Kounta’s iPad POS App Heads for North America

Many iPad POS developers herald their apps as replacing the cash register, but Kounta’s aiming for something more.  The Kounta POS for iPad is the replacement for the legacy POS systems that replaced the cash register. Developed with hospitality in mind, Kounta will easily fit into any bar, restaurant, cafe, bistro, you get the idea.  The retailers of the world weren’t forgotten, though, and will also be impressed with how much functionality can fit inside a cloud-based app:

Kounta iPad POS App

Kounta POS App Features at Glance

#1. The POS screen is fully customizable to make taking orders or ringing up customers easy and intuitive for your staff.  Organize items by category, color code them, use images, scan for barcodes, you name it.  The Fast Cash button speeds up the line, as do integrated credit card and mobile payments.

Kounta POS App for iPad#2. Managing your inventory becomes much simpler when it’s tied into your POS.  Store menu items as recipes and have the right amount of each ingredient deducted from your stock each time it’s ordered.  Do the same with bundled products.  Modifiers and variants for items fine tune your inventory tracking even more.  Set thresholds and get low stock alerts and generate a PO for more, all from the same interface.

Kounta POS App on iPad#3. Creating customer relationships is that much easier when you create profiles for them in your POS.  Knowing their buying habits makes it easier to create a personalized experience.  Stay in touch with them through social media and email with offers and rewards.

#4. Hospitality-specific features improve the flow of operations and reduce human error, resulting in happier customers.  Orders are automatically routed to any or all of your multiple printers, with locations defined at the item level (e.g. sandwich prints to kitchen, coffee prints to drink station).  The ability to track and calculate consumption and waste arms owners to make smarter purchasing decisions.  Table layouts and advanced tipping features make Kounta ideally suited for hospitality.

#5. Kounta is cloud-based, but works offline, too – virtually eliminating all major IT headaches.  Server maintenance-like hardware upgrades, software updates, and backup management-are in the hands of people who do this sort of thing for a living, leaving you free to run your business.

#6. Kounta’s advanced reporting and analytics platform gives even the smallest of businesses access to the kind of sophisticated data analysis the largest companies have been using for years.

Kounta POS App for iPhone

While cloud software has often been criticized as a pale imitation of more robust, legacy platforms, this is more a knock against developers than the cloud itself.  While developing Kounta, the team weren’t focused on the cloud being a solution unto itself.  Rather than make cloud software, they wanted to make software that happened to run in the cloud.

Read more about Kounta’s iPad POS System.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and Android devices as well.
Price: Free
Download Kounta for iDevice   Download Kounta for Android

Why iPads are Gaining Ground as The Best Video Conferencing Device

Video conferencing is an increasingly popular way to conduct business, attend classes and seminars, and virtually visit with family and friends across the country or around the world. With a fast internet connection, a device like the iPad, which has the specifications necessary for high speed video chatting, and the right conferencing service, you can essentially be in two places at once. In addition to convenience, when you video chat, you get the benefit of face-to-face contact, which enhances communications.Why iPad is Best Device for Video ConferencingWhy iPad is the Best Device for Video Conferencing

Apple boasts that it has designed iPad tablets with video conferencing in mind. The device is equipped with several conferencing-friendly features that make it a great option for customers who intend to do a lot of video conferencing. Choosing the iPad for video conferencing means you won’t need any extra equipment, unless you want a headset to make your conferences more private.

#1. Cameras

The iPad has two built-in cameras. One camera is located on the front of the device, just about the display screen. Apple explains that the front facing camera was designed and tuned specifically for video conferencing. The view and focus of the 1.2 mega pixel High Definition camera is pre-set to show your face at arm’s length, allowing for the perfect perspective in its best light. The rear-facing camera allows you to show what you are seeing while conferencing. For example, if you are a building inspector conferencing with a prospective home buyer while doing an inspection, you can show your client any issues you come across while inspecting the property.

