In the world of HD Winterboard themes for the iPhone, you don’t often get to see really good-looking iPhone themes. Most of the professional Cydia themes that do work well are usually sold for $4 or more. But then, there are plenty of talented artists who have developed amazing themes and give them away for free.

In this post, we do a round-up of some really good Winterboard and Dreamboard themes that are free, very good-looking and highly stable.

Of course, none of the themes are officially compatible with iOS 6, but if your Winteboard works just fine on iOS 6, chances are high that the theme you install works good too.

Best Winterboard Cydia Themes

Dive Right in top 6 Winterboard and Dreamboard Themes:

1. FiftyFootShadows HD Winterboard Theme

FiftyFootShadows HD Winterboard Theme

FiftyFootShadows HD undeniably beautiful theme if you’re looking for a full-fledged retina theme for your iPhone. The theme features brilliant wallpapers and a neatly organized and designed deck of icons. You’ll need to activate SummerBoard Mode in order for the icons to take effect. (Read more on FiftyFootShadows HD)

2. IMIUI Winterboard Theme for iPhone 5, 4S, 4

IMIUI Winterboard Theme for iPhone

A complete theme of its own, the IMIUI adds some juicy-colorful iconography and an exquisite detailing to the elements of your iPhone. The theme is jampacked with stuff like lockscreen widgets, some cool backgrounds for iPhone 5 and it modifies the dialer and the bubbles in the text messages and a few other design elements beautifully.

3. MP2 iPhone Winterboard Theme

MP2 iPhone Winterboard Theme

MP2 is easily our favorite theme on this list because it’s classic, minimal and beautiful. The theme changes the background and icons along with a few simpler changes keeping the overall usability intact. MP2 is a light-weight theme.

4. WP7 iPhone 4 Dreamboard Theme

WP7 iPhone 4 Winterboard Theme

The lockscreen impressed us. And that’s why WP7 shows up on our theme list even though it’s only a very simple theme that changes the lockscreen, the clock widget and the wallpaper. You’ll need Dreamboard for this theme to be effected.

5. iAce HD Winterboard Theme

iAce HD Winterboard Cydia Theme

iAce HD is a curiously interesting theme. I’ll admit that it’s not entirely professional because you can see the lack of attention to detail in a lot many places but it’s interesting nevertheless because of the metallic finish and some interesting icons.

6. Windows 8 Metro Dreamboard Theme

Windows 8 Metro Winterboard Theme
Although lacking in refinements to the interface, Windows 8 Metro theme HD can be the starting point for those who love the new Metro UI from Windows. The theme brings the scaled, flat-styled interface of Metro UI to the iPhone, changing the icons and the dimensions along the way.

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    I cant find the WP7 iPhone 4 Dreamboard Theme in the cydia store :(