The iPhone, as we've seen, is an amazing gadget for fitness enthusiasts. From awesome fitness apps to uber-useful fitness accessories built around the iPhone, this market is alive and kicking all the time.

Besides jogging, cycling is one of the easiest ways to stay fit and healthy for a long time. With the interest that people have in cycling as a fitness regime, we've seen quite a lot of amazing apps rolling out. Here's a collection of some of the amazing iPhone apps for Cycling. We've got some trackers, a bike repair app, and a cycling coach covered.

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Best Cycling Apps for iPhone

Best Cycling Apps for iPhone

#1. Strava Cycling

Strava Cycling iPhone App Screenshot

An iPhone cycling app list without Strava would probably give away our lack of experience in this field. Kidding. Strava is an awesome app that combines three things effectively: tracking your cycling, letting you explore new places to bike and a social aspect that lets you climb leaderboards.

The app lets you analyze your workout and also offers suggestions to achieve your goal. Take part in the monthly challenges to showcase your skill. Even better, you can also join the large community and view photos and accomplishments posted by other athletes.

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Price: Free

#2. Cyclemeter GPS

Cyclemeter GPS Cycling iPhone App Screenshot

Cyclemeter is designed to be a complete guide for cyclists. The app supports various activities like cycling, running, walking, skating, skiing and more. Choose from 120 customizable announcements like distance, time, speed, elevation, and heart rate to get the desired result.

You can view traffic maps using Google Maps right from inside the app. Check out various charts to get to know how you are going through your task.

Price: Free

#3. CoachMyRide

Coach My Ride Cycling iPhone App Screenshot

This one's a clincher. CoachMyRide is considered as one of best cycling coach apps by many. The lessons have been developed by “elite” cycling coach Lionel Reynaud. Through hundreds of cycling workouts and personalized coaching plans, the app teaches and trains you.

There are workouts under 12 different categories. All the workouts have been ideally structured with the progressive warm-up, intervals and cool down to keep you charged up. Do follow the tips shared by your coach to ramp up your performance!

Price: $8.99

#4. Runtastic Road Bike GPS Cycling Computer & Tracker

Runtastic Road Bike GPS Cycling Computer & Tracker iPhone App Screenshot

Runtastic has a solid track-record in creating apps for fitness needs. And when these guys do it, they do it full-on. The same applies to their Road Bike GPS Cycling Computer & Tracker. It's an overwhelmingly feature-rich app, which is a complete solution to all your biking needs.

Runtastic features a smart voice coach that keeps you updated about speed, distance, and elevation gain to ensure you remain on track. You can search numerous bike routes and choose a more preferred one for your ride. Moreover, the app caters to both newbies professionals.

Price: Free

#5. Map my Ride+

Map my Ride+ Cycling iPhone App Screenshot

Integrated GPS camera is like the icing on the cake for the Map My Ride app, which does almost everything that any cycling tracker does. Then there's also the physical parameters that it tracks as calories burnt, nutrition/food.

There is also voice prompts on your progress to keep you posted. Join the global community and share your views with like-minded people. Furthermore, the app integrates with various sensors.

Price: $2.99

#6. Bike Repair

Bike Repair Cycling iPhone App Screenshot

Exquisitely detailed bike repair manual that's not just text. Basically, it's a visual guide to repairing and taking care of your bike. The app also features some other offshoot things like what to wear (cycling gear) and where to buy your next bike with price comparisons.

It has 58 highly detailed photo repair guides. Take the full advantage of the bicycle tips and tricks to stay motivated and achieve your goal. Furthermore, there is also an ever-growing community, which is great for exchanging views.

Price: $3.99

#7. Runmeter GPS

Runmeter GPS Cycling iPhone App Screenshot

Runmeter GPS is made to track the number of activities such as cycling, biking, walking, running skating, skiing, etc. accurately. It is capable of recording an unlimited number of workouts. You can check out bar and pie charts to have the better insight into your progress.

The automatic stop detection excludes stopped time to record accurate data. You have the option to choose from over 120 configurable announcements like distance, time, speed, elevation and more. Besides, you can also keep track of your virtual competition in graph and map to find out the ways to improve your performance.

Price: Free

#8. Runkeeper

Runkeeper iPhone Cycling App Screenshot

I have found Runkeeper pretty smart! The app works as an astute coach who closely keeps an eye on your workout and offers decisive tips and suggestions that prove to be very crucial.

To get started, create a more personalized plan and give your best to accomplish it. You can track your performance in real time. With the audio prompt onboard, you will remain focused throughout. That’s not all; the app also rewards you when doing extremely well.

Price: Free

#9. Endomondo

Endomondo Cycling iPhone App Screenshot

Making the best use of your iPhone's GPS, VeloPal is equipped to track your workouts flawlessly. You can create custom routes and customize the layout of your data fields as per your need. Select from some specific parameters such as time, speed, distance, calories burnt and more.

The app also offers high-intensity training to push you harder. Custom graphs offer side-by-side data comparisons that make it more convenient to keep a tab on the progress. Additionally, you can review your progress and get to know the areas where you need to work harder to bolster your performance.

Price: Free

#10. iSmoothRun Pro

iSmoothRun Pro Cycling iPhone App Screenshot

With the use of GPS and pedometer, iSmoothRun Pro has been designed to record your activity perfectly. It automatically changes modes based on the GPS signal strength. If you stop at a traffic light, the app will automatically stop and resume when you start your workout.

Once you have created your workout, iSmoothRun will guide you like an ideal coach and encourage you to give your 100% to achieve your goal. After tracking the data like distance, location, it reports using audio announcements at distance intervals or configurable time.

Price: $4.99

That's all, folks!

What's your favorite?

These cycling apps excel in tracking your workouts accurately and can be customized to deliver the best result. I'm sure they will stand up to your task. Having your feedback about them would be nice.

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