According to a press release from Apple, WWDC 2014 is set for the week of June 2nd. The conference – typically, one of world’s largest developer conferences – will take place in June 2-6, 2014. Tickets for the conference can be registered here. (registrations open on April 7, 10.00AM PDT).

We were expecting Apple to announce the dates for WWDC 2014 sometime later this month. But the sooner, the better. There are a couple of major changes to the way tickets are allocated for the developers and that’s interesting.

WWDC 2014 Dates

Randomly Picked Participants
Last year, tickets for WWDC sold out within minutes. That’s about 5000 seats. Several thousand developers were left clueless (and ticket-less, of course) to a world-renowned conference that developers actively seek to participate in.

Apple acknowledged the overwhelming response and posted that it will look for a solution to this demand. WWDC 2014 has some sort of a solution (although it kills the first-come-first-served basis of registration).

For WWDC 2014, the registrations start at 10.00AM PDT on Monday (April 7th).
Apple will pick participants randomly and inform the selected participants by 5.00PM PDT, April 7th (same day). Those who have received the confirmation will have to then purchase the ticket by April 14th, 2014.

The tickets cost $1599.

So What’s Expected This Season?
iOS 8 is a major thing that is expected to be announced in June. The “Healthbook” app is something a lot of people are eagerly waiting to see. There are also some major changes expected in iTunes Radio, Siri (following an acquisition recently) and Maps app.

(read more about iOS 8 here)

Needless to say, OS X is also expected to be updated. There’s some (or may be a lot of) speculation about how OS X’s UI/UX is becoming more unified with iOS. That’s something we’re waiting to lookout for.

Mac devices are another prominently-discussed part of the rumors surrounding WWDC 2014. We’re not making any speculations here. Let’s wait for some more info.

More details about WWDC 2014 here.