Yahoo News Digest for iOS 7: Twice-Daily Digest that Uses Summly’s Intelligence

Almost an year ago, Yahoo acquired Summly, which was – at the time – the most intelligent and smart news summarization app on the iOS. Although Yahoo! use the logic in some of its apps (reportedly), a full-fledged application never surfaced. That was, until CES2014.

Yahoo unveiled it’s newest iOS 7 app for iPhone, Yahoo News Digest, which is more or less Summly in a new avatar. The way the app has been crafted and the way it delivers news summaries is what makes it unique and interesting in a market inundated with news apps.

Yahoo News Digest works like a typical summarization app. It gathers news from internet sources and uses Summly’s algorithm to summarize the news items into a coherent chunk of information that you can instantly peruse. The summarization is top-notch and although I can’t say if it has been updated and refined (the devs would have mostly tweaked the code), the summarizations are almost perfect in the sense of having the most important parts of the story summarized accurately.

But there’s more to Yahoo News Digest than just summarization. And that’s where Yahoo seems to have one-upped their game – just like they’ve done to most of their products recently.

Yahoo Launches News Digest App for iPhone on iOS 7

Yahoo News Digest delivers news twice a day. Mornings and evenings. But it doesn’t provide a barrage of news items to skim through. Instead, it picks the 9 relevant, important and hot news stories and summarizes them. The way it manages the stories and tells you how many of them you’ve read (and which ones you have read/unread) is a beautiful play in interface design.

Again, this is not all.

Yahoo News Digest for iOS 7 Twice-Daily Digest that Uses Summly Intelligence

Yahoo News Digest packs quite a bunch of resources with every article. This includes image gallery with relevant images, relevant tweets, maps and locations and most importantly, the stories which the app used to create the summary from. You have one-tap access to all these features.

Over the months after Meyer took over Yahoo’s mantle, there has been a massive overhaul of Yahoo’s iOS focus. In terms of design, the developers behind Yahoo’s apps have really taken a huge step forward that has helped us fall in love with Yahoo’s weather app.

It will take some more time to gauge the efficacy of Yahoo News Digest app. But for the moment, it’s a fantastic start.

Yahoo News Digest is on the App Store for iPhones running iOS 7.

Price: Free
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