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Best job search apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Finding the right job is never easy due to various reasons, the primary being competition. According to a report by Zety, there are 6.7 million job openings in the US, and nearly 10.7 million people are actively looking for them. The best way to beat the crowd is using the right channel Рonline job search apps.

These days, the job search apps for iPhone and iPad are backed with extensive data research to increase their practicality for employees and employers. The result? A win-win for everyone! I have curated a list of some of the best job search apps for iPhone and iPad. Let’s check them out and secure you a fat paycheck. 

  1. Linkedin
  2. Indeed Job Search
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Snagajob
  5. Monster Job Search
  6. Robert Half
  7. ZipRecruiter Job Search
  8. CareerBuilder

1. LinkedIn: Editor’s Choice

LinkedIn best job search apps screenshot

It is a no-brainer that LinkedIn is considered one of the best professional networking tools in the business. It is actively used by members from 200 countries and territories worldwide and has helped more than 87% of recruiters hire the desired candidate every year.

Fun fact: Even Barack Obama joked about hunting for a job on Linkedin once his term ended. 

You can search for jobs based on the keywords, filter results by city, company, date posted, and a lot more. 

Not just that, if your profile is optimized with the right keywords, LinkedIn would show your profile to recruiters, making it a two-way street. Have a professional presence on the app and see how jobs keep coming to your profile every day. Don’t forget to turn on the job notifications never to miss a substantial job offer.


  • Connect with companies directly
  • Helps build your brand
  • Filters for job search
  • Find contact details from the app


  • Your profile takes time to stand out (start optimizing it already!)

Price: Free (Premium subscription starts at $29.99)


2. Indeed Job Search

Indeed best job search apps screenshot

Indeed is known for having the largest database of job openings across the world. The database is distributed over millions of positions ranging from full-time to remote opportunities across 60 countries and 28 languages.

A remarkable feature of the app is using GPS to hunt jobs in cities near you. The job notification will alert you of all the jobs that have been added since your last search. It not only sounds but is also as simple as ordering pizza from two blocks away.

The app lets you send personalized messages to the employer as well. You need to save your resume only once; this will be saved for future job offers and directly apply to them using a single click. Even if you like a job and don’t want to apply for it just yet, you can save it for later.


  • A plethora of job opportunities
  • Personalized message to employers
  • GPS to access job roles near me
  • Company reviews to check its authenticity


  • Poor UI

Price: Free


3. Glassdoor: Job search and more 

Glassdoor job search apps for iPhone screenshot

Getting hired faster has never been this easy. However, Glassdoor is more than a typical job search app for executives and freshers. The app is more like a search engine in itself.

Glassdoor gives you access to millions of job listings, with an ever-expanding database of company reviews, interview reviews (yes, that’s a thing!), CEO approval ratings, salary insights, and a lot more. It is safe to say that the job and career diversity on the app is unbelievable.

You can save exciting jobs from your phone and apply for them at your convenience. I’d suggest trying out the ‘Easy Apply’ button, fill out your name and basic details, and tap Apply Now. The interview questions mentioned on the app are a goldmine!


  • Insights from real-time employees before applying
  • Get an average salary and pick out the right package
  • Save jobs for later
  • Follow companies to get notified about their openings


  • Some reviews can be fake

Price: Free


4. Snagajob: Job’s hiring now

Snagajob best job search apps for iPhone screenshot

Snagajob understands the pace at which the unemployed workforce needs to move further and saves a lot of time for trivial things that can be taken care of automatically.

The app takes all your data from Google and Facebook and fills up your personal information real quick. Now you can directly apply for jobs and apply with a click. You can also apply for hourly jobs and work your way around it. If you are concerned about your security and you don’t want your account details on the platform, you can be anonymous while making the account.

With Snagajob, you can take employee personality quizzes and match them with the right jobs for you. Since the app is known for posting hourly jobs, it becomes perfect to look for restaurant, retail, customer service, seasonal jobs, even admin jobs.


  • Look for hourly jobs.
  • Get daily matches delivered to your inbox.
  • Apply to jobs with just a click. 
  • Use Map Search to hunt for nearby jobs. 


  • Users have reported privacy concerns. 

Price:  Free


5. Monster Job Search

Monster best job search apps for iPhone screenshot

Monster turns out to be one of the best job search apps for executives. One of the finest I have seen in job search apps, Monster surely takes the lead and spoonfeeds you the necessary information. 