#2. Speakers and Microphones

Chrome.com explains that the iPad, and all subsequent generations of the device, includes built-in speakers and a microphone. They note that the microphone is always active and does not require you to download any additional drivers, but it is also noted that there is no pre-loaded recording program; so if you want to record something, you have to download one of the available programs. The microphone is located on the left of the device near the headphone jack.

#3. Holding a Charge

The Apple Customer Support team explain that the mobility of the iPad is one of its best features. You essentially have the power of a computer in a more compact form. The battery life on the iPad far outshines that of any laptop or cell phone, making it a particularly good choice for using with video conferencing applications. The iPad can maintain a charge of up to 10 hours of standard web surfing, video watching, and music enjoyment. When using the cellular feature along with web browsing, a combination which is necessary during video conferencing, the battery life extends up to 9 hours. Nine hours of video conferencing is long enough to get through a couple of classes, an all-day conference, or an exceedingly long business meeting. You can even use the iPad while it is plugged in to a power source via a USB cord attached to a computer or a standard power cord plugged into an electric socket. With the combination of a long-lasting battery and steady power options, the iPad is extremely convenient.

#4. Money Saving Benefits

The iPad offers and excellent way to save on your video conferencing needs. With a device that offers built-in hardware, you can avoid expenses of buying additional cameras, microphones, and speakers. You can also save on a few bucks by dodging purchase of expensive software, explains Digitaltrends.com. The site notes that the iPad and other Apple products are compatible with video conferencing applications like the one provided by Blue Jeans Video Conferencing Services. The Face Time program that comes installed in the iPad can be linked up with the conferencing application of your choice, which allows you to conference with people who use android technology or computers for conferencing and cannot access Face Time itself.

The iPad is one of the best options for a compact, portable, video conferencing capable device. The tablet comes with built-in hardware which includes both a front-facing and a rear-facing camera. The front facing camera was specifically designed for video conferencing. Apple’s popular tablet is also highly compatible with a variety of video conferencing applications, allowing users to link up with friends, family, co-workers, and educators who may not be using an Apple product for their conferencing, thus extending the user’s reach. The iPad also contains a built-in microphone and speakers. Users also have the option of using a headset to improve privacy. With a system that not only allows interaction between similar devices through the already installed Face Time program but adds the ability to connect with practically anyone, anywhere in the world, on any device, your video conferencing capabilities are made more convenient and more powerful when using the iPad.

Best iPad File Managers to Manage Files on Your iPad on The Go

Steve Jobs was one of the most outspoken proponents of a “no-file-manager” system. In fact, the iOS ecosystem continues to be simple and easy to use because the user doesn’t have to do anything with files or folders. Everything is taken care of by the apps.

However, some of us are overly comfortable with file management and the lack of a suitable file manager on the iPad makes it a tad harder to control things in the tablet. That is why iPad file management apps are great.

Best iPad File Management Apps

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Below is the list of best iPad file managers that you can use to do several things like:

  • Cut/copy/paste files and folders
  • Create or delete files and folders
  • (On some of the apps) edit files in real-time
  • Create Dropbox/Box.net/iCloud sync
  • Access/open files of various types (images, pdf, zip etc.)

#1. Air Drive – Your File Manager

Air Drive Your File Manager iPad AppThere are quite a lot of apps with the same name on the App Store so make sure we’re on the same page. Air Drive (ad-supported free version; $0.99 for the PRO) comes with a ton of features you’d expect from a regular file manager. It’s pretty good and for beginners who want to have a taste of a good file manager, this is the answer.

Price: Free
Download Air Drive

#2. File Manager (Free) for iPad

iPad File Manager AppAgain, there’s a PRO version for this app but I guess this is more than sufficient. The app brings quite a lot of excellent features that include support for Microsoft Office files, an integrated PDF reader, zip extractor and creator and plenty more. The interface is commendable for its standard and intuitive interface.

