Wuvo Spot: The Global Lost and Found Tracker

Admit it, every morning before leaving to work we all have to find our car keys, wallet, and other belongings. The story does not end here; we keep misplacing our stuff everywhere and then waste our time finding them like a school kid.

Moral of the story is to have something that keeps track of our things and also send us notification once we lose it. This is when Wuvo Spot tracker can be a life savior. This little gadget can stick to almost anything and covers a wide tracking range. We have done a complete review of the product and results are given below.


Wuvo Spot Lost and Found Tracker Device Design

“It’s a keychain”, that’s the very first thing that strikes at a first glance. Wuvo Spot tracker is round in shape, white in color, and has a wavy design on its surface. It can easily be hooked with your car or house keys like a keychain. The function is not limited to keys; you can stick this tracker to almost anything that you think you might lose.


Find Lost Stuff With Wuvo

Wuvo Spot tracker connects to your iPhone using its built-in Bluetooth. There is a Wuvo app which alerts you when your tagged item is out of range. If your item is in range and you aren’t able to find it, then simply open Wuvo app on your iPhone and tap the ring icon. The tracker will ring and you’ll be able to find your item easily. The app also saves your four last locations, so you’ll not need to go through brain churning process of recalling where you visited.

Both way tracking

You might be wondering what if you misplaced your iPhone itself? There is a feature on Wuvo that rings your iPhone even if it is in silent mode. Wuvo Spot tracker works both way: keeps your items as well as iPhone safe.

Wuvo Community

Wuvo Lost and Find Tracker Device Comparison

Wuvo Spot tracker is far advanced compared to other trackers available. That’s because Wuvo has not ignored the offline lost and found concept. For instance, if you lose your tagged item and mark it as lost other users (With or without app) can find and return them. This is possible because every tracker has a unique ID on its back. If any user with Wuvo app is in range of your lost item, then the app will anonymously send item’s location to the cloud. After that you will be notified about last location of your item.


Wuvo Spot tracker also helps in case you haven’t misplaced or lost your item. The app notifies you as soon as you are out of the range of tracker, that way you will never leave your house without your car keys or your wallet. That’s too much of a technology, but we need it in this hectic world.


Wuvo Spot tracker is a crow funding project on Indiegogo. There are many different pledge options; some are available while some are already taken. Pricing depends on the quantity of tracker you wish to buy. Check out the project details for latest pledge and price options.

Read more about Wuvo on their IndieGogo campaign page.

Do you lose your things frequently? What do you do to find them? You can share your funny “lost & found” incidence with reader by commenting below.

Wuvo Spot Lost and Found Tracker Gadget

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Wuvo Spot Lost and Found Tracker Gadget
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