Best iPhone and iPad Apps to Help You Quit Smoking in 2021

Best iPhone and iPad Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

The invincible in you has finally awoken to take on the long addiction that has seemingly broken the back of your health. Come what may, you no longer want to bog down and are craving to give up smoking for once and all. Having tested defeats on several previous attempts, you don’t want to take any chances and desire to go full throttle to eliminate puffing for good. To help you accomplish your wish, we have rounded up the best quit smoking apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. Smoke Free

Smoke Free Quit Smoking Now iPhone App Screenshot

Smoke Free is an impactful app that can go a long way in stopping you from smoking. The app features 20 evidence-based techniques that assist you in quitting the addiction.

Besides, you can find out several things like the money you have saved, the number of cigarettes you’ve not smoked, how long you’ve been smoke-free. You will also be able to get to know how your health is improving and also how much life you have regained. The app offers you important suggestions as well to ensure you remain on the charge.

Price: Free

2. QuitNow!

QuitNow iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you have finally decided to get rid of smoking, use QuitNow! To make your wish come true without going for an expensive drive! To get started, create your profile and set your target. Keep an eye on the days, hours and minutes since you had a last smoke.

The app also displays how many cigarettes you have avoided as well as the money you have saved. You can also share your problems with other people and ask for tips to accomplish your desire. Moreover, you will be able to share your progress on Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

3. LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach

LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Get a structured and personalized plan to finally say goodbye to smoking! The app works like your guider and motivates you to get rid of smoking. It lets you decrease your daily nicotine intake at your desired pace. So, you can choose the momentum that gets along with your convenience.

To ensure you are fully on track, it also allows you to keep track of your progress. Check out your longest smoke-free streaks and try your best to beat them. Moreover, you can also interact with like-minded people to share your thoughts.

Price: Free

4. Quit Genius

Quit Genius iPhone App Screenshot

Quit Genius offers scientifically proven behavioral therapy which you can personalize to suit your needs better. There are several pivotal audio sessions that offer decisive tips.

You can understand what triggers your addiction and be able to put a control on it slowly. Get the best out of reflective exercises that allow you to build healthy habits. It also sends you motivational reminders to never let you forget your task. Oh yes, you can also take part in interactive quizzes to boost your learning.

Price: Free

5. Kwit

Kwit Quit smoking cigarettes iPhone App Screenshot

Kwit is a smart app that not just assists you in giving up smoking but also encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle. The app provides a number of interesting game techniques and mechanisms that play in the decisive role. Crack the 84 achievements to find out the benefits of quitting smoking.

Make the most of more than 200 motivational cards to remain on course. Moreover, you can also keep track of how you are going about your task and also share your thoughts with your friends or the ones who are in the same boat.

Price: Free

6. Quit It Lite

Quit It Lite iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one is a pretty simple yet very effective app. You can create your own customized plan and follow it to give smoking a miss once and for all. Quit It Lite helps you keep a tab on your progress. Moreover, you can also check out how much bucks you have saved and also the number of cigarettes you have not smoked.

Based on your convenience, you can set your goal and achieve it. With valuable advice, the app keeps you inspired to give your 100%. Besides, you will also be able to share your accomplishments with your friends.

Price: Free

7. Butt Out

Butt Out iPhone App Screenshot

Butt Out is one of the finest quit smoking apps I have ever come across. It offers a 90-days program, which has been systematically designed to help you get over the line. With the timely tips and tricks, the app never lets you go back.

You can browse through a huge collection of inspiring images and quotes never to let your craving lose spirit. With instinctive advice and the accurate progress report help, you go on and on until you have triumphed the devil! Moreover, Butt Out supports several languages like English, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, etc.

Price: $6.99

8. Craving To Quit!

Craving To Quit iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Craving To Quit offers a 21-day program depending on a smoking cessation program developed and tested at Yale University. With the daily instructions through playlists of audio and video tracks, this app enlightens you, offering several effective ways to stop smoking.

You can set goals and try to accomplish them. Monitor your progress to never deviate from the path. After a free trial of four days, you will need to upgrade the app to continue ($24.99 monthly subscription.)

Price: Free

9. Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson

Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What I have really appreciated in this app is the more structured plan. It’s designed to help you leave smoking behind and move on life. Thanks to the helpful tips and motivational guides, the app never lets you lose your path.

You can follow the instructions regularly to eliminate puffing from the root. Additionally, the app lets you monitor your progress and get to know the pace with which you are heading towards your goal.

Price: $2.99

10. Quit Smoking, Be Smoke Free

Quit Smoking, Be Smoke Free iPhone App Screenshot

You need plenty of motivation to say goodbye to cigarettes. And with this app at your disposal, you will never be short of inspiring thoughts. By using hypnosis process right on your phone at your comfort, you can quit smoking faster and easier. In addition, the app also helps get rid of anxiety, craving sensation, and other feelings that hold you back.

Ranging from short, medium, and long induction sessions, you can experience the power of hypnosis and get rid of the smoking habits. The app is free to download. However, there are different in-app purchases to unlock additional features.

Price: Free with optional in-app purchase

That’s all, folks!

What’s your favorite?

I’m sure you have picked out some of these apps to start your quit mission. It would be great to know their names. Best of luck!

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