Price: Free
Download File Manager (Free)

#3. FileApp (Documents  & Files Reader)

FileApp Documents & Files ReaderThe FileApp comes with a ton of features too. It’s not much different from the two apps above and can be taken as an alternative. What I like about the app is its interface: it’s segregated neatly to help you manage files like a pro. The app features the usual support for both Office and iWork along with several other formats. You can also password-protect the app (and the Wi-fi transfer).

Price: $0.99
Download FileApp

#4. Files Manager

File Manager iPad AppFiles Manager brings you quite a lot of additional features that aren’t usually found on an app of its type. For instance, think of taking photos, adding voice memos, creating text files: that’s the kind of thing that Files Manager brings you. But of course, that’s for a cost.

Price: $3.99
Download Files Manager

#5. iFileExplorer

iFileExplorer iPad AppiFile Explorer is a decent app that lets you connect to files, edit them, create folders and pretty much everything else that a good file manager does. As to why it’s costly, it brings a totally simplified interface along with support for a lot of file-formats. You can even view videos right from within the app. There is support for Dropbox and other cloud storage but there’s an in-an app purchase for Dropbox.

Price: $2.99
Download iFileExplorer

#6. File Manager Pro

File Manager Pro App iPad AppThere are file managers that offer similar features as File Manager Pro (but are priced in the range of $9.99). Things like a fantastic interface, a good stable app and cloud storage and sync make File Manager Pro stand out from the crowd. The app lets you manage files better with the clearly marked folders (according to media type, cloud folder etc.)

Price: $4.99
Download File Manager Pro

#7. OrganiDoc HD

OrganiDoc HD iPad AppOrganiDoc HD needs no introduction. With a stunning interface and a bold take on file management, OrganiDoc presents some of the best features for a file manager. It comes with tons of support, options, features and stability. It is one of the best file managers on the App Store.

Price: $4.99
Download OrganiDoc HD

#8. Documents 5

Documents 5 iPad App IconDocument 5 features everything you can expect from a quality file manager app. This app lets you view Office documents, read and annotate PDF files, edit text and search inside documents. You can watch movies, tune in to your favourite music and view photos.

It lets you copy documents from Mac or PC and even allow you to share files with anyone you wish. You can save web pages as well to read them later. With the use of password, you can protect your files.

Price: Free
Download Documents 5

#9. Files n Folders

Files n Folders iPad App IconFiles and n Folder has packed in lots of user-friendly features. It allows you to browse your Mac and PC from your iPad via Wi-FI. You can easily transfer files, photos, videos between computer and your device.

You can create folders and organize files, save files from other apps such as Mail app. With the use of enhanced media function, you can make gorgeous photo slideshow and audio or video playlist with auto loop.

This app lets you save web pages as HTML or PDF as per your need.

Price: Free
Download Files n Folders

#10. iStorage 2 HD

iStorage 2 HD iPad App IconiStorage 2 HD is an efficient source code editor for your iPad. Apart from supporting PDF and TXT files, it can handle many other files like MS Office, audio or video, high resolution images and more.

It lets you share files with Mac or compatible iOS devices instantly. You can transfer files through Bluetooth if there is no Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. You can perform many transfers and editing simultaneously to make things work really fast for you.

There is a built-in browser to allow you to access and save files from the web directly from your iPad.

Price: $4.99
Download iStorage 2 HD

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iPad and Productivity: Some Apps To Get The Best Out of Your iPad

Apple’s iPad has taken its rightful place in the tech world, bridging the gap between personal computer and smartphone effectively. Now, iPads and other tablets can be found in almost every walk of life, offering enormous opportunities in entertainment, web browsing, email, and more.

