Finally, WWDC 2015 has kicked off at Moscone West Conference Center in San Francisco. Expectedly, Apple has announced the next version of iOS and OS X along with some other highly anticipated services like Apple Music.

As rumoured, the prime focus of iOS 9 and OS X EL Captain is on stability as well as performance enhancement. Here is the gist of what Apple has showcased at WWDC 2015.

WWDC 2015 Announcements

OS X EL Captain

  • The next version of OS X will be called OS X EL Captain.
  • The upcoming version of Mac OS X has been released for developers.
  • The public beta will be released in July.
  • The EL Captain will be primarily focussed on stability and performance enhancement.

iOS 9 – A Lot Smarter and Mobile Than Ever Before

  • iOS 9 has been released for developers today.
  • The public beta version will be released in July.
  • iOS 9 will be compatible with all the devices which are compatible with iOS 8.
  • Safari has been enhanced to let pin and find noisy tabs very much like Chrome.
  • Siri has been redesigned very much inspired by Apple Watch.

Split Screen Multitasking on iPad

  • With the use of multitasking, you would be able to interact with multiple apps at once on iPad.
  • This is the sort of update that will boost iPad which desperately needs major upgrades.

iOS 9 Measures Only 1.8GB

For long iOS users had been longing to have small software update. Fortunately, Apple seems to heard the appeal of millions of Apple fans from all around the world. Since, the next software will measure merely 1.8GB, it will run smoothly on older devices too.

iOS 9 Battery Life

If you are expecting a battery saving mode on iOS 9, then there is something to cheer about.

  • iOS 9 will come with low power mode switch.
  • The low power mode will give three hours of extra battery life.

Transit Direction

  • The Maps app will feature Transit Direction to help users find directions easily.
  • Eventually, the Maps app will be able to compete with Google Map thanks to the addition this unique feature in order to make navigation of direction much easy.

Swift 2

Apple’s programming language is going to be an open source. It will help iOS apps run faster and more smoothly than ever before.

Apple Pay

  • Apple Pay will launch in UK next month.
  • Passbook has been renamed as Wallet.
  • Apple Pay has been added support for rewards cards.


  • With iOS 9 HomeKit is going to be more efficient in terms of functionality.
  • The HealthKit will be able to track menstruation.
  • It will be able to control many HomeKit-enabled products at home.

Proactive Assistant

  • The version of iOS will feature “Proactive” in order to compete with Google Now.  The Proactive will allow users instant access to news, information about famous personalities and more instantly.
  • The Proactive will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Most importantly, based on your habits, it will suggest you the contents you navigate.

Apple News

Apple replaces Newstand with Apple News. The Apple News looks very similar to Flipboard in terms of functionality and concept.

Car Play


  • CarPlay has been added support for different sizes, automaker apps.
  • CarPlay will now work wirelessly.

Apple Music  “Beats One.”

  • With the use of multi-tasking, you would be able to interact with multiple apps at once on iPad.
  • Apple announces the much anticipated “Apple Music” powered by Beats Music. Expect Apple’s new music service to come with tons of user friendly features like, personalising your playlists.
  • Apple’s first radio station will be broadcasted every day, 24/7 world wide.
  • Apple’s Beats One, the radio station, will be introduced in 100 countries.