YouTube Premium vs. YouTube Music Premium: What should you buy?

YouTube Premium vs YouTube Music Premium

While YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium have risen to become top services, the two services are far from being the same. YouTube Music is YouTube’s music streaming service, whereas YouTube Premium is the new upgraded version of YouTube Red. Wait, what does that mean?

Let’s find out in this comprehensive article that compares YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium.

What is YouTube Premium? 

Well, it’s just that YouTube Premium has all the great video content and amazing features that YouTube Red had. Only this time, YouTube Premium allows you faster high-resolution downloads with access to YouTube Originals content. 

What is YouTube Music Premium?

As for YouTube Music, it is available as a desktop web player as well as an Android and iOS app. When we talk about YouTube Music, think about Spotify but better, and there you have it.

However, the real question is which is better: YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium? Here’s an in-depth comparison of the two to help you judge the winner.

YouTube Premium vs. YouTube Music Premium - Which has the better content

Which has the better content?

While YouTube Music Premium has an expansive music section and corresponding music videos subject to availability, YouTube Premium brings all that and more to you.

So, in that case, does YouTube Premium include YouTube Music Premium? The answer is yes. In addition, YouTube Premium also has a vast reservoir of premium video content.

And that includes more than user-generated content on the site. YouTube also produces its originals, limited to the YouTube Premium service. 

Benefits of YouTube and YouTube Music

There’s no difference between YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium when it comes to being ad-free services. However, the real difference lies in the set of benefits each one offers.

YouTube Music Premium gives you exclusive access to ad-free music that’s downloadable. If you’re looking to discover new music and have great recommendations, YouTube Music Premium should be your option. 

But is YouTube Music the same as YouTube Premium? 

Of course not! For YouTube Music Premium is music only, whereas YouTube Premium has ad-free music and videos. Moreover, YouTube Premium offers two additional benefits. 

The first is background play for videos, allowing you to sign in for an uninterrupted experience while switching to other apps. The second is YouTube Kids, an app ensuring the videos your little one watches are kid-friendly. 

What about the cost?

While comparing differences between YouTube Premium vs. YouTube Music, considering costs becomes an essential factor.

YouTube Music cost

While YouTube Music Premium is available for $9.99 every month and its family plan is available for $17.99, the monthly cost of YouTube Premium is $11.99, and its family plan costs $17.99 for up to 5 members.

However, the real question is: Is paying for YouTube Music worth it? Well, the answer depends. If you’d be using it majorly for music, YouTube Music works and saves you a few dollars for coffee too. 

However, if we’re considering YouTube Premium vs. YouTube Music price, the smarter option would be to go for YouTube Premium.

Final verdict: What should you buy? 

The final verdict depends on none other than the user, aka you. While comparing YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, always remember to consider the purposes you need either or both of the services for. 

However, if you ask us, we’d recommend YouTube Premium as the winner of this battle of the bests. That’s because, for an additional $2 on the individual YouTube Premium plan, you get all the music that’s up on YouTube Music Premium plus great video content with a background play feature.

And for the family plan, it’s an additional $3 in exchange for video content and kid-friendly controls. 

What are your thoughts, and which one takes the cake for you – YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium? Share your answers in the comments below.

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