Monday, 10th June, 10:00 AM PDT – that's the time set for one of world's most sought-after conferences: the WWDC 2013 at Moscone Center in San Fransisco, held by Apple.

At the WWDC 2013 we're expecting a slew of announcements. Announcements that will signify the release of a brand new iOS, updates on OS X and a few interesting things that have been rumored. For instance, we're hearing that Apple's finally closed the deal on iRadio – the rumored live streaming service from Apple much like Pandora and Spotify.

We'll be closely following WWDC 2013. If you're living elsewhere, you'll mostly want to check out the timezone so you are logged in at the right time for the keynote.

WWDC 2013  Time Zone For Various Country

Here are the timezone info (click on the image above for the larger version).

WWDC 2013 Keynote:

  • Pacific – 10:00 AM (10th June)
  • Central  – 12:00 PM (10th June)
  • Eastern – 1:00 PM (10th June)
  • Brazil – 2:00 PM (10th June)
  • London/BST – 6:00 PM (10th June)
  • India – 10:30 PM (10th June)
  • Moscow (Russia) – 9:00 PM (10th June)
  • Beijing, China – 1:00 AM (11th June)
  • Tokyo, Japan – 2:00 AM (11th June)
  • Australia (Sydney) – 3:00 AM (11th June)

The Verge's live coverage of the WWDC 2013 is usually awesome. If you're looking for some interesting tidbits along the way, that's the best coverage to follow. It's not yet open but head over to on the appointed day for their live coverage peppered with photos.

WWDC 2013
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You should also be following our Twitter and Facebook feed to get the latest scoop on what Tim Cook and Co. release and announce at the keynote. Mostly, we're going to be focusing on iOS 7 features. One prominent analyst has noted that Apple will be announcing a “killer internet product” (most likely the iRadio) and another app (this is what we're very much interested in). No one has given more clues about the app.

Also worth looking out for is API. Tim Cook has noted that this time around, Apple will be opening up iOS 7 a bit for developers. Bets are on Siri, Keyboard and settings but let's see how far Apple does open up.

So all set? We're ready.