would like to thank Twitter user @SnazzyQ for sharing the macOS Big Sur wallpapers. Also note, that they are not sized not only for desktop, so you can easily download and use them on your iPhone, iPad, or any android device.

That’s All For Now! 

Wallpapers are a great way to add character to your device. While some like to keep it super simple and go with the default wallpapers. Others like to pep up their screen with some customization.

Which of the two are you, one who prefers the default one or one who tinkers with a lot of different ones?

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