There are dozens (if not hundreds) of great tour planners out there on the App Store. Not every app makes the cut but those that do are the ones that people truly trust and rely on.

WorldMate is one such app which is, according to the last update from the good folks who built it, trusted by about 10 million people all over the world. Can we call it a competitor to Trip Advisor and other leading itinerary planners from the store? I don’t think so.

WorldMate is a class apart and you’ll probably begin to love it right from the start. First off, it’s simple. Although my experience with travel planners is limited, one consistent characteristic I’ve noted is bloat. There are a lot of apps which have bloated features that really don’t serve a really justifiable purpose other than adding bullets to the description.

WorldMate iPhone App

I’ve been playing around with WorldMate for quite sometime but it’s been pretty crips and clear with what it has to offer. There’s a ton of features in it, mind you, but it stays on course, distraction-free and does what it promises to do, perfectly.

WorldMate iPhone Travel App

The Features

Like most travel management apps, you begin your journey with using WorldMate by simply forwarding your tour tickets (travel, accommodation etc.) to a default email id. WorldMate promises to take care of the rest. Needless to say, it does a pretty good job of it because their database is pretty robust and huge.

Trips get listed in a clean, friendly and inviting way so you don’t get lost amidst a plethora of your own schedules.

WorldMate app allows you to book accommodation and that’s one of the areas where a lot of work has been done concretely. WorldMate not only lets you find flight information for the next day on an urgent basis but it also lets you book your accommodation from a really huge database of hotels across the world.

And this is where it gets interesting. You can pick hotels with special deals which has a separate tag/filter so you can find them faster. The app also pushes notifications of new price alerts and counter offers as and when they arrive.

And then of course, there are these important things like local search powered by Yelp, helpful pointers like tip calculators based on a country, weather information/forecast, and even limo reservation in select cities.

WorldMate comes as a free app without any IAP. But it has two strong limitations: flight status and calendar sync. If you’re a frequent flyer and a power-user of these tools, you’re mostly looking at WorldMate Gold which will put you back by $9.99.

But considering all the features and the bloat elsewhere, I think that’s a decent price for a powerful but highly user-friendly app.

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