However, many people do not think of the iPad business apps. As it turns out, the iPads intuitive touch-screen interface and portability make it the perfect addition to any business portfolio. And with the amount of apps on the App Store that have driven the tablet’s evolution.

iPad Business Productivity Apps

Here’s a Look at the Vast World of Business and Productivity iPad Apps

Used in Tandem with a PC

Most people that own an iPad already own a PC or a Mac, and the iPad sits as an in between. However, many innovators on the app store have seen this as potential grounds for a symbiotic relationship. In other words, new apps allow users to use their iPads in tandem with their home computers. Air Display 1.2 is one such app, reports PCMag. The app allows customers to use the iPad as a second screen for their home or business computer. This is effective when business people are interacting with a multitude of tabs or programs at once, as it expands the visual space in which they can interact with said programs. Furthermore, it’s a way to group productive and unproductive activities, with social media relegated to one screen and work pursuits occupying another.

Another popular app that combines the iPad and a personal computer is Citrix GoToMy PC. This app allows users to control their computers using the iPad as a sort of remote access point.

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Cubby is another app that syncs up data between your tablet and your computer. The app creates shared folders that automatically transfer between each other, so that any progress made on an iPad project can be accessed from the PC, and vice versa.

Word Processing

While the iPad seems to sit between the laptop and the smartphone, without apps, its ‘notes’ section is far behind the usefulness of traditional word processing software. Luckily, there’s an app for nearly every problem, and this one’s included. Today’s app store hosts a plethora of word processing apps, including iWork for iPad. The bundle includes Keynote, which is Apple’s edition of PowerPoint, as well as Numbers, which correlates with Excel, and Pages, which functions similarly to Microsoft Word. The total cost for the bundle is a mere ten dollars, and it opens the frontiers to productive word processing in almost any situation.

Goodreader, another top choice, is specifically designed with editing in mind. Hong Kiat reports that this useful application allows users to edit their pieces while on the subway, bus, or in the meeting room before a presentation. It’s highly intuitive, accessible, and applicable to a whole host of situations. It’s also relatively cheap, so it’ll fit into nearly any budget.

Finally, there’s the Google Docs app. Google is a monster in the tech world, and the company’s team of programmers never fail to release top-notch products at the best price, that is, free. Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet allow documents to be quickly synced and stored in the cloud, and even offer the option of having multiple people edit all at once, which appeals to a whole range of industries.


While many of the apps mentioned above are indispensable to the modern professional, none of them are directly involved with sales. However, there is a wide range of applications designed with sales specifically in mind. Invoice2Go is one such iPad app. The intuitive interface is simple and accessible, and should appeal to the small business owner looking to save time and money while performing professional tasks such as creating invoices, recording sales, and billing customers. With over 20 template choices and an extensive list of features, including one that allows users to add PayPal buttons so that customers can pay using the popular online service, it’s an absolute must. The app comes as one of Techradar’s top recommendations for business and productivity.

Finally, there’s the actual sale itself. For years, if a mobile business owner wanted to sell a product, cash and check were the only options. However, in this increasingly plastic world, fewer and fewer people keep a ready supply of paper money in hand. That’s why the iPad is so magical: it’s the hardware for mobile Point of Sale, or POS, technologies. Shopify sells card readers that plug into the iPad’s headphone jack. These allow businesses to meet the customer halfway, with full records stored in the Cloud after heavy encryption to ensure safety. Mobile POS apps should become more and more popular in the near future, and they’ll have application for artisans, small businessmen, restaurants and more.

6 Best iPad Presentation Apps for Meetings and Presentations

The iPad is an excellent gadget for presenting PowerPoint/Keynote slides. There are lots of apps to do this and each app has unique features that make it amazing. Quite a lot of people – from schools and businesses to enterprises – use the iPad to present slideshows in brainstorming sessions.

Read on to find out about six really cool apps built to help you create and share great presentations.

Best iPad Presentations App

Best iPad Presentation Apps

#1. Keynote

Keynote iPhone AppWhen we talk about presentations, I am reminded of Jobs introducing a string of insanely successful devices to the world – iPod, iPhone and iPad. Besides Jobs’s legendary charm there was something behind him that worked wonders. It was almost always, Keynote presentations.

