ZENDO Kaiga iPhone 7/7Plus Leather Wallet Case

Zendo Kaiga iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Wallet Case

Many iPhone users prefer wallet cases to keep their smartphone, cards, and cash securely in one place. In terms of living up to the basic needs like protection and convenience, wallet cases perform a great balancing act, which is not found in other cases. That’s one of the main reasons why wallets are so adored by users.

However, there are a few things like bulkiness and a bit conservative design that prevent wallet cases from winning over those who prefer minimalist profile. There is a new leather wallet case from Zendo, which has been readied to excel in all aspects. Right from the onset, it looks primed to offer luxury experience—without compromising anything on comfort and protection.

Zendo Kaiga iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Wallet Case

So, how good is Kaiga leather wallet case for iPhone 7/ 7 Plus and whether it can be a complete wallet for your smartphone—from users’ perspective?

ZENDO Kaiga iPhone 7/7Plus Leather Wallet Case 

High-Quality Calf Leather

Carved with top quality calf leather, Kaiga wallet case has an appealing profile. Notably, the case is made of the same leather used by German car manufacturers for the seats of their vehicles…

Zendo Kaiga iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

Thanks to the superior material, it’s highly durable. You can fully trust it to withstand the impact of drops and absorb shock. The other important quality is that it’s scratch resistant. So, if your car key had an encountered with the case in your pocket, the wallet wouldn’t have to lose the battle.

Beautifully Handcrafted Design

The handcrafted design reinforces both the durability and style of the wallet case. The vivid stitching easily catches attention. Honestly speaking, the wallet wouldn’t have looked so impressive without this handcrafted design.

Zendo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 7 Plus

The precise cut-outs for camera, speakers, lightning port and button enhance its appearance and bring more comfort into the play. Overall, the design is adorable and pairs elegantly with the smartphone.

Card Slots and Big Compartment for Cash

The wallet features card slots (iPhone 7 Plus has 4 card slots, while iPhone 7 has 3 card slots.) and big money sleeve to let you keep your valuables securely. The multiple card slots offer you more freedom and required convenience to carry credit and ID cards without any hassle.

Zendo Kaiga Wallet Case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The case continues to look lightweight even after you stash cash and fill all the card slots. With the magnetic clip closure ever ready, your valuables remain inside perfectly.

Throughout the test, the wallet did an excellent job in simplifying my task of keeping my smartphone, cash and a lot of cards securely. I didn’t miss my usual wallet at all during the travel as the case was doing the task perfectly.

Desired Functionality

The wallet can double up to let you enjoy movies or videos at your preferred angle. Being lightweight, it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your iPhone. You can easily access your smartphone to quickly answer any call and feel comfortable while carrying it in your hands. Most importantly, it won’t let ugly bumps or accidental fall damage your device. As for functionality, it scores pretty high numbers.


  • High-quality calf leather
  • Impressive handcrafted design
  • Stand feature to for better movie watching experience
  • Feels very smooth to the touch
  • Better grip allows you to hold the smartphone comfortably in hands


  • Lack of more color options

The Verdict

Kaiga leather wallet case takes care of all the basic needs. Whether it’s durability, protection, quality or convenience, it stands up to the marks. Being available at around $50, it’s not too expensive either.

Its superiority lies in its top grade material and luxurious profile enriched by handcrafted design. And because of this quality only, I would love to pay for it present my iPhone 7/7 Plus an endearing suit.

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