You probably read the bulletin: Yahoo! launched a new weather app and an iPad Yahoo! Mail app and both are doing the cyber-rounds as we speak.

The Yahoo! Weather app is an interesting development because of two things:

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1). Apple’s stock weather app uses Yahoo! Weather to access the data
2). The app is a statement of the work culture and goals that Yahoo!’s new CEO has set for the company

When I first heard the news, I didn’t really think it was worth it. After all, there are tons of weather apps for the iPhone that are as much, if not more, beautiful and crafty. Well, it didn’t take long for me to change my mind. After using the app for about a day, it looks not just interesting and gorgeous but there’s some serious engagement with the photography community going on. That’s what caught my attention.

Yahoo Weather iPhone App Review

A Gorgeously Built Weather App
You might actually like it very much to make it your default go-to weather app. It’s not just beautiful but it’s subtle and finely-crafted in many ways. The lure of the high-definition photograph that accompanies the weather updates is of course paramount to the overall experience.

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But then there are subtler refinements and animations which draw you to the app. The trajectory of the sun depending on the current time, the windmills with rotating fans indicating the wind speed in your city, the flat interface that’s causing a revolution in the design industry, the icons that are specifically adhering to the flat UI. Oh there are plenty of other things that you’ll like about the app.

City Backgrounds
The most interesting part of the app is the background photos that blur upon swipe-up for data and change every once in a while. By using this social element, I think Yahoo! Weather is taking on a crowd-sourcing mantra to create a really beautiful app. Not to forget, this might end up being an enormous marketing chip for the app itself.

Photos are picked from Yahoo!’s photo sharing channel, flickr. Photographers can actually join the Yahoo! Weather app project and pitch in their photos to the collection.

If you’re a stickler for pixel perfection, Yahoo! Weather app might delight you with its attention to detail. And it’s light, load in a snap and is a pleasure to use.

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