Why iPhone 7/7 Plus is Far Superior to Google Pixel/Pixel XL: Top 5 Reasons

These are the five biggest reasons why iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are far better than Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Let’s head over to find out!

When Google introduced Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones at its October 4 event, the tech giant made it crystal clear that it’s going to take on iPhone 7/7 Plus head on. Boasting of some pretty impressive features like excellent camera, unlimited storage for photos, Google’s latest smartphones definitely mean business. But, are they good enough to take the sheen away from iPhone 7 and 7 Plus?

Designed by Google and manufactured by HTC, Pixel is undoubtedly a major force that can give the newest iPhones a good run. However, some unmatched qualities make iPhone 7 far superior to its rivals.

Why iPhone 7 Plus is Better Than Google Pixel XL

Why You Should Choose iPhone 7/7 Plus Over Google Pixel/Pixel XL

Unparallel Speed

When it comes to speed, iPhone 7 is unmatched. According to the latest Geekbench results, iPhone 7 Plus and 7 with scores 172644 and 170124 respectively; completely decimating the rivals.

With a score of 160856, the LeEco Le Pro 3 came at the third place, while Xiaomi’s Mi 5s Plus and Mi 5s ranked at fourth.

Pixel smartphone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor just like LeEco Le Pro 3. So, in terms of speed, iPhone 7 remains way ahead of the competition.

Excellent Apps

Frankly speaking, the biggest reason why I use the smartphone is to make the most of the supremely excellent apps. And, it’s indeed great to use high-resolution apps and games on the enviably fast iPhones. No wonder, iPhones, and iPads are considered to be best gaming devices in the world.

Without apps, smartphones are good for nothing. Hence, the device that lets you make the utmost use of them has to be the best in the business.


While Android phones invariably lose both its speed and charm after a few months of extensive use; iPhones (in most cases) continue to remain in the top gear. While Pixel smartphones may claim to be different, they have the same clone as other Android devices.

One of my friends still uses iPhone 4; despite the fact that he can buy a new smartphone anytime. Whenever I ask him, “Why don’t you switch to other smartphones?” He proudly says, “I have been using it for over five years and am pretty pleased with its performance so much so that I never feel the need to change it.”

That’s the beauty of iPhone. While my brother, who is an Android and Samsung fan, has to change a smartphone at least thrice a year due mainly to poor performance, I upgrade to new iPhone—for nothing but passion despite the fact that the previous model continues to find a safe haven in my bag.

Ultimate Security

I keep a lot of confidential files on my iPhone; knowing that it provides 99.99% safeguard from hacking. Can I trust other smartphones? The straightforward answer is-No Way.

Perfect Combo of Software and Hardware

One of the biggest things that charm me about iPhones is that they have the perfect combination of software and hardware. The terrific integration of software and hardware reflects the sustained performance.

What the Fuss about Battery Life!

I agree that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus don’t have fast charging technology and come with not so great battery life as compared to its rivals. But, is iPhone just about battery life?

If I can buy an iPhone worth $750-$1,000, why can’t I spend another $20-$50 to purchase a robust battery case to extend the battery life of my iPhone with maximum convenience?

To me, what makes a smartphone great is apps, security as well as performance. And, it’s iPhone 7 that seals the race in this regard. Things like camera, battery, storage do matter a lot, but they are nothing but secondary.

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