Winner Montar iPhone 6 Plus Car Mount in 2020

iPhone car mounts come in various shapes and sizes. Some of them look old-school, typically large and cumbersome. Some are very sleek and minimal – with magnetic snap ons and pads to hold your iPhone (6, 6 Plus and older) securely. And some fall right in between these two extremes. The Winner Montar car mount is just that.

The Winner Montar car mount is a perfect example of a sleek and elegant car mount. It fits the iPhone 6 (and to a large extent, iPhone 6+) almost perfectly, holds the devices strongly and offers a great deal of flexibility in orientation. And it’s got one of the strongest suction pads we’ve seen of late. Read on to find out more about this car mount.

Review – Winner Montar iPhone 6/6 Plus Car Mount

Easy Installation
One of the first things we noticed about the Winner Montar car mount was the ease with which we could install it on the dash. The car mount’s base is a suction-type cup that fits to various smooth surfaces exceedingly well.

To affix the car mount, all you have to do is place it on a surface and lock the lever that pulls in the suction pad.

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Strongest Suction Cup (U.S Patent)
The strong suction cup lets you attach the car mount anywhere you want very securely.

iPhone 6-6 Plus Car Mount from Montar

Be it a dashboard, any flat surface, walls or even windshield, the suction cup will stick on them so strongly that you can’t remove the car mount from its position unless you raise the suction lever detaching the suction cup from the release tap.

360-deg Rotation
The holder is very flexible when it comes to orienting your iPhone 6 / 6 Plus the way you prefer. This is thanks to the 360-deg rotation which lets you turn the holder arms to any angle. You can do this with the iPhone on the car mount: useful if you’re shifting from a portrait to landscape mode on the iPhone. You just have to twist/turn the holder.

Montar Car Mount for iPhone 6-6 Plus

Compatibility: iPhone 6, 6 Plus (and all older iPhones too)
The car mount is kind of universal. The official spec sheet says it’s compatible with all devices with screen sizes up to 5.3” (the iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5”). But the iPhone 6 Plus fits too because the expandable width of the holder is larger than the width of the iPhone 6+. The car mount also holds iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s. It can also fit a plethora of Android devices too.

Suction Cup Is Washable
The suction cup is washable. Wipe the gel suction with a wet cloth gently, let it dry in the sun until it becomes sticky again.

The Holder
There’s one little thing about the holder that could be a minor issue. The interior of the holder arms is made of soft rubber. While it holds the devices strongly, we found that if you pulled a little hard, the devices could slip through. This was true in the case of older iPhones with metal casings. With an iPhone 6 or 6+ this wouldn’t happen. And if you’ve got a case on, this is nothing to worry about.

Winner Montar car mount costs $34.99.

Montar iPhone 6-6 Plus Car Mount

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Montar iPhone 6-6 Plus Car Mount
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