“Your Apple ID was locked due to security reasons” is a new Trick to Hack Apple ID

Apple ID users complain about receiving an email about their account being locked. Apple confirmed it to be a phishing attack, read here for complete details on the subject.

Phishing is one of the oldest tricks in the book to hack user accounts. Whether it is Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple; every tech giant has faced this issue. With internet technologies evolving rapidly, these phishing attacks too have advanced. They have reached a stage where an average user is likely to fall for it and get their account credential compromised.

Phishing Email “Your Apple ID was locked due to security reasons” – One more fruitless effort to steal Apple ID

In the last 12 hours or so, few users have taken over their concerns to Twitter on receiving an email about their Apple account locked. Apple Support being hyperactive on the social media, quickly resolved their queries stating that it was nothing other than an attempt to hack user’s Apple ID account.

Also, the Apple Support requested users to report phishing links using the official Apple website. If you have also received any such email, make sure to ignore it and report it to the Apple. Apple has also confirmed that there’s nothing wrong with their system or security, and all user accounts are safe.

What’s surprising is that how did hackers end up having email addresses of iCloud accounts? There is a possibility that hackers have sent mass email without knowing which email is associated with an iCloud account. In this particular case, the attack is so sophisticated that users presume it to be an official email from Apple.

Apple ID Phishing Email

But like most of the phishing attacks or other online scams, this too had one universal flaw. The pathetic grammar and meaningless sentence formation easily set the email apart from official Apple email, which has a professional language.

The best way to be safe is to learn to identify genuine emails from Apple.

Signing off…

One thing I personally feel is that no technology is ever 100% secure. A user should have basic technical literacy in this virtual world. If you share your information out, Apple or no one else can help you protect your privacy. So if you have the good technical knowledge, make sure you share that with someone who is struggling to understand.

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