Waterproof cases for iPhone SE are essential especially in a country like the United States, where climate changes occur anytime. Now dry, now cloudy; it remains a constant threat for people to go out with umbrella and rainwear.

While you care much about your own self, you should be equally worried about the health of your latest iPhone SE. A piece of electronic marvel, iPhone SE needs protection against perspiration and water. This list of best iPhone SE waterproof cases is for you; each case is made of superior quality materials to prevent water or perspiration from damaging your iPhone.

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Best iPhone SE Waterproof Cases

Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone SE

#1. ZVE

ZVE Waterproof Case for iPhone SE

Keep your iPhone SE touchscreen fully functional while protecting it against water and perspiration. ZVE presents a waterproof case, which is fully sealed from snow, ice, dirt & dust particles. Appreciate the slim profile and sleek design of the case, which boasts precise cut-outs and perfect shape. You can hardly notice it's virtually invisible built-in screen protector; access all buttons and controls on your iPhone SE. A striking feature of this waterproof case is it can endure drops from 6.6'/2m.

Price: $59.99 [$19.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon.com

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#2. EasyLife

EasyLife iPhone SE Waterproof Case

Satiate your hunger for adventure and keep your iPhone SE always with you – whether you are swimming, boating, drifting, hiking, surfing, etc. EasyLife brings an adventure series waterproof case for your iPhone to protect it in any condition. The case is made of robust polycarbonate materials; it keeps your phone away from water, dust, snow, and drop. Built-in screen protector shields the screen from scratches without losing the touch sensitivity or screen clarity.

Price: $39.99 [$15.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon.com

#3. Pandawell

Pandawell iPhone SE Waterproof Case

Pandawell has launched this series of waterproof cases especially for those, who love summer activities, which inevitably include water sports. The case supports touch ID but doesn't support volume control, on/off switch, charging, make phone calls as it is completely sealed. The case has got IPX 68 certification and offers waterproof, snowproof and dirtproof protection to your iPhone SE. Apart from this, Pandawell case boasts qualities like anti-frost, anti-dust, shockproof, etc. These features enable you to enjoy activities like swimming, hiking, climbing, camping, drifting, skiing, surfing, etc.

Price: $15.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
Buy it from Amazon.com

#4. AceTeah

Ace Teah Waterproof Pouch for iPhone SE

Keep your iPhone SE as dry as a bone with AceTeah waterproof case, which has dual swivel lock and sealable closure clip design. If you frequently take part in outdoor activities, this case is a must-buy for you as it protects your iPhone SE along with your ID, credit cards, cash, etc. The case is made of environmental non-toxic food-grade polyvinyl chloride and sturdy ABS material. AceTeah has got IPX8 certification; it can easily resist heat, cold, and pressure. It can protect your iPhone SE 15 meters underwater.

Price: $35.99 [$10.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon.com

#5. Goton

Goton iPhone SE Waterproof Case

Goton presents a heavy-duty waterproof case that can protect your iPhone SE underwater for two long hours. The case is made of robust materials TPU, PC hard shell to keep your phone safe in adverse climate. Keep dust, dirt, scratches, and bumps at arm’s length with this case; note that the case is a complete seal, and therefore, you won’t have access to charge port, headphone port and all buttons available on sides.

Price: $29.99 [$14.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon.com


JOJOVU Waterproof Case for iPhone SE

JOJOVU waterproof case for iPhone SE is made to resist sand, water, dust, and frost. During your summer vacation, go for scuba-diving and stay underwater for two long hours; your iPhone SE will remain safe inside this case. Make and receive calls, click photos, send text messages, and listen to music on loudspeaker while underwater. You can go as deep as down to six meters with your iPhone covered by JOJOVU waterproof case.

Price: $59.99 [$14.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon.com


GBSELL Waterproof Case for iPhone SE

GBSELL has come up with an open-lock design in this iPhone SE waterproof case, which keeps your smartphone safe inside the case. You can safely keep your iPhone with you even while you are surfing, fishing, skiing, swimming, climbing, drifting, hiking or camping. There are so many activities, which can be done without having to worry about your iPhone's protection. Appreciate the IPX-8 certified waterproof case, which allows you to dive into water bodies as deep as 8 meters.

Price: $5.89 on Amazon while we are writing this.
Buy it from Amazon.com

#8. Shokk

Shokk iPhone SE Waterproof Case

Very few iPhone SE waterproof cases are as slim or thin as one brought to you by Shokk. Enjoy a slimmer and lighter profile of this waterproof case, which is made of TPU film to keep your phone dry one meter underwater for one hour. Its aluminum alloy bumper and PET material back cover provide full protection and shockproof quality. Admire its built-in robust scratch-resistant sensitive screen protector that shields your iPhone SE from scratches and stains.

Price: $79.99 [$19.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon.com


HESGI Waterproof Caes for iPhone SE

HESGI has good protection and waterproof effect. The screen protection film is made of PET material, which can resist water and snow weather or any other similar environment. The waterproof case boasts IP68 standard, which allows you to submerge your iPhone SE 6.6 feet underwater. Enjoy complete access to all the key functions like volume, charging, headphone jack, home button, mute, power, etc. Capture high-quality photos and videos with its front and back lenses.

Price: $79.00 [$22.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon.com

#10. VisionTech

VersionTech iPhone SE Waterproof Case

Get the highest level of waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof protection for your iPhone SE with VisionTech waterproof case. Keep your smartphone away from dirt, dust, water, rain, and snow. Its waterproof quality doesn't come in your way to operate touchscreen of your iPhone SE. You can easily use all buttons and functions while your phone is wrapped in this waterproof case. Now you can swim, surf and explore the large water bodies with your iPhone SE protected by VisionTech waterproof case.

Price: $49.99 [$10.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon.com

So, which case you have chosen to protect your iPhone SE against water damage? Do share your choice with us in a comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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