Best iPhone Xs Tempered Glass Screen Protectors in 2020: Trusted Guard for the OLED Display

The moment I think of providing the essential safeguard to the iPhone, the first thing that strikes my mind is—”Touchscreen.” As it’s the most delicate part of the smartphone, I always take extra caution to shield it against scratches. And the thing that helps me ward off the damage is a top-grade screen guard. That’s the prime reason why I’ve lined up the top iPhone Xs screen guards so that the OLED display enjoys the maximum protection.

So, what makes these screen protectors trusted shield for the touchscreen? First, they are all made of high-quality tempered glass and feature top-notch hardness. And the second, they offer pristine clarity to enhance your viewing experience. Besides, they get installed on the screen without any issue.

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Best iPhone Xs Tempered Glass Screen Protectors of 2020

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#1. Winnergear

WinnerGear iPhone Xs Glass Screen Protector

Winnergear is making tempered glass protectors for iPhones from last five years. Their screen protectors are not ordinary ones, they are nano coated and claimed as the world’s strongest glass screen protectors. Besides that, this screen protector for iPhone Xs is a 3D curved edge-to-edge, unlike other glass protectors that leave some part open to crack.

The best part is the installation. It comes with a handy guide to help you quickly install it. The screen protector is bubble-free, and also resistant to fingerprints. It is five times stronger than regular glass screen protectors and thus, protecting your iPhone Xs from falls, bumps, and scratches. Lastly, the price is slightly on the higher side, but given the quality of the product, it is justified.

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USP: 2 years warranty
Check out on WinnerGear

#2. i-Blason

iBlason iPhone Xs Glass Screen Protector

This screen defender from i-Blason is made to be a long-term prospect for the iPhone Xs. The 0.3mm thickness puts in the category of one of the slimmest screen guard. Due mainly to the solid structure, it can thwart impact.

Smooth edges also play a vital role in making the screen guard get rolled out neatly. The pristine clarity makes for the improved viewing experience. To keep the sensitivity alive, it doesn’t allow grime and dust to build up.

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USP: Pristine clarity
Check out on i-Blason


DEFENSLIM iPhone Xs Glass Screen Protector

When it comes to providing the maximum defense to the OLED display of your iPhone Xs, “DEFENSLIM” is up to the task. The quality that makes it so reliable is the top-grade tempered glass.

With the strong hardness, the screen guard can resist scratches even from sharp objects. The rounded edges and precise cutouts help the screen guard get fitted out perfectly.

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Thanks to the high-clarity, it delivers a better viewing angle. Moreover, it also keeps fingerprints and smudges at bay to retain high-responsiveness for long.

USP: the Anti-reflective layer
Check out on Amazon

#4. JETech

JETech iPhone Xs Screen Protector

At just $5.39, JETech’s screen guard is one of the most affordable in the market. However, when it comes to quality, it has the goods to compete with the best.

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Backed by 0.33mm thickness, the tempered glass has the cushion to survive the shock. The quality to resist dust and fingerprints helps the screen guard to retain the high transparency.

Check out the curved edges that ensure the touchscreen has the full-screen coverage. Even better, JETech tempered glass screen protector comes in two packs supported by a lifetime warranty.

USP: 9H hardness
Check out on Amazon

#5. ESR

ESR Screen Protector for iPhone Xs-X

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ESR touts that its tempered glass screen guard is 5X stronger thanks to the ability to resist force up to 22 pounds. Looking at the rating (four stars out of five from over 1300 customer reviews), the screen protector does seem to be getting a lot of positive feedback.

The glass features precise cutouts and works seamlessly with Face ID. It doesn’t give dust, sweat, and smudges a chance to ruin the clarity and sensitivity. So, expect the defender to keep the transparency and smoothness secure.

Moreover, the manufacturer offers an extra screen guard at the same price so that you have an extra pack in the backup.

USP: Force resistant up to 22 pounds
Check out on Amazon

#6. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone Xs Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Boasting true-touch sensitivity, Maxboost is easily one of the best screen guards for iPhone Xs. The top-notch glass delivers HD clarity. With the hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, it doesn’t allow dust and sweat to damage its clarity and responsiveness.

Maxboost sports rounded edges to get fitted out immaculately and offer full coverage to the screen. The open edge design makes it case-friendly. Moreover, Maxboost screen guards come in three packs supported by a lifetime warranty.

USP: True-touch sensitivity
Check out on Amazon

#7. amFilm

amFilm iPhone Xs Screen Protector

amFilm is one of the most popular screen guards for iPhone X/Xs on Amazon. With the four stars out of over 1220 customer reviews, the screen protector has got all the qualities required to offer the uncompromised defense to the screen.

One notable feature of the screen guard is the case-friendly design that helps it work with most cases. The ability to deliver 99.99% clarity ramps up your viewing experience. With the 0.3mm thickness and industry standard hardness, it can keep off the challenges from scratches with ease.

USP: 99.99% clarity
Check out on Amazon

#8. Ailun

Ailun iPhone Xs Glass Screen Protector

Featuring 2.5D rounded edges, Ailun gets installed seamlessly on the touchscreen. The 99.99% high-definition clarity revs up your viewing experience.

Courtesy the hydrophobic and oleophobic coating; it’s able to prevent fingerprints and dust. Thus, your 3D Touch continues to be smooth sailing.

All the cutouts are on-point, ensuring there is no interference with front camera and sensor. Beyond features, Ailun is available in three packs at just one price.

USP: 2.5D rounded edges
Check out on Amazon

#9. Trianium

Trianium iPhone Xs Screen Protector

This offering from Trianium has won a lot of praise on Amazon. The four and a half stars out of almost 1400 customer reviews do show how well it’s being received by users.

Talking about the features, Trianium screen guard has you fully covered from all aspects. Whether it’s the ability to fight out shatter or offer maximum clarity, it does a reasonably good job. Plus, it doesn’t allow dust to pile and keeps its sensitivity intact for long.

USP: Anti-shatter
Check out on Amazon


TETHYS iPhone Xs Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Not many of you would have heard of TETHYS. However, if you talk about functionality, this one can do the job with a better outcome.

This screen-guard offers edge-to-edge protection to the OLED display so that it remains protected at all hazards. The industry standard hardness renders it more reliable.

Regarding clarity and sensitivity, the high-quality tempered glass shouldn’t disappoint you. With the lifetime warranty to boot, TETHYS checks off all the boxes.

USP: Highly responsive to the touch
Check out on Amazon

#11. Ainope

Ainope iPhone Xs Tempered Glass Screen Protector

For providing the desired shield to the OLED display of your new iPhone, Ainope is a fine option. The high-grade tempered glass boasts 9H hardness to fight out shatter and scratches with ease. Due mainly to the HD clarity, you have enhanced the viewing experience.

The capability to resist grime, sweat, and fingerprints help it retain the responsiveness for long. As it’s completely bubble-free, you won’t have any problem with installing it. Lastly, Ainope comes in dual packs topped by a lifetime warranty.

USP: 9H hardness
Check out on Amazon

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Your favorite touchscreen defender?

Assuming, you have found the right screen guard for the touchscreen of your smartphone. May I know its name and the thing that separates it from the rest?

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