Ten Most Interesting WWDC Facts You Need to Know

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Apple’s WWDC or World Wide Developers Conference has been one of the most anticipated annual events in the tech world for over three decades now. In recent years, it has become possible to stream the live event on Apple TV or an iOS device. First held in 1987 in San Jose, California, Apple’s primary media event has an amazing history that we’ll look at in this post through ten facts about the WWDC that you’ve probably not heard before. Let’s dig in.

WWDC - Ten Most Interesting Facts You Need to KnowWhat about knowing some of the lesser-known facts about WWDC? Let’s cross over to have a glance at them!

Ten Most Interesting Facts about WWDC

#1. Since 1998, the former CEO Steve Jobs used to start the event with the keynote presentation. Fans started calling the presentation as “Stevenotes”.

CEO Steve Jobs with keynote presentation#2. Up until 2007, there used to be between 2000 to 4200 attendees. However, in 2007, the number of attendees reached to 5000.

Up until 2007, 2000 to 4200 attendees#3. Since 2008, the tickets of the event have been sold out.

WWDC in 2008, Tickets Sold Out#4. In 2001, Apple announced the first release of Mac OS X Server and WebObjects 5.

In 2001, Apple announced Mac OS X Server & WebObjects 5#5. In 2002, the tech giant stopped the development of Mac OS 9; asserting that Mac OS X is the future.

WWDC 2002, Mac OS 9#6. In 2003, the company launched Safari along with other apps like iPhoto, iMovie, iApps, iDVD.

In 2003, the company launched Safari#7. In 2005, the company announced that it will transition to Intel processors and the x86 platform.

WWDC 2005, Announced Intel processors and the x86 platform#8. In 2006, Jobs announced Mac Pro as a replacement to Mac G5.

In 2006, Jobs announced Mac Pro#9. In 2008, Apple debuted App Store for iPhone and iPad. It also introduced the most stable version of iPhone SDK.

WWDC in 2008, Apple debuted App Store#10. 2011 was the last Apple event hosted by Jobs. The 5000 tickets were sold out within 12 hours. Since 2013, tickets were being sold out in less than 2 minutes..!

WWDC in 2011, Steve jobsWhat do you think of WWDC? What’s your expectation from the 2016 event? Do let us know in the comments below.

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