Top Three Reasons Why iPhone 8 Will Sell Like a Hot Cake

Why iPhone 8 Will Sell Like a Hot Cake

There is a strong possibility that the iPhone 8 price could well be around $1200–$1500. If it actually happens, only two things can help the smartphone afloat: Really impressive specs and Enormous hype.

Going by the winds, the next-gen iPhone is riding high on both the departments. Lashed with stunning features and gifted with huge expectation, the smartphone seems to have fully covered all the basics. But a jump of $300–$600 (iPhone 7 32GB price: $649, iPhone 7 Plus 256GB price: $969) could be a bit too much for the asking—unless of course buyers would be too charmed by the smartphone to give it a miss!

Three Things that are Likely to Be a Game Changer for iPhone 8

Three most obvious things make me believe that even an extravagantly priced iPhone 8 could be the next blockbuster from Hollywood. What makes me think so?

Anticipation is in Seventh Heaven

Though every new iPhone is widely anticipated, the hype around iPhone 8 is colossal. The endless rumors about the smartphone having a radical design topped by edge-to-edge display seem to be turning heads. The huge possibility to see the iPhone with a brand new design after three long years is playing the pivotal role in stoking up the ever-climbing euphoria.

Personally, I never go by hype and take it with utter skepticism. However, the more I read about the upcoming iPhone, the more I wish to know about it. I might be somewhat biased and hence might not be able to discern the downsides. But when I find the entire tech universe going gaga about the smartphone, it sounds like a well-timed music to my ears. That’s probably the main reason why exploring every piece of rumor and scanning through the leaked images of the iPhone for hours doesn’t seem to be monotonous to me.

That’s just my story! I can feel how millions of loyal iPhone fans would be on edge about having a glimpse of the iPhone 8. Even the biggest critic of Apple’s smartphone would agree that the anticipation of iPhone 2017 is on the seventh heaven. I think it’s gone a few notches higher than that of even iPhone 4s and iPhone 6.

Long Range Wireless Charging Could Prove the Biggest Shot in the Arm

To me, wireless charging could be one of the biggest highlights of iPhone 8. Several rumors have suggested that the smartphone will support long-range wireless charging technology which would be highly competent and power up the device more efficiently. If Apple is able to pull it off, it will make iPhone stand out.

“Apple is exploring cutting-edge technologies that would allow iPhones and iPads to be powered from further away than the charging mats used with current smartphones, the people said, asking not to be identified as the details are private. The iPhone maker is looking to overcome technical barriers including loss of power over distance with a decision on implementing the technology still being assessed.” – Bloomberg.

Even though I want to juice up my smartphone wirelessly, I hate to use charging pad and receiver. As far as functionality is concerned, the existing wireless charging technology is worse than wired charging system. With the upcoming iPhone expected to have a better take on it, I am pinning my hope on it to finally say good-bye to cord clutter.

By removing headphone jack, Apple took a bold step forward and showed a good intention towards adopting the wireless system as the new means for everything. With the possible introduction of a superior wireless charging system, Apple may revolutionize the way we power up our smartphones. And I think this could prove to be the biggest crowd puller for the smartphone.

Awesome OLED Display

iPhone is already the first choice for gaming aficionados. The bezel-free screen coupled with the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display, the smartphone will become unbeatable for both watching media and viewing high-resolution images.

The organic layers of an OLED are said to be lighter, thinner and more flexible. It is brighter as its organic layers are much thinner than those of LED.

The large fields of view (about 170 degrees) can significantly bolster viewing experience. As OLED does not require backlighting, it consumes less power than LCDs.

With such a spectacular display, the 2017 iPhone will be amazing for media consumption. All those folks who are extremely fond of streaming media on iOS devices, they will, most probably, be lining up for the smartphone.

Generally, I don’t give much weightage to high-end specs and always prefer performance. But the combination of gorgeous specs and lethal performance seem to have put me on the edge ever since the rumors about radical design and features began to surface online.

With the iPhone 8 Full-On-Monty, Does High Price Matter?

Simply put, irrespective of the high price, loyal fans are going to embrace the most-anticipated gadget of the year. The exorbitant price may be a roadblock for price conscious people or the ones who might be willing to finally switch from Android to iOS. But looking at the larger perspective, I don’t think it will prevent the smartphone from making inroads.

When the demand is intense, the price is just a minor hiccup. Without going too much into the calculation, I would say iPhone 8 is waiting to be lapped—no matter whether it’s on the higher end or lower end of the stream. And the mammoth anticipation is the testimony that its sales may even go past 100 million in the very first quarter!

“iPhone unit shipments will post an annual increase of 4% in 2017, followed by an 11.5% jump in 2018. Apple could ship 90 million or more iPhones in the calendar fourth quarter this year, he said. He’s currently modeling for 84.8 million units in the fourth quarter, vs. consensus estimates for 82 million.” – Investor’s Business Daily

The Downside If Any…

However, I do believe the high price might also prove to be a huge dampener; especially if the iPhone doesn’t come off really well. Some of the things that might take the wind away from the smartphone are the failure to integrate fingerprint scanner into the screen and the ability to live up to the expectation. The introduction of all new design might not hit the jackpot right from the onset.

Many reports have suggested that Apple is struggling to integrate fingerprint scanner into the screen. That means the company may have to either place the Touch ID button on the back or completely remove it. The face recognition technology may not be quite functional. Given it’s less secure than Touch ID, prospective buyers might be slightly skeptical about their privacy.

“The Galaxy S8’s facial recognition software is the biggest cause for concern. Samsung pitches facial recognition as a convenient way to unlock your device, but it also says it’s less secure than the other methods for keeping all your stuff safe – in fact, as you set up the phone, you’ll see a pop-up that says facial recognition is not as secure as the other means of protection, like the fingerprint sensor, iris scanner, and a passcode.”Business Insider

Rumours are also doing the rounds that Apple may not be able to bring long-range wireless charging system. If it happens, it may turn off quite a few buyers.

“Let’s take a serious look at this $1,500 as a starting price is probably way too high. But I think $1, 200 is quite likely as the starting price with the high-end model at $1,300 or $1,400.”John Gruber.

Your Take!

What’s your take on iPhone 8? Would you like to pay as high as $1,200-1,500 to buy the smartphone? If yes, which are the top features that are likely to steal your heart?

Do let us know that in the comments below.

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