The other day we were looking at how you can reset the Restriction passcode through iFile, a jailbreak tweak. It’s the simplest method to reset a forgotten passcode. But what happens when you don’t have a jailbroken iPhone? Or when you don’t want to jailbreak your iPhone just to reset the Restriction code?

Since we’re not talking jailbreak, it’s a long way but this is the only easy way to reset the restriction passcode without doing a complete, fresh restore that has the risk of losing data.

How to Reset Restriction Passcode on iPhone and iPad

If you happen to read the jailbreak method, you know what the basic principle is but here’s the whole thing in synopsis:

1. The restriction passcode can be overridden by manually keying in a value
2. The file to edit is in Library/Preferences/ and is named

The problem, however, lies in the editing process. How do you edit the file and upload it back to iPhone’s system? The whole process is easy via iFile but without a jailbreak, it can get a little lengthier. Nevertheless, it’s not rocket science and you can do it.

You’ll need:

  • iBackupBot
  • The iPhone/iPad you want to reset the Restriction passcode for
  • iTunes (latest version preferred)

Before you start, make sure you have tried the restriction passcode a couple of times. You should see a ‘failed attempt’ alert when you tap on Restrictions.

Take a Backup

1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer
2. Fire up iTunes and take a backup of your iPhone/iPad
3. Once you have the backup, quit iTunes but keep the iPhone/iPad connected to your PC.

Editing the Backup File

1. Fire-up iBackupBot that you downloaded initially
2. Navigate to SystemFiles/HomeDomain/Library/Preferences
3. Search for a file named “”
4. Open it in Notepad or any other text editor. If the file doesn’t render correctly, you should use any plist-editors available online.
5. Look for this line:
(X is any number)
6. Just beneath this, add the following code:
7. Save the file and then restore the file into your iPhone via iBackupBot (Control + T)

Reboot your iPhone and try 1234 for the Restriction passcode. It will work.

You can then disable restrictions or change the passcode.

  • Denise

    whats error code 37 in ibackupbot ? im trying to restore phone, I did all the steps in the above but when I typed in 1234 it didnt work. so I am doing a restore again first in ibackupbot is that ok ? should I do the steps again ?

  • phmode

    This is amazing. It ought to be engraved on the back of every iThingy.

    What a stupid thing the Passcode is. ‘Someone’ or ‘Something’ set the passcode on my iPad and it was all but useless; a shiny brick!

    I downloaded iBackupBot and within five minutes my iPad was mine again.

    You are a hero of the republic and much wealth and happiness will be yours; or at least it will be when it is my turn to be God!

  • Faisal Wattoo

    it doesnt work with iOs7.. any solution for this?

    • iGeeksBlog

      Yeah, iOS 7 changes things. We’re looking into it though.

      • Mahmoud Albukhari

        any news witn iso 7 did you find out the solution for reactive the restriction code?

        • iGeeksBlog

          No solution yet.

  • Sean H.

    Can confirm – does not work with iOS 7. Things have changed, I know the location of the file at least if anyone wants to be a help in fixing this. HomeDomain/Library/Preferences/

  • Mauricio Torres

    does this work with iOS7 ?

    • iGeeksBlog

      Nope. We’re trying to find a solution.

      • Luis Fernando

        works yes, I did a complete restore the program and it worked in iphone 5s 7.0.4

  • Sorin Ovidiu

    Thanks! I did reset the restriction code on iphone 4 ios 7.0.4,only with a complete restore!

  • gale

    Thank you! I actually did not forget my code but it just stopped working. I learned after some searching that this happens sometimes. This fixed it!

  • heather

    on what screen do I use control T, couldn’t figure out how to restore on my iPad. The code said integer not strings. Hoping that was right.

    • iGeeksBlog

      This is on iOS 7? Because I’m not sure if this works on iOS 7. We had many users report that it isn’t.

      • heather

        Hi, I got it to work following the steps. I just tried control T in a few places and finished the steps. And it worked. Thanks for your help!!!

  • heather

    IT worked for me, yahoo!! I am impressed. No where else that I could find offered this solution. I did it on an iPad mini. the word integer was there instead of strings.

  • Katie Balfour


  • Ashish Rohaj

    Dear Dhvanesh Adhiya. I was so amazed to see how nicely it worked for my iphone 5, iOS7. I had been trying out everything else, as my no of attempts has been 10. Thanks a lot for this post. Hope others too get benefited with this.

    • Dhvanesh Adhiya

      That’s great Ashish

      Cheers… :)

  • JC

    I tried this and it did not work when I tried to restore. Got eror code -37. When I checked on this error code it said that one of the causes could be having “find my iphone” turned on, which I do, but I cannot turn it off without the restrictions passcode. Any solutionns?

    • iGeeksBlog

      Turns out the only way to get yourself out of this is to “erase iPhone” from on the web. To do this:
      – Go to
      – Find My iPhone
      – Select your iPhone from the list.
      – Click on Erase iPhone. This will wipe all data.
      Now, connect iPhone to the computer, backup from iTunes and you’re done.

  • AB

    Works on iPad 2 using ios 7.1.2. Just make sure you turn off Find my iPhone through iCloud using your Apple ID Password

  • Claus

    Restore process is always stopping after a few seconds. System is telling me starting restore, please wait………. Who can help me. It is IPhone 4 with IOS 7.1.2

  • Olifantie

    I keep getting an error, it says; “Your iPad/Iphone/Itouch is not ‘paired’ with this computer. Please accept the trust dialog on the screen of device, then attempt to pair it. Do you want to retry?”
    However, there is no trust dialog on the screen. It doesn’t go away, even if I click ‘no’. Does anyone know what to do?

  • tpbfan

    Thank you so much! I am studying for a huge exam and suddenly my restrictions passcode stopped working and I couldn’t access my material. Your method worked brilliantly (and I have very little tech knowledge). I was so panicked and now I am back on track. So much appreciation!!

  • lightspectre

    Not working for me. iPhone5 with IOS 7.1.2 connected to a PC. Have a current backup of my phone on iTunes. iTunes was closed. downloaded and ran iBackupBot. Found the file: HomeDomain/Library/Preferences/, found the appropriate text string and changed the failed attempts to 0 and added the 1234 text. Then tried restoring this data two ways. 1) selected that above listed file, and right clicked restore to device. File restored successfully and phone restarted. Tried ‘Restrictions’ again and it shows still locked out due to failed attempts. Waited out timer and entered 1234, but did not work. Disconnected and reconnected phone to refresh iBackupBot files, and text string that was changed is still changed (good) 2) With phone unlocked, did restore backup of all system files using iBackupBot, but process freezes and won’t complete the backup. Stuck. Is this futile; is there no way to do this with IOS 7.1.2? If so, how do I erase everything and start fresh?

  • Sam

    It worked beautifully on my iPad mini 2 (retina display) 32gb wifi with iOS 7.1.2. I followed the step by step and it worked. I did not have iCloud nor find my iPhone turned on.