Here’s your chance to win a $25 iTunes Gift Card or a simple but engrossing RPG game for your iPhone/iPad.

BoxCat, the folks behind the new role-playing game, Nameless: The Hackers have announced an exciting giveaway that’s as awesome as it can get. Here’s what’s at stake:

  • 1x $25 iTunes Gift Card (for the US store)
  • 10x $10 iTunes Gift Card
  • 50x retail copy of said game

How Can I Participate?

Participating in the giveaway is pretty simple. All you need to do is:

  • Like Boxcat on Facebook and share their page
  • Like us on Facebook (Optional)
  • Follow them on Twitter and retweet about the giveaway.
  • Subscribe to their YouTube channel.

To make it all simple, you just have to use the contest form below.

Who’s BoxCat?

Box Cat App Giveaway

BoxCat LLC is a self-funded indie game development company that designs and develops intuitive and simplistic games for iOS devices. With a focus on simple, touch-intuitive apps, these folks produced TaskCat – a popular to-do list on the App Store.

BoxCat’s philosophy has been to create really intuitive interfaces and they seem to have carried that to a role-playing game.

Nameless: The Hackers is aimed at making RPGs enormously simpler, very easy to use and engrossing at the same time. It’s tough because typically, RPGs are complex on their own. By adding a complex narrative to the game, things get harder but BoxCat seems to have cracked the code to making simple yet thrilling RPGs woven into a storyline.

Time’s running out already so grab your chance right now. Enter the giveaway and reserve your chance to win some really awesome gifts from BoxCat. Read the detailed review.