Monster is also listed as one of the free iOS job search apps in the Middle East, Hong Kong, and many other South Indian Territories. Having access to multiple geographical locations increases your chances of finding the desired job at the right places.

Regardless of the job or expertise, Monster has opportunities for everyone. Even sophomores can look up for the right job for them. They should check out the in-app career advice that the industry experts provide for the experts out there.


  • Get job alerts to your inbox
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Swipe feature to apply for the jobs


  • Uploading a resume has plenty of issues

Price: Free


6. Robert Half: Job search and more

Roberthalf best job search apps for iPhone screenshot

Get personalized job recommendations and top employer listings the moment they are listed via Robert Half. Get the job of your preference based on your skills, preferences, and experience. Robert Half is also available in French; just change the App Settings.

The USP of the app has to be the one-tap feature that it comes up with. Also, the automation that Robert Half is trying to give is beyond par. For instance, the app takes your resume, other details from the app and shows you the job profiles that match your career graph.

No wonder Robert Half was placed at the top on America’s Top Recruiting Firms list by Forbes. As the app claims, they are employing one person every two minutes across the globe. Another concern people have while using a job search app is their data and security. However, you need not worry about being spammed after signing up on Robert Half.


  • One-tap apply feature
  • Easy tracking of applications submitted
  • Get job recommendations based on your skills
  • French version available


  • No way to remove the jobs you have already considered

Price: Free


7. ZipRecruiter Job Search

Zip Recruiter best job search apps for iPhone screenshot

As the name suggests, ZipRecruiter sends the related jobs to your inbox zipped every day. An iOS app that lets you search jobs on the go, apply to the jobs using a single tap, save your data for future applications, and whatnot.

Let me walk you through the process. It’s pretty simple: you log in to the app, mention your interested job profiles while signing up. Use the perfect combination of location + keywords for hunting the right job; you can choose as many as you want.

Another reason why ZipRecruiter is a great platform is that you are never ghosted. The app always informs you when your application is reviewed not to leave hanging in the air. The app also swears about your privacy. It will never sell your private information without consent.


  • Protects your privacy
  • Informs you about the application review process
  • 100% free to use
  • 1-tap Apply


  • Push-up notifications have issues

Price: Free


8. CareerBuilder: Job Search 

Career Builder: Job Search best job search apps for iPhone screenshot

Whether you are looking for a job change or hunting for a part-time gig while working full-time, CareerBuilder is the perfect app for you. 

The USP of the website has to be the AI-equipped resume builder that the app comes with. This means if you don’t have a resume, the app will help you create one and get you the job that you desire. 

Another great feature about the app is that it lets you apply for jobs in guest mode. This means you don’t need to sign up or have an account to apply for a job.


  • AI resume builder
  • Apply in guest mode
  • Mapping technology for jo hunting
  • Search jobs based on keywords


  • Accepts listings from non-verified companies

Price: Free


Tips to get noticed on a job search iOS app

While the apps will surely do their job, you need to learn how to stand out from the crowd. Choosing the perfect app won’t get you the job; you need to put in an equal amount of effort to get the work done. Practice the following steps and connect with the right people in a few taps on your iPhone or iPad. 

1. Work on your profile

Just like your Linkedin profile, your profile across all the professional apps needs to have a certain demeanor.

Have a professional photo added as your cover image, write a formal introduction, be honest in your description, don’t fabricate it with unwanted information. Know what achievements to add to your bio and what to keep to yourself. No matter what you do, don’t use cute language or try to be over-smart. 

2. Don’t underestimate the keywords

Every job search app these days is a search engine in itself. This means they have their algorithms to identify the top profiles based on their keywords. The algorithms try to match the keywords from the job description to your profiles and show it to the employer.

Since it is your job profile, a little bit of brainstorming can help you get the right keywords. Now add them to your profile, and you will be good to go.

3. Be your focused best

The increasing competition can lead to the jobs disappearing at the whim of an hour. Hence, you always need to be on the lookout, keep track of the messages or emails you receive via your potential employers, respond as quickly as possible. For all you know, you may not be the only candidate that is being interviewed. 

I hope this guide for the best job search apps helped and answered all your questions. Have you tried any of the listed apps? If so, which one helped you land your dream job? Share your answers in the comment section below to help other people reading this.

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