Keynote for the iPad is the default, standard and best solution if you are looking to make really amazing presentations. To those that are already familiar, this will be the best presentation app for the iPad. Windows users who have a fixation for PowerPoint might need some time to adopt to a different method of working. But it’s great.

Price: $9.99
Download Keynote

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#2. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint - iPad Presentation App
A majority of the world relies on Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations. What better way to go about it than using the official PowerPoint app. Built exclusively for the iPad, MS’s PowerPoint app has almost all the features of the desktop app. You can not only import and present files through your iPad, but you can also edit them right on the iPad. There’s OneDrive integration. There are features like a built-in laser pointer that make presentations all the more focused and impressive. Couple all this with a wonderful, intuitive interface and you get a winner.

Price: Free
Download Microsoft PowerPoint

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#3. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck iPad AppHaiku is a simple and elegant presentation app built for the iPad. It lacks in several things: you can’t share lists, you can’t add much aesthetic features (backgrounds etc.) except for the templates. But it more than makes up for these through it’s intuitive, simple and really elegant design.

The templates will cost you a bit more but they’re excellently designed.

Price: Free
Download Haiku Deck

#4. SlideShark

SlideShark iPad AppSlideShark is a really powerful and amazing presentation app which helps you present PDFs, HTML files and web pages on the go. SlidShark has a really good support for all PowerPoint files and preserves the fonts and the images so you get what you expect. It’s built for social sharing so you can share presentations faster.

Price: Free
Download SlideShark

#5. Power Presenter

Power Presenter iPad AppPower Presenter is the perfect app if you’re looking to hook up your iPad to your Apple TV or a presenter. It’s feature-rich, brings excellent support for PDF files (but the bad thing is it doesn’t support natively other formats. You’ll have to make PPT, HTML etc. a web-content in order to access it from within Power Presenter).

Power Presenter lets you mark on the screen to highlight, show or indicate. This is a nifty little feature that makes presenting using the iPad such a great experience.

Price: $1.99
Download Power Presenter

#6. SlideIdea

SlideIdea iPad AppSlideIdea for iPad is a revolutionary way of creating and – most importantly – letting audiences interact with your slides. It offers an elegant and simple interface to create slides from amazing templates and widgets. You can create slides real fast with a lot of things like images, charts and more. But much more than that, you can make them truly interactive to have people interacting with the slides real-time through their own mobile devices. It’s an incredible presentation app for iPad. Here is full review of SlideIdea

Price: Free
Download SlideIdea

Best Payroll Management iPad Apps: Make Salary Payments Digitally

Remove the old style payment option and use these latest software to calculate payments. With additional features, these apps are must-have for small, medium or large enterprises. You never have to worry about next payday or taxes; the app takes all that into consideration.

With a simple UI, these apps are fit to be used anywhere.

Best Payroll Management iPad Apps

Best Payroll Management Apps for iPad

#1. Online Payroll

Online Payroll iPad App
Online Payroll helps in creating paychecks for your employees. You can e-pay your taxes and fill forms from this app. The app will notify you when next payday and tax deadlines are near. You can directly transfer money in your employees account with help of this app. The app automatically synchronizes your data with your Intuit Payroll account.

Price: Free
Download Online Payroll

#2. Snap Payroll

Snap Payroll iPad App

Snap Payroll is developed by the same folks behind Online Payroll. This app will calculate the amount of paychecks within short span of time. You just need to enter the hours, pay rate and weeks; the app will do the rest of the calculations. You can even keep a track of the checks and feed in employee’s entire information.

Price: Free
Download Snap Payroll

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#3. Payrollguru

Payrollguru iPad App

Payrollguru allows you to calculate payments and store employee’s information, individually or in a group. You can enter the deductions as per the profile for reference. The app is programmed to calculate taxes such as federal withholding, social security, Medicare, state withholding, state unemployment and state disability insurance. You can view the paychecks in pie chart form and can even mail those details to employees. You can use the app for monthly or hourly wages.

