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It is challenging to make a dent in the most cluttered market of Bluetooth headphones. After using Axum Gear’s sport earbuds, I thought I had got enough of Bluetooth listening devices. But I was wrong; I was yet to meet Xcentz Bluetooth wireless sports headphones made for running and other fitness activities.

While every headphone maker boasts of sound quality and bass effect, Xcentz talks about the price of its Bluetooth headphones. I know it is not something anybody should discuss in the beginning. But given its competitive prices, Xcentz has packed a lot of features in the sport earbuds.

Xcentz Bluetooth Earphones for iPhone 11 and X Series

Even as Xcentz’s wireless headphones deliver average performance in sound and bass, people have accepted the product for its other notable features. Comfortable design and powerful battery are the most striking qualities of Xcentz wireless earphones. Let’s see how this product can impress you, i.e., users?


Most users prefer earphones with an over-the-ear hook so that they can focus on their fitness activities instead of checking the position of headphones frequently. But not all over-the-ear hooks set comfortably around your ears. Xcentz scores better than other wireless headphones.

Xcentz Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR

The design is not only comfortable, but it is super easy to install the buds in your ear. Once you install the sport earbuds, you may rest assured about its position. Indulge in the most active sports, and its anti-drop design takes enough care of the headphones.

IPX5 standard allows you to chase your fitness goals under the rain. If you are constantly sweating, the headphones resist your perspiration and play your favorite music non-stop.

Active Noise Cancellation

For music lovers, active noise control makes or breaks their day. We are surrounded by noise from dawn till dusk; whether you are in the gym or walking on streets, constant noise can spoil your music listening experience.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Thankfully, engineers at Xcentz have worked overtime to reduce background noise. You can dive into mellifluous songs during your workout sessions. This feature also helps you talk to your contacts without any external interruption.

Sound quality

Xcentz’s wireless headphones may not convince a true-blue music aficionado. The brand has already released successful products like a five-port USB wall charger, surge protector, and universal travel adapter; hence, expectations are high from this Bluetooth earphones.

To fill your ears with music, you would like to elevate sound to the full; but you won’t get enough loud music to experience high pitch of the artist. But there is a blessing in disguise here; you can play music for a long time as this shortcoming burns less battery of the headphones.

When you turn up the sound, vocals become unclear. You cannot follow the lyrics of any songs, and your joy of humming songs is spoilt. You can blame feeble treble, which makes music listening experience a little painful. My video editor friend has noticed lower notes of a guitar while listening to his playlist.

Miscellaneous Features

Battery performance of Xcentz Bluetooth headphones can impress you with a long-lasting battery. Once you charge the headphones, you can use it for eight hours. With your one-hour workout every day, you can use the headphones for a week. To get the best out of it, keep the volume at 50% or below and you can enjoy 13 hours of playtime.

Xcentz has used Bluetooth 5.0 wireless communication standard, which brings some improvements. But you can take advantage of this latest technology if you are using compatible peripherals. With 50 feet of Bluetooth range, you are not supposed to hold your device in hands.

Do you follow intense workouts every day? No worries! IPX5 water-resistant standard will protect these headphones against rains and sweat.


There is a mention of the price of the headphones in the first part of this review. Price is never out of place, especially when users are planning to buy accessories like wireless headphones. At $25.99, Xcentz offers you a good deal, you can go ahead with lightweight, ergonomic, and comfortable headphones.

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