Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Install iOS 12 on Your iDevice

Going by the early signs, iOS 12 already seems to be in the 5th gear! Still undecided about it? Jump right in to check out the major reasons why it deserves a shot on your iPhone and iPad...


It’s been more than three weeks since I started using iOS 12 on my iPhone. Barring a few minor hiccups, my run with the latest iteration of iOS has been a quite smooth sailing.

Frankly speaking, I’m satisfied with the smoothness that iOS 12 boasts. I can’t remember when was the last time I had used iOS developer beta so gracefully. Impressed with the fairly good take off, I’m going to recommend all of my friends to give a shot on the iOS 12—once it’s officially rolled out.

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade your iDevice to iOS 12

Enhanced Performance

If the beta is running so well, I have no doubt that the official version will offer hugely improved performance. Though I have always relished taking a shot on the all-new features, buttery performance is what impresses me the most.

iOS 11 is loaded with several many new features. And, I have liked using them. But the only thing that has slightly disappointed me is the less stability, as its confrontation with bugs just doesn’t seem to be ending. That’s probably the prime reason why Apple has emphasized more on stability in the newest iOS version.

Clearly, if you want your iPhone to run more efficiently, iOS 12 has to be running on it. They say, “Morning shows the day.” And if the early results are anything to go by, you won’t be disappointed for upgrading the device.

“So I’ve got an iPad mini 2, and I pretty much declared it dead a while ago. The loading times and performance were just horrible, and I deemed it unusable.

Fast forward to today, running the latest beta and I am shocked. This thing is practically new. The OS is snappy, apps load up a lot faster, and it really feels like it has gotten a second life. Thanks, Apple.”A Reddit User

Additional Layer of Safeguard

iOS 12 has doubled down on security. It’s far safer than any of its predecessors. The operating system comes with an advanced locking feature called “USB Restricted Mode.” It prevents data transfer via USB port if the iOS device hasn’t been unlocked in an hour; thereby making it extremely difficult for GrayKey to unlock the device.

Using two-factor authentication in apps has become even more straightforward. Now, your iOS device recognizes the verification codes as soon as they arrive. Hence, you can automatically use them in the respective apps. It has made the verification process more simplified.

Grouped Notification

“Grouped Notification” is yet another feature that might entice you to upgrade your iPhone. What it has basically done is streamlined Notification Center by removing the clutters.

Now, whenever you feel like taking a peek at all the latest alerts from a specific app, simply tap on its stack. You no longer need to browse the entire NC to check the recent notifications from an app.

Thanks to the introduction of this neat feature, NC always looks clean. Moreover, you can now customize the notification settings of each app right from the Lock Screen. So, if you ever find any app bothering you too much, you will be able to keep its alerts at bay quickly.

Safe Browsing Experience

Though Safari has always provided safe browsing experience, the stock web-browsing app is going to ramp up security with iOS 12. With the more powerful privacy tools, it ensures your personal information has extra layers of safety.

When you are viewing a web page, Safari will stop things such as Like, Comment, and Share from tracking you. And if you want to interact with these features, you will get a warning that it will track you.

On top of all, Safari works as a highly efficient password organizer. It lets you create strong passwords and also allows you to store them. Plus, you can quickly access the saved keys to log in to websites fast and securely.

A Life-Saving Feature

What could be a lifesaver for many, iOS 12 will automatically share your exact location with the first responders during 911 calls in the US. It can cut down response times and play a decisive role in saving the life in an emergency.

This new feature uses emergency technology company RapidSOS’s IP-based data pipeline to share your location data with the 911 service. It will provide the data by integrating with multiple 911 center’s software that complies with industry-standard protocols.

“Communities rely on 911 centers in an emergency, and we believe they should have the best available technology at their disposal,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “When every moment counts, these tools will help first responders reach our customers when they most need assistance.”Apple

But These Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg…

iOS 12 has got a lot more than what meets the eyes. Features like “Screen Time” and “Siri Shortcuts” make it really impressive. However, the best thing about this operating system is the smart balance between refinement and new features.

Considering iOS 11’s criticism from users concerning the performance, Apple was largely expected to make the new version of iOS more stable. By adding plenty of new add-ons without compromising on performance enhancement, the tech giant has yet again won over fans!

Let us know your experience about iOS 12 and whether or not you would like to recommend your friends to install it.

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