How to Find COVID-19 Testing Locations in Apple Maps

How to Find COVID-19 Testing Locations on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

After introducing a COVID-19 testing app and website, Apple has come up with another useful contribution to the coronavirus relief efforts, You can now use Apple Maps to find COVID-19 testing locations on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Testing site locations are distinctly viewable on the map and can also be searched for with the help of a prominent button in the app. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Find Coronavirus Testing Centers in Apple Maps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Step #1. Open Apple Maps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Step #2. Tap or click on the search bar.

Step #3. On iPhone and iPad, under the “Search Nearby” section, tap on “COVID-19 Testing”. On Mac, type “COVID” into the search bar and select the top suggestion.

Tap on Covid-19 Testing in Apple Maps

Step #4. Pick any of the result locations to see more details.

Step #5. At the bottom of the “COVID-19 Testing Site” box, you can tap on “Learn More” to see more details about a specific testing location

Find COVID-19 Testing Locations in Apple Maps

Well, that’s it.

Make the most of this feature to find a COVID-19 testing location on Apple Maps whenever you need to. Stay safe and do wear a face mask when going out. Remember, you can also unlock Face ID on iPhone while wearing a mask.

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