Drawing Desk iOS app review: Unleash your creative side

Drawing Desk Draw Paint Art iPhone app review

What is your favorite creative outlet? What’s your go-to pastime or stress buster? Well, if it is drawing, coloring, or doodling, I have a unique app to share with you guys; Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art‬.

It offers a blend of sketching, coloring, 3D doodling, photo enhancement, and more to help you express yourself. But is the app and its various tools worth your time and energy? How does it perform on iPhone and iPad? Keep reading to find answers to all this and more.

Drawing Desk app for iPhone and iPad: Imagine, draw, create and inspire

I thoroughly enjoy when an app can multi-task, and Drawing Desk seems to take the skill to another level. With 25+ artistic tools and brushes, 3500+ coloring pages, unlimited layers, 100+ instant shapes library, stickers, and stamps, you can do a lot within the app.

Drawing Desk iPhone and iPad app

Powered by a creative engine, Cortex, it lends you endless options to express your ideas and creativity. If using an iPad, you will also get excellent Apple Pencil support, including enhanced gestures, angle, and pressure sensitivity.

Along with an iOS and Android app, Drawing Desk also boasts an Apple Watch and iMessage integration. How does that help?

  • Apple Watch – While you can’t draw from the watch’s screen, it has a special use case. Browse the available themes and brushes, quickly pick the one you prefer, and continue drawing on your iPhone/iPad without much hindrance.Use Drawing Desk app on Apple Watch
  • iMessage – Easily draw custom messages and send them to your loved ones via the iMessage plug-in. Notably, the tools available in this section are not as exhaustive as in the iOS app.Use Drawing Desk app on iMessage

Tools that empower Drawing Desk

Sketching tools

Sketching tools to empower Drawing Desk iPhone app

Realistic tools including pencil, pen, highlighter, fill, bucket, highlighter brushes, smudge, eraser, ruler, ink, progressive, crayon, neon, spray, and watercolor. Most importantly, you can adjust the color, size, and opacity as per your need.

Instant shapes

A library of 200+ pre-made objects, from basic shapes to tables, chairs, cubicle prebuilt to technology.


Drawing Desk boasts unlimited layer support with advanced options like layer-lock, alpha, merge, color-invert, fill, flip, and more.

Make different layers to empower Drawing Desk iPhone app

Color palettes

The app also boasts multiple pre-made color palettes for easier selection along with the usual color picker and color wheel options. You can even build a custom one to match your brand/style.

Color palettes feature to empower Drawing Desk on iPhone

Easy undo & redo:

While the top panel has clearly marked undo and redo buttons, you can also use gestures; tap 2 fingers to undo and 3 fingers to redo.

Comprehensive text tool:

The app has almost everything you may need, from various simple and fancy fonts, spacing, and size sliders to color or pattern fill options.

Comprehensive text tool of Drawing Desk iPhone app

These are some of the significant tools of the Drawing Desk. Since the app is divided into multiple sections, tools are added or limited accordingly. Let’s learn a bit more about the sections to understand better.

The Sub Desk of Drawing Desk

I have already proclaimed the app as a multitasker. And from the moment you enter the Drawing desk, you can overview what it can do.

The Sub Desk of Drawing Desk iOS app

Sketch Desk

As the name suggests, this is a raw sheet where you are free to sketch your heart out. Almost all the tools mentioned above are available at your beck and call to ensure your artwork is flawless.

Sketch Desk of Drawing Desk iOS app

Kids Desk

Again the name says it all, a section dedicated to children; keep ’em busy, keep ’em creative! It is as colorful as it gets, and even the icons on the side are cutely designed to attract kids. Plus, you get 10+ drawing options from pencil colors, pen, chalk, glitter, pattern, and more.

Kids Desk in Drawing Desk iOS app

And it’s not just about fun; the section packs 500+ educational coloring pages & stickers. Remarkably, they are well-organized under various headings, so the child or the parent can find the right page/sticker super easily.

500 plus educational coloring pages and stickers in Drawing Desk iOS app

Coloring Desk

This section offers a stress-busting coloring book for adults. Categories organize 3000+ unique pages, and you get a free picture daily.

Coloring book for adults in Drawing Desk iOS app

Although you don’t get brushes or pencils like the kid’s section (just bucket fill), there are multiple bright spots here, like more color options with 2000+ solid and gradient colors.

Most importantly, all the coloring is recorded as a time-lapse video with a soothing background that you can share with the app’s community! Reciprocally, you can also see other’s artwork.

Time-lapse video with soothing background in Drawing Desk iPhone app

Doodle Desk

A quite similar space to the Sketch Desk! It boasts 10+ doodling tools and 250+ fancy 3D brushes, stamps, and stickers to enhance your artwork. Since it supports multiple layers, you can manage the opacity, flip, lock layers, and more.

Doodle Desk in Drawing Desk iPhone app

Photo Desk

While not as equipped as some of the best photo editing apps, the Drawing Desk certainly has its perks. For instance, the filters are applied like brush strokes to the full image or just certain parts.

Photo Desk feature in Drawing Desk iOS app

Besides, it has options for multiple movable layers of brush, live patterned brushes, typography, frames, and stickers.

How competent is the Drawing Desk app for iPhone and iPad?

At first, I wasn’t really impressed by the app; the UI and tools it offered looked pretty bare. However, my view changed as I started using the app.

Even though I felt a few necessary features were missing, the blend of simplicity and complexity floored me. It might look basic, easy-to-use on the face, but it is well layered to accommodate heavy-duty jobs as well.

So, whether you are a child, teenager, professional, noob, or hobbyist artist, you will enjoy the app. Plus, multiple studies suggest that activities like drawing, doodling, and sketching can relieve anxiety, stress and lift your mood. I suggest you download and give the app a shot.

I should mention that the freemium version is minimal and not as fun. You can, of course, avail the 1-week trial before making any decision.

Price: Free (Subscription starts from $4.99/week)


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