iGeeksBlog is the result of two passionate Apple fan-boys Jignesh and Dhvanesh who thought it would be great to have a place to share wonderful things they discover on the iPhone and iPad almost everyday. From little app reviews, the blog has grown to cater to specific interest markets that use iPhones and iPads. The blog helps users find answers to troubleshoot their iPhone/iPad problems, find great apps for a variety of purposes and also keep track of the latest jailbreak and mod news.

Jignesh, Founder

JigneshJignesh is an Apple-fan who thinks Apple’s streak of innovation needs a boost. Besides telling us why iPhone 5 isn’t Apple’s best smartphone yet, Jignesh manages the how-to section of the blog and guides the rest of the team on strategic issues. An avid app reviewer, he also finds cool apps that often miss the limelight.

Dhvanesh, Editor-in-Chief

dhvaneshDhvanesh’s level-headed approach makes sure iGeeksBlog turns out into a useful resource for its readers. He likes DIY, How-to and other enriching experiences for the iPhone so you find him doing something on his iPhone all the time. He figures solutions for a lot of issues and makes it a point to document them here.

Chandrashekhar V, Senior Editor

chandrashekharChandra has a fetish for well-designed apps, user interfaces and built-in features. He juggles writing about apps and custom features in iOS. At other times, he is usually found scouring the tech forums for technical elixir.

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Rajesh Mishra, Senior Content Writer

Rajesh-Profile-PicRajesh Mishra is an avid writer who loves exploring cutting-edge technology. Analyzing every subtle change, discussing what moves Apple world and debating the yet-to-be born possibilities form the crux of his mission and vision. At leisure times, he is consumed in surfing nets, keeping a close eye on the latest happenings and meditating in complete silence.

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