As expected iOS 7 Features got up massive overhaul. Read more.

WWDC 2013 is right around the corner and Apple is obviously gearing up for it. The banners for the upcoming official conference are being put up at Moscone Center as the venue gets prepped for the June 10-14 event.

The five-day conference will reveal an overhauled iOS interface which has been vigorously debated of late. You'll still keep stumbling into a lot of iOS 7-related articles for a long time. Besides iOS 7, announcements regarding OS X are expected too.

One of the core things about the overhauled iOS 7 is the flatter look that everyone's been talking about.

WWDC 2013 Banner

Hints towards these came through two different sources:

1. Apple released the official WWDC app. The sessions app has a flatter, simpler look more in line with the current design trends than with the usual Apple-esque design style. This does indicate that there's a definite change in the way iOS 7 looks.

iOS 7 Flat UI Concept

2. AppleInsider reports that a few developers observed square icons as opposed to the usual rounded icons in their developer accounts dashboard. Apparently, this doesn't look like a code glitch so could this be something that Apple's hinting at? Possibly.

Interestingly, we've got just five more days to wait.

From the sessions list that's been put up on the WWDC app, Apple does seem to focus on iOS UI design. Although they do emphasize on this in every WWDC, this time around, the focus is more specific as the design style guide for iOS7 should be a massive overhaul from all of its predecessors.

Going beyond the interface, we're likely to expect a lot many chnages in iOS 7's features. We put up an iOS 7 features wishlist long back; I guess it needs some overhaul too.

The tickets to WWDC 2013 sold out in a few minutes breaking all records. Obviously, despite the recent patent infringement ban on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 3G in U.S, Apple's going strong and is gearing up for yet another spectacle.