Best iPad Air Folio Cases To Protect & Carry Your iPad in Style

Folio cases for the iPad Air are good. They look quite professional, most cases are made of soft but very protective materials and they make carrying an iPad Air very easy.

There are a lot of iPad Air folio cases already despite the fact that Apple changed the design spec of the latest iPad. Your iPad 4th-gen cases won’t mostly fit the iPad Air.


Best iPad Air Folio Cases

Here’s a bunch of the best iPad Air folio cases from Belkin to Kensington:

1. Lioncase Folio Shield for iPad Air

Lioncase Folio Shield for iPad AirThe Lioncase almost works like Apple’s iPad Air Smart Case. It doubles up as a stand too which is quite handy when you are watching videos or movies on your iPad. There are a few viewing angles too. The folio is otherwise quite basic but offers good protection. Appropriate cutouts keep the speakers, docks and the buttons easily accessible. The $20.00 price is a holiday season special price which ends right after Christmas.


Price: $20.00

2. Belkin APEX360 iPad Air Folio Case

Belkin APEX360 iPad Air Folio CaseA product from Belkin needs no praise from us. The APEX360 iPad Air Folio case is actually much more than that: it’s military-grade protection. The case is designed to be rugged, tough and hard with only the interiors being smooth for the iPad Air. Interestingly, you can convert the folio case into a stand for the iPad Air -both portrait and landscape modes! Complete with magnetic features (for auto sleep/wake-up functions) and cutouts.

Price: $69.99

3. Incipio Watson iPad Air Folio

Incipio Watson iPad Air Folio CaseIncipio’s iPad Air folio case is one of the best folio cases built for the iPad. It is a leather case (vegan leather) which creates the aesthetic look and feel which plastic cases can hardly offer. The case is designed to fit the iPad Air completely and correctly, making it look like you are carrying a booklet. The case is detachable. There are also some card slots for storing business and ID cards.

Price: $50.0

4. DODOCASE Folio for iPad Air

DODOCASE Folio Case for iPad Air
The DODOCase for iPad Air is a work of art. Handcrafted from leather and bamboo, the DODOCase is the most “complete” folio case of all. It not only holds your iPad Air safe and tight but along with that, it has compartments for scribble pad, pens, papers and some of those cards. It’s an executive delight and so is the cost. Besides, it’s not made of plastic which in itself adds to the “professional” aesthetic.

Price: $144.95

5. Griffin Back Bay Folio for iPad Air

Griffin Back Bay Folio for iPad AirGriffin’s Back Bay Folio for iPad Air is a creative and colorful expression of style on an iPad case. The folio cases coming from Griffin are quite good – as good as any leading folio case you can get for the iPad Air. The case offers multiple viewing angles that set the iPad Air stably in two landscape modes (upright and inclined). With Griffin’s iPad Air folio case, your iPad Air is safely tucked inside with magnetic snap-ons.

Price: $49.99

6. Kensington Comercio Hard Folio Case

Kensington Comercio Hard Folio Case for iPad AirComercia is the only hard-case folio case in a list that is otherwise filled with “softies” barring Belkin. Unlike Belkin, though, Comercia is thin. But it looks primitive with its basic design. It offers three viewing angles in landscape, a business card slot and is pretty handy.

Price: £39.99