5 Reasons Why Apple Still Sells 16GB iPhones

Apple has been manufacturing the 16GB variants ever since it released iPhone 4. Do you ever wonder why Apple is still making and selling iPhone 16GB variants? If that’s the answer you are looking for, there are many rumors already about the same.

After the release of iPhone 6s, many users are surprised to know that the latest flagship was unveiled with a 16GB variant. The 64GB and 128GB were released too, but that made sense looking at the features that new iPhone offers. The brand new iPhone 6s offers 4K video recording and 12MP camera which clearly indicates that it will consume tons of memory when you record a video or take a snapshot. That’s not only the case with iPhone 6s; even the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s come with 8MP which is enough to consume MBs of memory for a single shot.

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Why Apple is Still Making 16GB iPhone

There are many other perspectives why Apple is still dependent on 16GB iPhone variants. And here’s what I felt why they are still sticking to 16GB model:

Few Users [read developers] Don’t Care About Storage

There are many reasons why users prefer to buy iPhone rather than going for Android smartphones. And when you talk about memory specifically, there are users who don’t need much space in their phone. This is where Apple’s 16GB variants are handy for the customers. Now this might be one of the reasons why Apple has kept the base model to 16GB.

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Cloud Storage: An Additional Option to Increase Space

Cloud storage is something which not many are aware of. Of course, those who have been using the iPhone for a long time, leave no chance to use the free 5GB space offered by Apple. But if you are short of space after buying a 16GB iPhone, iCloud storage is an additional option to extend your memory. Even after that if you still feel that you need more memory, you can purchase 20GB of space in cloud storage for just $1 per month which is almost negligible. Google Photos can also be used as an alternative to store your photos. When you have these many options to increase your storage space, why would the user buy the 32GB or 64GB by paying extra $100? This is something which you need to note down.

Price Factor

The first thing which strikes through customers’ minds when they buy a costly smartphone is price. Maybe Apple is trying to make the users happy those who want to buy an iPhone at the best price. There might not be a major difference for those who are willing to pay extra bucks for more memory but yes, cost does matter to those who want a budget-friendly iPhone in their pockets.

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To Outplay the Competitors?

Well, this could be the one of the reasons because the recently released Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4 and HTC One M9 were of 32GB, base model. In that case, if the user is looking forward to buy a lesser storage device with bulk features, the search would probably end at iPhone 6s. Isn’t it?

Maximum Profits to Apple?

According to the reports of Huffington Post, it was quite clear that Apple have to spend just $15 extra to build a 64 GB variant iPhone as compared to the 16GB iPhone. In that case, if Apple is charging $100 extra for 64GB iPhone rather than 30 or 40 bucks. The smartphone manufacturing giant doesn’t have to spend more on the higher end models. But when you look at the price difference between both the models is $100 and that can psychologically affect the user to buy the 16GB smartphone who don’t have enough in their pockets. It was quite clear that Apple wants bulky customers who want to spend less and buy more which makes pounds of profit to the company directly.

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All these factors are just assumptions and there is nothing from our side to ban or stop producing 16GB variant. After all, the iGeeksBlog readers were excited to know the reasons why Apple is still sticking to 16GB variant and this is what we had to say!

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