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Best Job Hunting Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Best Job Search Apps for iPhone and iPad

With the beginning of a new financial year, companies look for candidates and vice versa. For any company, HR departments and agencies are set up. But for a job seeker, s/he has to take the pain to find a suitable job. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced one, an iOS app on your iPhone or iPad can undoubtedly help you get the desired position. Check our list of the best job hunting apps for iPhone and iPad.

‎Indeed Job Search iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

You will be one of the 250 million users if you download this app on your iPhone or iPad. Yes, Indeed is indeed a popular job search app. Are you planning to settle abroad? Indeed can help you as you can find jobs in more than 60 countries and 28 languages.

For local job search, turn on GPS on your device and Indeed will send requirements based on your locations. Two notable features of Indeed are the app remembers your recent job searches, and you can follow some favorite companies to get the latest jobs and updates.

Price: Free

2. Glassdoor

‎Glassdoor Job Search iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A candidate is always worried about salary and the culture of company s/he sends their resume to. Glassdoor has the edge over other job finding apps as it provides company salaries, reviews, and additional information about the companies.

Want to know your value in the job market? Glassdoor can help with its ‘Know Your Worth’ tool. By using this tool, you can negotiate your salary with HR managers at companies.

Price: Free

3. ZipRecruiter

‎ZipRecruiter Job Search iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

How comfortable your life becomes when somebody else finds a suitable job for you? Sounds like a dream! ZipRecruiter does this for you. This app takes all the pain of searching for employment from you and finds it for you. The app keeps an eye on the job market and sends you alerts when a vacancy is located.

You need to feed this app with your location and keywords or job titles. Next, the app will hunt jobs just like you. When a recruiter or a company views your resume, the app sends you a notification so that you can contact the company directly.

Price: Free

‎Monster Job Search iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Monster gives you the best interface any job search iOS app can offer. You can filter your search by freshness, salary, company type, etc. Moreover, you can explore jobs by location, title, experience, keyword, skill, and others.

One of the easiest things you can do on the Monster app is to use a job “card.” You can swipe right to apply for a job and swipe left to dismiss it.

Price: Free

‎CareerBuilder Job Search iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For a long and lucrative career, you need to update your knowledge and skill. But which skills are necessary for the next job? CareerBuilder can help you. The app tells you which skills are required to get a better paying job in the future.

This job search app for iPhone makes the most of augmented reality (AR); you can hold up your iPhone to use AR to see job postings in your surroundings. Alternatively, you can use the map view to see jobs in your locations.

Price: Free

6. Good&Co: Culture Fit Jobs

‎GoodCo Culture Fit Jobs Search iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Before joining any company, you are apprehensive about its work culture, ethics, environment, and other things. You wish you could know all these things in advance! Good & Go does this job for you. This app gives you personality quizzes to find out if you are a maverick, dreamer, visionary, or a variety of other personality types.

You need to undertake an 18-question personality test given by this app, and you will be able to discover your strengths. By this app, you can prepare yourself better for the next interview and face tough questions easily.

Price: Free

7. Snag – Jobs Hiring Now

Snag Job Search iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Candidates go the extra miles to impress employers. One of the creative ways is to create your video resume. Snag allows you to show off your skills with a profile video. Your visual appeal will surely get you many more calls than a textual resume would have.

A glaring feature of Snag is personality quizzes. By these quizzes, employers get to know your strengths.

Price: Free

‎JobAware Smarter Job Search iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

JobAware fetches results from Indeed and allows the use of LinkedIn for job search. This free job search app will enable you to create your profile as a full-timer, part-timer, intern, contract worker, temporary or freelance worker.

You can search for jobs in 63 countries and get the best of this app. Set your priority, and the app will deliver your dream jobs, second choices, and third choices.

Price: Free

9. HireWire

‎Hirewire Job Search iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

HireWire lets you create your profile in a jiffy, without uploading your resume. This feature helps you find a job quickly. A single tap enables you to connect with employers near your location; view the profile, open locations, and chat within the app.

When you are jobless, you need help immediately. HireWire is working on this motto – getting a new job for you fast. The app aims to get you a job within 24 hours.

Price: Free

10. ExpressJobs Job Search & Apply

‎ExpressJobs Search iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

One-touch job application is vital for candidates who are urgently looking for jobs. Apply fast and schedule interviews with employers. This app automatically saves the history of your job search, so next time, ExpressJobs gives you suggestions based on what you had searched.

If you are not interested in a particular job type, you can help your friends by sharing jobs via social media.

Price: Free

That’s all, friends!

Signing off…

Your career means one-third of your life, and therefore, you have to make wise decisions after considering all the pros and cons. The apps listed above share necessary information and database to choose the right job, at the right time and location.

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Which job hunting app would you like to download on your iPhone or iPad? Share your feedback with us in comment section.

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