Price: $4.99
Download Payrollguru

#4. Pay Check HD

Pay Check HD iPad App

Pay Check HD is suitable for small business payroll. You can calculate salary on monthly or hourly basis. The app is functioned to calculate US Federal Withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes as per 2014 calendar. The app will send you an update if anything in the taxes changes.

Price: $0.99
Download Pay Check HD

#5. Payroll Calculator

Payroll Calculator iPad App

Payroll Calculator comes with user friendly interface and creates quick payment. This app is suitable for professional and self-employed people. The app generates gross payments, salary details, deduction etc. The app also has in-built formulas that make calculations an easy process.

Price: Free
Download Payroll Calculator

#6. Run Mobile Payroll

RUN Powered iPad App

The application works on a secure version and is reliable & accurate. You can create payments for employees and contract employees through predefined rates stored in the app. You can distribute the pay in departments; add vacation, sick or other leave information. The information of employee can be stored and taxes can be calculated with help of this app.

Price: Free
Download Run Mobile Payroll

Best HR Management Apps for iPad: Tools of the HR Trade In One Place

HR is a toughest job, as it requires keeping a close check on the things happening in the company. If you are an HR, you can cut down half of your worries with these iPad apps for HR management. The apps have been designed to provide you with best solution for every problem you may face while being an HR.

In easy swipes, you can find solutions to your human resource problem statements at your fingertips.

Best HR Management Apps for iPad

Best HR Management Apps for iPad

#1. HR Management

HR Management iPad App
HR Management app brings you all the latest strategies, practices, news on products and other updates related to HR sector. You can post job openings in all of USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The app gives you information on various sectors like training, developing and staffing employees. It all also keeps you informed on employment laws, technology, software, pay and benefits sectors.

Price: Free
Download HR Management

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#2. MacRoberts HR Adviser

MacRoberts HR Adviser iPad App

MacRobert HR Adviser app is dedicated to employment law and payment issues. The app has a built-in calculator, with functions to calculate payments in stern situations such as redundancy, unfair dismissal and maternity. The app sends you news on employment law by sending updates. You can refer to the FAQs within the app in case of any doubt.

Price: Free
Download MacRobert HR Adviser

#3. HRSuite

HRSuite iPad App

HRSuite app functions are easy and simple to understand and operate. The app has a timesheet module and a directory, allowing you to manage employee’s information and requests quickly. You can check your employee location through this app and can send & receive e-mails. You can edit the sheets and share it with employees to create a robust, rapid workflow in the company. The app allows you to secure sensitive information with its security option.

Price: Free
Download HRSuite

#4. The HR Touch

The HR Touch iPad App

The HR Touch app is programmed to provide employee-performance related solutions. The app has different tips that help in dealing with employees and their performance issues. If an employee is “underperforming”, you can identify the means to rectify it with the help of this app. You can boost up your employees performance to the next level, with the solutions stored in this app.

Price: $6.49
Download HR Touch

#5. EmployeeCenter for Oracle HR

EmployeeCenter for Oracle HR iPad App

EmployeeCenter for Oracle HR app can be used by those who have EmployeeCenter server software installed in their computer or are registered as Oracle E-business client. The app gives you an option marking the leave of employees, put pay slips for viewing, update work and personal information and other such activities. You can even connect this app with social networking sites.

Price: Free
Download EmployeeCenter for Oracle HR

If you know of any other app that can’t be easily found but you have benefited from, feel free to write all about it in the comments section. You never know whom it can help.


Best Free Order Entry Management Apps for iPad: Manage Order Entries Seamlessly & Efficiently

Order Entry is the toughest and most crucial part in any industry. If you are a businessperson, executive or have a small shop, correct order details are vital. Instead of managing them in papers and books, turn to the digital aspect.

