4 Reasons Why Safari is Better Than Any Other Browser

Apple’s Safari browser is better than other browsers available on the World Wide Web. There are some genuine reasons why Safari is better.
Why Safari is Better Browser

Over the years, Apple has been amusing the people with its creative and innovative product designs. When we talk about efficiency and performance, it’s not easy for other brands to be on a par with Apple.

Apple’s product bucket includes iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, HomPod, Apple Watch, and Mac. Apple is the world’s most considerable technology company, which generates almost $215 billion per year. The company has been ranked multiple times as the world’s most valuable brand for its high level of brand loyalty.

Safari Beats Other Browsers with More Security & Privacy

Apple Safari and its features

Safari is a default browser that comes in iPhone, iPad, and Mac. At first, it was quite slow and incompatible with web technologies. But despite all of the criticism from the users, Apple brings the revolutionary changes in the Safari browser in recent years. It is the best browser for every Mac user.

People usually compare it with many other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Opera, but Safari beats its competitors with its exceptional features.

#1. Privacy Enhancement

Safari PrivacyImage Source: Creative-Commons-Images.com

Most of the people are very conscious about their privacy and personal information and want no one to share it without their permission.

Many web browsers sell user information because whenever you use such browsers, they asked for your location. Also, they can make suggestions based on your search results because they have gathered the data of your online browsing.

Apparently, for some people, it is okay. But most of the users feel offended because they don’t want to see suggested ads every time they go online. Here, Safari has the edge over other browsers as it offers fast, upgraded browsing experience without any leak of their private details.

Though Apple collects data from the Safari, it does so to check the quality and strength of web pages, and to check the experience of the users whether or not they are satisfied.

#2. Content Filters

Safari Content FiltersImage Source: Blog.iPeaders.in

There are many ads blocking software and extensions available to filter the contents. These tools come quite handy when you want to block all those bombarded ads on web pages you visit.

A web browser with ad blocker software installed first downloads the sites and then looks at it, after the complete analysis it removes the ads. Now, these things take some time and make your surfing slow.

Apple Safari is very creative in this method. It offers content blocking API from which the users can block the ads without even downloading the webpage. Also, some Internet services like Charter Spectrum provides free services of a security suite, which protect your system, block ads and prevent unauthorized access.

#3. Reader Mode View

Safari Reader Mode

Safari offers an exceptional feature for the readers who love to explore blogs and articles online. Reader Mode clears all the unwanted content from the webpage and provides the user with a clean, bright and easy-to-read content.

This feature makes reading quite easy because you can view the whole website without any additional ads or pop-ups. While in other browsers you must have an ad blocker or you are required to download the content only then you can read it clearly, which is quite a time-consuming way for anyone.

#4. Battery Life Improvement

Safari Battery Life ImprovementImage Source: Pixabay.com

Safari’s best part is that it is not very resource consuming as compared to other browsers. If you are using many extensions and ad-blocking tools, most of the times they consume half of your RAM, and then you will experience quite a slowdown in other activities.

It also has that improved acceleration button which by default stays on; this means if it wants to consume more of your resources than usual, the browser has the authority to do so. Safari is an efficient browser and utilizes the hardware in an optimized way so that the user won’t experience any stoppage in their operations.

Other browsers use the battery as much as they could and sometimes the operating system gives you the warning about the extreme use of the cell whereas Safari consumes the minimal amount of battery in an optimized way, which helps the cell to maintain its lifetime to the maximum.

Signing off…

“Safety first” is the mantra Apple has adopted for a long time. The browsing experience on Safari gives you this security in all manners. Web browsers are always snooping around to check your private information and your browsing habit. This gives them a lot of user data, which can be used by their advertisers. This is not the case with Safari, which becomes a safe browser for millions of users.

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