As per various reports and rumors, Apple is desperate to not just immensely enhance the user experience of its iOS ecosystem but also make it more feature-rich than ever before.

Given how competent Android has become, it will require nothing short of a marathon effort to either remain ahead of the cut-throat competition or stay along with the high-decibel battle. So, will iOS 10 continue to wade off the massive challenge?

iOS 10 During WWDC 2016

WWDC 2016: Why iOS 10 will Storm Tech Universe

There are quite a lot of areas where Apple must make sure its iOS doesn't fall prey to the brutal competition. Else, Android switchers will continue to find it too hard to cope with the complexity of using iPhone or iPad-in real life..!

As Apple is set to announce iOS 10 today at WWDC 2016, let's look at the future and the shortcomings that must be eradicated sooner than later!

Too Many Bugs to Cope up With

Recently, iPhone or iPad users have to face numerous bugs that badly hurt the iOS experience. Whether it's the fast battery drain after every software update, Wi-Fi being rather slow or fast consumption of cellular data, iPhone owners have to encounter a number of annoying issues quite frequently.

Can’t we have a more stable iOS? Personally, I can't remember the days when some of the common issues didn't disappoint me. Just like millions of iPhone owners around the world, I’m expecting it to be both smooth and stable.

More Versatile Siri

When Siri arrived on iOS five years ago in 2011, there was huge expectation from it. With the innovative concept to improve user-experience, the virtual assistant had set the ball rolling at the onset itself.

However, due to lack of expertise or the capability to be a reliable assistant, it has failed to live up to the promise it showed early on.

Mammoth Improvements in Maps, Messages, and Photos Apps

I'm really not impressed with Maps app at all; despite having been improved a lot recently. Google Maps continues to be favorite on iOS devices. In terms of accuracy, the stock Maps app has a long way to go before it can be able to surpass Google Maps.

As for Messages and Photos apps, they have to make sure they are not left far behind in the race.

Much Needed Change on the Cards

Going by the recent rumors and the much apparent desire to bring about some defining changes in iOS ecosystem, we are very optimistic about iOS 10 being able to storm the tech universe.

Siri SDK, new design, Apple Music app huge enhancements to Photos, Messages, Safari and Maps apps as well as new encryption software are some of the highly exciting reports that have been doing the rounds recently.

Keeping the Fingers Crossed

If these rumors hold true, we may see iOS in its amazing avatar which will be in the best interest of everyone. That's why; I'm keeping the fingers crossed and waiting for the next-gen iOS to win me over once again!

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