WRIO Keyboard App for iPhone

WRIO iPhone Keyboard App

With the introduction of third-party keyboards on iOS ecosystem, typing on iPhone/iPad has become incredibly easy. Boasting of a number of gestures to enhance typing, eliminate typos and a great many funny emojis, GIFs to bring real fun while chatting, the custom keyboard apps have significantly improved the user experience on iOS devices.

While looking for some best keyboard apps for my iPhone, I came across “WRIO,” an ultra-modern keyboard app designed to speed up typing on iOS devices by up to 70%. Its user-friendly features compelled me to give it an instant try. And mind you, it impressed me.

WRIO iPhone Keyboard App

Honeycomb Layout

This advanced keyboard app comes with a honeycomb layout which has been primed for a smooth-sailing typing. The large keys have a unique shape that perfectly matches your fingers; eradicating typos and accelerating the speed.

Most importantly, the dynamic layout of the keyboard has been developed to learn the way you type and be able to optimize itself accordingly.

Uncomplicated Functionality, Smart Gestures

With simple gestures, you can not only type with optimum comfort but also enjoy your time with it. As for instance, just swipe up to capitalize a letter, swipe left to delete any individual or multiple characters. Just in case, you have deleted too many letters, swipe right to restore.

Personalized Auto-Correction

With the personalized auto-correction, you won’t have to worry much about correcting some common errors. It’s an excellent option that provides you the ability to keep a tab on certain mistakes with ease. Independent auto-correction is to be added in the next update.

Support Over 30 Languages

The app has the support of more than thirty languages. Besides, it allows you to type in multiple languages without switching from one to the other.

Personally, I’ve been smitten by this ability to type in more than one languages without needing to jump from one keyboard to the other. I’m sure you’d like this feature as well.

Absolute Fun

With more than 1000 funny emojis, it lets you spice up your messaging experience. There are tons of colorful themes to customize the keyboard app.

Super Fast Typing

One thing you would really admire about this custom keyboard app is the ability to let you speed up your typing. It has been prepared specifically for the folks who are looking for a keyboard that can help them expedite their typing with aplomb.

Though the price ($2.99) might be slightly high, you would be charmed with what it has to offer you!

Download WRIO

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