“Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed” on Mac – How to Fix The Issue

Wi-Fi No Hardware Installed on Mac

WiFi is must if you are working on iMac or MacBook; at times, your Mac doesn’t respond to Wi-Fi signals or maybe there is an internal glitch and WiFi fails to work. In this situation, you can see a message appears on the screen: “Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed”.

There is an easy solution to this problem. All you need to do is to take good care of System Management Controller (SMC), which is a sub-system in your Mac. The SMC helps control power management, battery charging, video switching, sleep and awake mode, LED indicators, keyboard backlighting, and other things.

When your Mac goes in/out of sleep mode, SMC will decide what devices are powered down to save battery. This, sometimes, gives birth to the problem. If SMC gets wrong signal and believes that WiFi adapter should stay powered off even after Mac awakes after sleep mode, users will see the message as mentioned above.

In this situation, you should reset System Management Controller to solve this issue. We present three different solutions for latest MacBooks without removable battery, older ones with removable battery and Mac Mini, Pro or iMac.

Fix WiFi: No Hardware Installed: Macbooks Without Removable Battery

Step #1. Connect your MacBook to a power source.

Step #2. Press and hold Control+Shift+Option+Power simultaneously.

Step #3. Now release all the keys.

Step #4. Finally, press the Power button to turn your MacBook ON.

Fix Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed: Macbooks With Removable Battery

Step #1. Disconnect your MacBook from power source.

Step #2. Take the battery out.

Step #3. Press and hold Power button for five odd seconds.

Step #4. Install the battery back on MacBook.

Step #5. Turn the laptop ON.

Fix Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed: Mac Mini, Pro, or iMac

Step #1. Switch off the device.

Step #2. Disconnect the power source.

Step #3. Wait for 15 or more seconds.

Step #4. Now connect your device with the power source and switch it ON.

The above three methods should probably fix the issue of No Hardware Installed on your Mac.

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