Yoke iPhone And iPad App – Find & Meetup with the People

Yoke iPhone and iPad App

Ironically, Social Media was invented to make people socialize, but we all know what happened. All of us indeed started socializing, but only in the virtual world, and almost gave up meeting people face-to-face. Whether it is birthdays or Wedding anniversaries, wishes are sent through WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. Hardly anyone actually remembers special days of their friends and family. Gone are the days when we used to maintain a diary with important dates.

If technology has spoiled us, only technology can bring back good old days when we used to hang out with friends and family and actually socialize! Yoke is one such social media app that helps in doing just that. You may wonder it’s yet another social media app, but that’s not the case. It has some really cool ways to let you socialize with people you love to hang out with.

The best part is that it has no features like status, images, videos, likes, etc. It is a simple app with the sole purpose of bringing your loved one closer to you. Let’s see in detail what Yoke can do for you:

Yoke iPhone App – Find & Meetup People

Yoke iOS App

Core features

The primary job of the app is to let you find nearby friends and family that you have added to your circle. Now again, you may wonder that this isn’t anything new. Facebook already has this. But what sets apart Yoke is that the feature isn’t intrusive. It doesn’t show anyone’s exact location, just notifies that a person in your circle is nearby.

Now it is up to you whether you want to meet them in person. Our network on social media usually has thousands of people consisting of friends, family, and acquaintances. We don’t want to meet everyone face-to-face. That’s what Yoke solves.

Now that you have an overall idea of the app let’s dive in a little deeper and see the micro things that the app has to offer.

Clean Design

Traditional social media apps have so many features that their apps are so crowded with different options on mobile screens. That’s not the case with Yoke; it has a clean interface and straightforward navigation. On top of that, the color theme of the app is soothing and feels great to look at.

All the features of the app are right there on the launch screen, and there’s nothing that you’ll need to Google to learn about the app. This is something that impresses a first-time user at first glance.

Circle of life

Just like the circle of life, Yoke has circles where you can add family, friends, and acquaintances. You can create as many circles as you want and add people accordingly. For instance, you can have a friend’s circle and add just friends, while a family circle having all your family members.

As soon as anyone from any of the circle is nearby your location, the app will send you a notification. If you wish to meet that person, you can show your consent, but the recipient has to accept it. Once both the parties have agreed, you can chat within the app, share your exact location, and meet.

Alternatively, you can decide any other location for the meeting that is convenient for both the parties.

Built-in messaging and navigation

The Yoke app has a built-in messenger to communicate with nearby friends. When any of your contacts are nearby, you can message them. You can use this feature just to have a virtual conversation or decide to meet in-person. When both of you agree to meet, you can determine the place and send location within the messenger. The app also supports navigation, further making it easier for you to meet people you love, in person.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 12.1 or later
Download App from Yoke.App

That’s all for now, folks!

Signing off…

Technology and Social Media has made great efforts in bringing the world together. But like any scientific invention, there’s always a dark side to new technologies. With Social Media, it is about living completely in the virtual world. In times like this, apps like Yoke are inevitable to bring back to our earlier self. What do you say?

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