WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Message, and more. There are number of known and unknown apps running on different operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows. As often as not, every such app ends up sharing personal chats, jokes, funny videos and pictures of wedding, birthday bashes and vacation trips. There are no serious talks on these apps.

There was no app for professionals to hang out to discuss their career plans, conduct virtual meetings and other serious stuff. Linkedin is completely a different platform, where professionals like to come together using web, and not mobile. It has been largely used as a medium to showcase professional achievements of users; though this medium allows them to connect with each other for discussions, it is not meant for that quick chat.

XROS Messaging iPhone App Professionals

An app like WhatsApp was a long-standing need of professionals, who want to connect with potential and existing clients, partners, teammates, service providers, consultants, investors and others. And now we have XROS.

XROS (pronunciation: Cross for Cross-Company Messaging) is a messaging app for your professional life. This one is an easy-to-use app for every professional to have chat with his counterpart within the company or from outside. XROS subtly replaces our traditional emails with a super-cool user-interface, which inspires users to use it more often.

XROS works entirely on email, which means even if you don't have any mobile number, you can use this app to connect with your friends. Just invite them or import their email ids, create group channel or personal chat with your contacts.

Entire app is smartly categorized into four sections: Channels, Contacts, Import and Settings. This makes it quite effortless for any person to connect with others. For example, if you want to create a group channel, simply open the app, tap on “+” sign to add people in group channel. Before that, you should give a suitable name to the group. One by one, you can add people to the group; after that, tap on Done button and then tap on Create.

Your group channel is created and now you can start communicating with all members in the channel. You can create multiple channels for different departments like marketing, production, technical, customer support etc. Even after creating group, you can add anyone later on.

Group channels are a strong platform to connect; this is where you initiate conversation about a new project, new deals and fresh problems your company is facing. People can ask questions and get answers from everyone involved in the group channel.

Like Group Channel, you can also initiate private chat with somebody in your group. Tap on “+” sign and create a private chat by searching contacts from your email list.

You can also use web and desktop versions of XROS to chat with your colleagues. It is quite easy to register with your email id on your computer. XROS offers the same features as you enjoy on your smartphone. The desktop and web versions give you freedom of typing quickly without giving your thumbs and fingers any burden.

This app helps you create an image of a consummate professional; connect with the right people in your channels and start communicating with them. You have got a powerful desktop version, from where you can continue conversations you left on mobile or browser. Share important documents, go back to channel history to find something important and search everything across all of your conversations.

Now start opening channels with any group of people you work with.

Price: Free
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