We don’t get to see ornamental covers this minimal or this crafty, often. But when it comes to Woodchuck Cases for the iPhone and iPad, it just gets a little beautiful, aesthetic and pleasing. These wooden cases for the iPhone 5/4S/4 or the iPad can change the aesthetic appeal of your iDevice.

Woodchuck Cases and covers for the iPhone 5, 4S/4 and the variants of iPad are products of nature. The founders are intent to bring back nature into human’s realm and the way they’re doing it is somewhat amazing. They want to cloth your iPhone (and iPad and MacBooks too) using Birch, Mahogany and Walnut. Finely crafted, meticulously cut and beautifully laid out on the iPhone.

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WoodChuck HeaderWoodchuck Walnut Cases for iPhone 4

We ordered and got our iPhone and iPad Woodchuck covers recently and flimsy as the product may be, it fits perfectly, strongly and appears to have the durability that would attest a claim made by the folks behind Woodchuck cases. Wood generally outlives your smartphone and these wooden cases and covers are designed particularly with that feature.

Woodchuck Birch Cases for iPad

The Woodchuck cases aren’t the usual iPhone/iPad cases per se. They’re more of an ornamental ones with a flair for bringing the mark of a tree (the patterns are exquisite) on your iPhone and iPad. The panels of the Woodchuck covers are made from birch or mahogany or walnut (the choice is yours) and they are cut clean and refined to an absolutely smooth finish.

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Why Woodchuck cases stand out in the crowd

  • Beautiful design. Nothing beats natural beauty.
  • Accurate and meticulous cutouts for the speaker, camera
  • Strong but non-destructive adhesive
  • Lets you keep the iPhone on any surface without worrying about scratches on its back

Note: Gotta be patient when you stick the cases on the iPad and iPhone.

Unlike your usual iPhone/iPad cases, getting these panels on your iDevice can be a little tricky but that’s again a matter of craft. You’ve got to remove the stickers on the panels and place the panel accurately on the iPhone or iPad with the edges coinciding correctly. Needs a bit of patience.

But once you’ve done it, you’ve got your smartphone or tab draped in beautiful, patterned wood. It looks pretty good, yeah.

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Woodchuck Cases are compatible with iPhone 5, 4S and 4. Also with iPad (original, 2 and 3).

The price of the Woodchuck cases are:

  • iPhone 5 – $29.99
  • iPhone 4S/4 – $29.99
  • iPad (all) – $39.99

Woodchuck Covers for iPhone: Unboxing & Review Video

Woodchuck Covers for iPad: Unboxing & Review Video

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Visit their official website if you wish to buy this stylish iPhone/iPad case.