Why Android Users Should Move to iOS? Here are 9 Reasons

Every operating system has some or the other loopholes; whether it is Microsoft, iOS or Android. Apart from feature, true competition lies in OS stability and security. If any particular feature is present in iOS, it’ll be updated in Microsoft OS and Android in their next update, keeping their users happy.

User interface and customization is on the shores, true experience is based on improvising different security measures that smart phone users will welcome. I tested Android for ten days, and here are the ten reasons why I will move back to iOS.

Why Android User Should Move to iOS

Reasons for Moving from Android to iOS

#1. Hardware and Software Compatibility

This is the biggest reason I would recommend to move from Android to iOS. Apple has designed its hardware to work flawlessly on its software and vice versa. You will hardly notice any performance lag over a period of time on an iOS device. If we talk about Android, it’s an open source OS, every Android device’s hardware will vary from models to models, making it impossible to get flawless performance; because the hardware isn’t designed for software and vice versa.

#2. Battery life

As said above about the hardware and software compatibility; Apple devices are used to have more battery life compared to Android devices. That’s because Apple has designed battery consumption according to its iOS requirement. Apart from that, memory management is outstanding in iOS. Now talking about Android, users have been complaining forever for the battery issue, and there is nothing that can be done, because the power rests with respective manufacturer.

#3. Reliable App Store

There’s no doubt that Android’s Play Store outstands Apple’s App Store in number of apps. But when it comes to reliability, Apple’s App Store wins the race. That’s because Play Store contains many malicious apps, which you might accidentally download; resulting that you will start sharing some of your valuable information to the developer of that app. Apple is very strict when it comes to listing a third-party app on its App Store, compared to Android. Because of this, there are very few chances of you downloading some app with a malware on an Apple device.

#4. Device Reliability

Android is an open source operating system and device manufacturers can download it. The manufacturer then makes necessary changes in Android to make it compatible with their device. Every manufacturer customizes Android as per their wish, so users are completely unaware about the Android experience they might get, till they buy the device and operates it. But when it comes to iOS, whether it is iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll have the same experience throughout Apple ecosystem.

#5. System Updates

Even Android lovers will agree on this point, that Android updates are pathetic in terms of delivering it to your device. Apart from Nexus series, all other devices will have to wait for their manufacturer to provide them the latest Android updates. As we said earlier, they need to make necessary changes to make it compatible with respective device. When it comes to iOS, you can rest assure to have the latest updates as soon as Apple releases. Android recently launched its latest version 6.0, while a very large proportion of Android users are still running Android 4.4.4 (KitKat), which is two generation behind.

#6. Exploits

Neither iOS nor Android are free from exploits, but compared to Android, iOS has much lesser exploits. That’s because of Apple’s strict file system. Even if an exploit is detected, reaction period of Apple is much less than Android. Said that, we are again back to what we said earlier; company will release the exploit patch to manufacturer, and you just keep waiting if your manufacturer will provide you the patch or not. Most of Android device manufacturer are not much interested to entertain their old models, because they want users to buy their new flagship devices.

#7. Customer Support

If you are using an Apple product you can have a sound sleep when it comes to customer service. Apple maintains its class in customer service; it has a brand value to protect. When it comes to Android, you’ll have to deal with your manufacturer to get customer service or warranty. Again the customer service differs from company to company, if you are using an Android device from not so reputed brand; you are likely to have a dead Android phone being used as paper weight in your office.

#8. App Updates

We have already listed the reliability of Apple App Store, but did you know developers first release their app on iOS and then after few month or sometimes even year they release on Play Store? iOS users are always first to get latest apps on their devices compared to Android users. In addition to that, iOS users are assured about the app, as even the developer has to pass through Apple’s test to get their app listed on App Store.

#9. Tight File system

Let’s admit it, Android is way to open when it comes to accessing file system. You cannot access any files on an iOS device from apps like file explorer; while it is very easy to mess around with files in Android using so many apps available on Play Store. There is a very small group of users who are technical, rests are normal users who can easily mess around with system files and end up with a bricked device. Even manufacturer won’t come to help because they do not provide software solutions when you mess with file system. In iOS, if anything goes wrong, all you need to do is to connect with iTunes and make a restore; but in Android you do not have any such option.

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Why Android User Should Move to iOS

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Why Android User Should Move to iOS
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