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Best YouTube alternatives for iPhone in 2024

Over the past many years, YouTube has evolved as a natural choice for streaming videos. The platform lets you watch endless hours of ad-supported videos across many categories. Like Google Search, YouTube has become an integral part of our lives.

However, YouTube has taken the flak for lack of privacy, intrusive ads, censorship, and tracking. This is the best time to scout for alternatives and see if they are good or even better than YouTube. Below is a comprehensive list of the best YouTube alternatives for the iPhone.

1. Vimeo – Editor’s Choice

Vimeo YouTube alternative app for iPhone

Vimeo comes closest to YouTube in many aspects. It offers a slew of standout features. Vimeo was founded by filmmakers and thus, is centered around videos for content makers.

One thing I liked the most about Vimeo is its high-quality content. The videos are informative, entertaining, and boast high production quality. Vimeo also offers a curation of TV series and 360-degree videos.

The human-curated Staff Picks make content discovery effortless. Furthermore, Vimeo editors regularly update the section so that you don’t miss out on new and exciting videos. Vimeo’s Video on Demand comes to the rescue if you are in the mood for documentaries.


  • High-quality video
  • Greater control for creators
  • Non-intrusive ads


  • Free plan offers limited features
  • Smaller audience, lower visibility

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $11.99/month*)
*Subscription on Vimeo’s website starts at $7/month


2. Dailymotion – High-quality content

Dailymotion YouTube alternative for iPhone

Dailymotion has been around for more than a decade. The iOS app had us impressed with a slick user interface. It is noticeably similar to YouTube. The videos are divided into the Featured (Top Stories today), News, Entertainment, and Music section. Besides, you can also search the video you are looking for using the search option.

Other similarities with YouTube include an algorithm that suggests content based on your viewing habit. Dailymotion has partnered with regional content providers, including news, entertainment, sports, and other channels.

This app is arguably one of the biggest YouTube rivals. On the flip side, the video streaming platform lacks robust parental controls.


  • Quality Content
  • Access to regional content


  • Upload restrictions for the free tier
  • Lacks parental control

Price: Free


3. Twitch – Gamer’s delight

Twitch YouTube alternative for iPhone

The global live game streaming space is registering exponential growth and is soon expected to hit a billion users. Content creators record themselves while playing popular gaming titles. The live commentary alongside gameplay adds a new dimension to the videos.

The audience can communicate with the streamer with the help of live chat, helping foster stronger bonds. Twitch is extremely popular in live game streaming, esports, and other gaming-related niches.

Apart from gaming, the streaming platform has hosted many live music video sessions from international concerts. Twitch is also a great place for budding gamers. They get to see professionals in action and can learn a lot.


  • A dedicated section for popular games
  • Exclusive esports live stream
  • Robust gaming community


  • Twitch chat needs moderation
  • Significant stream delay

Price: Free (Subscription starts at €3.99)


4. TikTok – Best YouTube Shorts alternative

TikTok YouTube alternative for iPhone

TikTok needs no introduction. The app changed the perception of social media and helped in making short-form videos popular. It started as a lip-synching app and slowly added new features.

Unlike YouTube, TikTok is mostly about short-form vertical videos that are engaging to the hilt. You can enjoy an endless stream of funny videos, memes, pranks, and much more on TikTok.

Another reason why TikTok is so famous is the low entry barrier. Creators can snag a mobile camera and start shooting videos without high-end equipment. Inspired by the raging success, other streaming platforms, including YouTube, have cloned some TikTok features.


  • Highly engaging videos
  • For You section
  • TikTok trends


  • Addictive
  • Privacy concerns
  • Not available in some regions, including India

Price: Free


5. TED – Thought-provoking videos

TED Talks YouTube alternative for iPhone

TED Talks is a popular platform featuring thousands of people talking about diverse topics. All you need to do is select a topic of interest. The app automatically curates talks related to your chosen topic.

TED is pretty helpful for gaining fresh perspectives, futuristic technologies, personal growth, and life stories of common people who made it big.

The accuracy of the recommendation is remarkable. TED’s Recommended for You feature automatically curates relatable videos based on our interests. Lastly, you can download videos and podcasts for offline access.


  • Motivating videos
  • Powerful talks


  • Ted isn’t exclusive

Price: Free


6. 9GAG TV – Best for funny videos

9GAG YouTube alternative app for iPhone

Looking for your daily dose of laughter? Well, 9GAG will not let you down with hilarious memes, pictures, and people doing crazy stuff. It is the go-to place for light-hearted fun and, most importantly, a treasure trove of memes and gifs.

Shuffle mixes different category videos that you can watch without any interruptions. Beware, 9GAG is so addictive that you would end up spending hours without a care in the world.

9GAG TV is the perfect place when you are not searching for anything specific. The algorithm is mighty powerful and does a great job at promoting trendy and engaging videos. All you need to do is scroll to your heart’s content!


  • Funny videos
  • Latest trends and memes


  • App lags sometimes

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $2.99/month)


7. The Internet Archives – Free classic movies and documentaries

The Internet Archive Youtube alternative

The Internet Archive offers hours of thoughtful entertainment for free. You can indulge in feature films, movies, television segments, and short films. The collection includes plenty of documentaries and silent films from the yesteryears.

I was thoroughly impressed by the powerful search feature on The Internet Archive. You can select movies/videos based on the type, year, topics, creator, and language.

It is surprising to see classics like Charlie Chaplin’s “The Good For Nothing” in the public domain. The archive works towards preserving the world wide web and has web pages dating back to 1996.


  • Wide range of classic movies
  • Free movies


  • Outdated user interface

Price: Free

Watch it here

8. Apple Music TV – Music videos and live streams

Apple Music Youtube alternative for iPhone

It is only recently that I stumbled upon the music videos section in Apple Music. The music streaming service offers a decent collection of high-definition music videos.

You get to choose between carefully curated music video playlists across different genres. Apple Music TV will keep you entertained with new videos airing every Friday. The original live streams, exclusive interviews, and trivia are quite interesting.


  • High-quality music videos
  • Separate playlist for artists


  • Requires Apple Music subscription

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $9.99/month)


9. Vudu – Top rated movies for free

Vudu YouTube alternative app for iPhone

Vudu is a movie rental platform with a great collection of movies and TV shows. The free section on the website lets you watch complete movies for free. The catch is that it is ad-supported.

Typically, streaming sites often put up less popular movies and TV shows as free. Vudu is an exception as you get access to popular movies like Train to Busan, Resident Evil, Machinist, The Matrix, Last Man Standing, and many more.

Vudu requires a sign-in to watch free movies and TV shows. It is a good option if you want to rent movies the old-school way.


  • Popular movies for free
  • Pay only for what you watch


  • Expensive if you watch a lot of premium movies
  • New movies missing from the collection

Price: Free (Rent ad-free movies at additional cost)

Watch it here

This is the list of the best sites and apps to watch videos other than YouTube. Which site or app do frequent more for streaming videos? Share in the comments below.

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