These iPad Order Entry management apps ensure that you keep balance between the order and your sales people. In simple swipes, you can manage entire data on-the-move and have them delivered at the right time.

Best Free Order Entry Management Apps for iPad

Best Free Order Entry Management Apps for iPad

#1. SupeRep

SupeRep iPad App IconSupeRep allows you to manage all crucial aspects of businesses like order management, catalogs, customer interaction or taking surveys and other such functions. The app has been designed to work in 10 different languages, making it a useful app for all niches of business. The app allows you to keep a check on order retailed details such as packs, units of measurements, discount policies, no stock indicator, order dates etc. The app is also features catalog management, CRM and communication with your sales team.

Price: Free

#2. ProSel Sales Rep Order Entry & Catalog Management

ProSel Sales Rep Order Entry & Catalog Management iPad App IconProSel app is compatible and best-suited for any kind of an industry that has to do everyday business on a large scale. The best function of the app is that it can work offline and stores the details efficiently as online mode. The app has some default customer oriented ‘order guides.’ You can create orders from existing sales history and send it your customer by capturing signature. The app supports scanning barcode and helps in managing future and past orders.

Price: Free

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#3. OrderShark Order Entry with Barcode Scanner

OrderShark Order Entry with Barcode Scanner iPad App IconOrderShark Order Entry with Barcode Scanner app is optimized for retailer and wholesale distributors. You can scan the barcode to get all details of that particular product. The scanned products will directly be sent to distributors as an order. You will receive notifications when your order is processed/delivered. You can view and edit your previous orders, edit and send them via e-mail. The app has multiple languages that can be switched by a user.

Price: Free

#4. Lettuce

Lettuce iPad App IconLettuce app will best suit small business. It will help the small-scale business to efficiently management your order, inventory, contacts, invoice and other details. The app can work from anywhere, giving you the option of taking orders and processing payment information on-the-go. You can e-mail the PDF of product catalog and order confirmation to your clients. You can carry out all this without an internet connection – the offline mode.

Price: Free

#5. Quest Solution Order Entry

Quest Solution Order Entry iPad App IconQuest Solution Order Entry provides a balance between field locals and corporate officers. You can easily update the data of customers as the orders are entered. The app will notify employees in the corporate office so that the list is managed. The app helps in eliminating all the errors that can happen related to customer information. You also get a digitalized and neat layout of the order.

Price: Free

Best iPad Receipt Tracking Apps: Track your Expenses

Expenses are an inevitable part of our lives. However, it is essential to keep a track of those expenses to ensure that everything goes smooth. If you have an iPad, these easy and user-friendly apps will keep your receipts in track.

In simple taps and swipes, the data will be synced and stored so you can retrieve them anytime.

Best Receipt Tracking Apps for iPhone

Best Receipt Tracking Apps for iPad

#1. Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts iPad App IconDigital Receipts collects the receipts in two ways: “Touch-and-Go” technology that generates pictures after scanning the QR Code at checkout points in store or simply scan the receipt by using your camera. The app has a secure backup system and allows you to send e-mails to track your expenses. You will receive monthly reports based on your receipts, stating your money spent.

Price: Free
Download Digital Receipts

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#2. Receipts Magic Pro

Receipts Magic Pro iPad App IconReceipts Magic Pro app has in-built OCR and picture processing technologies that keeps the pictures sorted in your iPad. The app has automatic backups to your Dropbox, so you need not worry about losing it. The basic download will allow you to save first ten receipts. For an unlimited saving option, you need to upgrade by paying $1.99 from the in-app purchase.

Price: Free
Download Receipts Magic Pro

#3. Receipts by Wave

Receipts by Wave iPad App IconReceipts by Wave will upload your receipts into account after you have clicked and confirmed the picture and details. The receipts will be synchronized with your Wave account. You can choose the OCR option if you do not fill details manually. You can categorize your receipts to keep a check on money spent in each niche.

