No More Kidding! Why iPhone 6s Still Too Hot for Samsung Galaxy S7

All the debate about Samsung Galaxy S7 outselling iPhone 6s is nothing but self-manufactured hype. Read the full story;

iPhone 6s may not have taken the tech universe by the hailstorm just like its immediate predecessor but it has not underperformed either. Despite facing more challenges than iPhone 6, the latest flagship had a remarkable start off.

Apple sold more than 13 million iPhone 6s/6s Plus, an unprecedented record, just after three days of launch. Apparently, what began as an incredible take off failed to steam up later. But that has nothing to do with the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs. iPhone 6s Sales in USA

Why iPhone 6s Wins Over Samsung Galaxy S7

If anything that can be blamed for the slowdown in sales, then it has to be the rather saturated smartphone market where every single day tons of cheap phones are rolled out and a bit more satisfied loyal iPhone users who had just bought a brand new iPhone a year ago.

Are You Kidding Me?

Recently a number of Samsung Galaxy S7 fans along with a number of noted Android bloggers were beating about the bus that the S7 has outsold iPhone 6s in the US, where iPhone is known to be a ringmaster. That’s really true! While S7 accounted for around 16% of total sales, 6s was slightly behind with 14%.

But, do you know that iPhone 6s is competing against the phone that is the next-generation device of its main rival—S6? Let’s take it as a straight fight!

According to the worldwide sales, what Apple sold in just three days, Samsung hardly caught up with it in more than four weeks. While the Cupertino-based company sold more than 60 million iPhone 6s during the first quarter of its launch, Samsung could barely manage to sell 25 million during the first three months of its launch ending June 2016. Is this what you call the real fight? You better think again!

Class, Longevity & Performance

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S device has always been feature-rich boasting of gorgeous specs. While iPhone has always been nothing more than just iPhone. At the end of the day, what counts is performance, class, and longevity.

While most Samsung smartphones lose both the charm and performance within a year, iPhone retains its standard even after five years. That’s why; even today fans are crazy for iPhone 4, 4s and 5s. 5s is still considered to be the world-beater as most people don’t get tired talking about its impact.

Is there a single Galaxy smartphone that has been able to retain its longevity for so long? All those outrageous specs are meant for nothing if they can’t win the real battle, can they? And with the real battle, I mean nothing but longevity.

The X Factor

Personally, I love Android and really respect more than 70% of people who passionately use it. But, iOS is premium, rich and ultra-elegant. And, everyone knows it.

iPhone 6s has the better OS, camera, design and even performance than S7. Let the big daddy (iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 7 Pro) arrive this fall to know the truth yet again.

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