iGBAccessoriesMaster & Dynamic MW07 Plus True Wireless Earbuds Review

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus True Wireless Earbuds Review

A good pair of truly wireless earphones are an investment not just for your ears or the inner audiophile, but also for your reputation. Oh, yes, they can efficiently double as a style & symbol statement. And the MW07 Plus scores 10/10 in the looks department. But do they sound as good as they look? What about noise cancellation? Check out our hands-on review of MW07 Plus True Wireless earphones for all the deets.

Review of MW07 Plus True Wireless Earbuds

If you have a flair for exquisite looks and an immense love for music, MW07 Plus might be your perfect match. As per the brand, these second-generation earbuds are their most technically advanced earphones.

mw07 plus wireless earbuds in box

And with up to 40 hours of battery life, Bluetooth 5.0, in-ear detection sensor,  feedforward active noise-cancellation, and ambient listening mode, it does seem so on paper. Let’s take them for a test drive to further verify the claim.

The Minimal, Smart and Tasteful Packaging

MW07 Plus carries a premium look with its signature handcrafted acetate body and stainless steel case. But the luxe quotient starts from the packaging itself.

stainless steel case of mw07 plus wireless earbuds

The all-black box strikingly contrasts with the silver of the case, ensuring a dramatic first impression. The minimal & subtle use of branding further enhances the overall effect.

As you continue to unbox, you’ll find a user-guide, canvas pouch, additional fit-wings & ear tips, the USB C to C charging cable, and a USB Adaptor in the box. Each item is neatly packed and holds a designated place in the smartly-designed box.

pouch, ear tips, usb-c cable of mw07 plus earbuds

MW07 Plus Technical Specifications

DimensionsEarphone –  22.5mm x 19mm x 25mm
Case –  64mm x 45mm x 26mm
WeightEarphones – 9.0g each
Case – 84.0g
Battery LifeEarphones – 10 hours
Case – 30 hours (3 additional chargers)
Charging TimeEarphones – 5 hours playtime after a 15-minute charge
10 hours playtime after a 40-minute charge
Case – 50% charge in 15 minutes, 100% charge in 40 minutes
Microphone TypeTwo beamforming mic arrays
Driver10mm Beryllium for amazing acoustics
ConnectivityBluetooth – 5.0 With aptX and SBC
Distance – 100ft/30m
Fitting OptionsEar Tip – XS, S, M, L, XL
Fit Wing – S, M, L
Waterproof levelIPX5 water resistance
Colors6 colors – Black pearl, Jade green, Black quartz, Steel Blue, White marble, Tortoiseshell

The Stainless Steel Case

Oh, the case! It’s compact, portable, and everything a luxurious earbuds case should be. You can even see your reflection in them, it’s so clean and pristine.

And not just the looks, the MW07 Plus case is quite functional as well. For starters, it holds up to 3 additional charges and supports fast charging as well.

Interestingly, it sports three battery indicating LEDs, one for itself and two for each left and right earbuds. So, you’ll always on top of the battery situation. In terms of its construction, the case feels quite sturdy.

battery indicators of mw07 plus earbuds and case

The lid is pretty easy to open and close, though it wobbles a bit. And while it can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth, the shiny surface is a fingerprint magnet. I guess here’s where the pouch will come in super handy.

mw07 plus earbuds in stainless case

A Closer Look At MW07 Plus Earbuds 

If looks could kill, the handcrafted acetate design of these true-wireless earbuds could assassinate your fellow audiophiles & fashionistas. They might look a bit big at first glance, but MW07 Plus slides in and out of the ear with ease.

mw07 plus earbuds in ear

Between the multiple ear tip and fit wing options, you should get the perfect fit quite easily. I particularly love the fit wings’ soft and flexible top that fits into your ear ridge.

That makes wearing the earbuds quite comfortable, even for a long duration. As for features and controls, here’s a brief list

  • Controls Right Bud  – A single Multi-function button that Play/Pause – one tap, Skip Forward – Double-tap, Skip back – Triple tap, and invokes voice assistant when long pressed.
  • Controls Left Bud – Volume button that helps you manage the Volume with ease. Hold Vol+ for enabling/disabling Ambient listening mode, hold Vol- – for turning the noise cancellation on/off.
  • Dual Microphones – Mics in each earphone lend you the freedom to listen or take calls even with a single bud.
  • In-Ear Detection – Thanks to a smart sensor, the audio is auto-paused when you remove the earphone from the ear.

The Ultimate Test – How Do They Sound

MW07 Plus True Wireless Earbuds design

MW07 does not disappoint in the sound section, it maintains the brand’s signature brilliant sound. I took them through various genres of music, a few podcasts, and a full audio novel.

  • Audio Output – The voice tonality during the novel, and podcast sessions was spot on. Overall, the output is quite sharp, lyrics, and even the slightest of beats come across nicely. However, the bass isn’t punchy and splits, especially during the lower-pitch portions.
  • Calls – While the audio output was adequate, the mic’s performance was a surprise. Even with a mask, the listener got clear and loud feedback, a remarkable feat for true-wireless earbuds.
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) – The feedforwarding noise cancellation is quite effective, even when the music is kept on medium Volume. There is a surround sound effect that I quite enjoyed. Although, the ambient mode allows static to seep in, which can be irritating at times.

MW07 Plus, Is It a Worthy Investment?

Absolutely! The sound, noise cancellation, & battery-life is great, as promised by the brand. In terms of looks, it’s exceptional and attention-drawing.

However, the audio output isn’t as punchy as a bass-lover would prefer. It needs some equalization tweaks to reach perfection. I wish the company offered an accompanying app, so you could make headphone accommodations according to your taste.

Other than that, I see or hear no significant flaws. So, yes, if you love listening to music and love to flaunt your purchases, Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus is worth the price tag.

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