Price: Free
Download Receipts by Wave

#4. Simple Receipt

Simple Receipt iPad App IconSimple Receipts has a simple and easy interface that makes scanning and taking pictures on receipts easy. You can create categories and the app will automatically transfer the receipt in those folders. You can send expense reports via email by putting in data range and category name, the app will upload the PDF format of all receipts under that choice. It comes with iCloud support, so the data is safe.

Price: $0.99
Download Simple Receipt

#5. Receipts Plus

Receipts plus iPad App IconReceipts plus allows you to enter your personal, professional receipts and create expense records in iPad. You can create categories, sub-categories and put in payment mode in it. The app provides you with option of pass code that can be used to protect your receipts. You can view, edit and delete the images, if old or not in use.

Price: Free
Download Receipts Plus

#6. Receipts2go

Receipts2go iPad App IconReceipts2go app is best option when it comes to put claim for your receipts. You need to take picture of receipts and put in expense details. The app will convert the specific receipts into PDF or CSV format, so you can send e-mail, quickly.

Price: Free
Download Receipts2go

#7. ReceiptLoader

ReceiptLoader iPad App IconReceiptLoader app saves integral details with your receipt image. The app will give you amount, venue, category and date of purchase based on receipts. The save receipts can be get in various format form such as XLS, PDF and CSV. The app is customized to read even smallest details from distorted receipts too.

Price: Free
Download ReceiptLoader

Best ERP Apps for iPad: Helps in Managing Your Customer’s Data

Make your Enterprise resource Planning procedure more accurate and flexible with the help of these iPad apps. Calculate all the requirements and data in simple steps and provide accurate quotes in a fraction of seconds.

With user-friendly interface, the apps solve your problems in a jiffy. Increase your company’s production and sales level with these apps.

Best ERP Apps for iPad

Best ERP iPad Apps

#1. Sage ERP X3 Sales

Sage ERP X3 Sales iPad App IconSage ERP X3 Sales app is designed to manage each customer’s requirements differently. You can enter your client’s requirement, address, sales statistics, quotes, orders etc. The app can also be used in offline mode. You can create catalogs and inquiries data in the app. The app comes in supports multiple languages such as English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Price: Free
Download Sage ERP X3 Sales

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#2. Prime ERP

Prime ERP iPad App IconPrime ERP is a user-friendly app. You can create offers or pitch sales on the go. You can create different data pages for respective customers. The app will automatically arrange the documents in professional manner and translate them in client’s language. You can create multiple discount rates and use tax codes with other facilities in this app. The app has a system that secures your data and takes backup in iCloud. To choose English version, you need to select it from ‘Demo Server’ version.

Price: Free
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#3. SAP ERP Order Status

SAP ERP Order Status iPad App IconSAP ERP Order Status app is designed to solve and keep a check on order status. Your clients can directly send in queries on the app and you can solve it by connecting to other people through app. The app has a simple interface to sort out any problem related to goods quickly. You can even bookmark orders that need a follow up and have a customer’s list to keep everything queued. The app, however, is useful only for those who have SAP ERP service system enabled.

Price: Free
Download SAP ERP Order Status

#4. Facile ERP

facile ERP iPad App IconFacile ERP app is like a mobile office. You can store the estimates, invoices, purchases, sales and other information in this app. You can even insert photos in favour of your client’s sheets. The app has been designed to take your client’s signature in the app. The app keeps you updated with latest features and news

Price: Free
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#5. OpenERP CRM Sales

OpenERP CRM Sales iPad App IconOpenERP CRM Sales app is compatible with OpenERP software. You can make sales order, quotations and requirements in a single go. The app synchronizes your data from the software to your iPad so you can create desired ERP anywhere. The app is useful for increasing productivity and sales of your company. The app can be functioned in offline mode too.

Price: $15.99
Download OpenERP CRM Sales