Why 33% iPhone Users Are Happy With iOS 8 Or Earlier Version?

At the release of iOS 9, Apple and Apple aficionados were all excited to welcome the latest OS. During the initial few days, iOS 9 got tremendous response from iPhone and iPad users, who immediately shifted to this new thing.

During September, there was news making rounds that iOS 9 broke records with 50% adoption in just five days. But later on, the excitement dies down, and as of now there as much as 33% iPhone & iPad users, who have maintained a safe distance from iOS 9.

Why 33 Percent iPhone Users Are Happy With iOS 8

Possible Reasons Why 33% iPhone Users Haven’t Moved to iOS 9

This means, there are still users, who are happy using iOS 8 or earlier version. But why people are repelled by iOS 9?

We have dug down deep and found some interesting reasons why people do not embrace iOS 9 with open arms.

Low Speed on Older Devices

Apple may be riding high on the sales figures of the latest devices like iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but there are users who still own iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. For them, iOS 9 is like a pumpkin carried by an ant. If they install iOS 9 on their iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, their phone performance will be affected by low speed.


No sooner had people installed iOS 9 on their iPhones than they started facing issues of bugs. Social media and Apple forums were flooded with problem queries regarding Touch ID, low battery life, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, AppStore issues, iMessage and what not! This had sent an alarm to many users, who were potential movers from iOS 8 to iOS 9.

People waiting for bug fixes

It is human nature that nobody wants to become a scapegoat by downloading and installing iOS 9 first. As the stability issues in iOS 9 made headlines, many iPhone owners became apprehensive of this latest OS, and they were disappointed by many bugs infecting the devices. Hence, they considered it wise to wait and watch. Let Apple fix the bugs first and then they would like to go for iOS 9.

I am happy with iOS 8

A pro-user would always welcome changes, but a common user doesn’t always like changes. The latter would see any new thing with a frightened face. This happened in the case of iOS 9; people were rather happy with iOS 8 on their iPhones and they were certainly reluctant to upgrade to iOS 9. This has lessened the speed of adoption of iOS 9.

Lack of technical knowledge

Last but not the least, not every iPhone user is a tech geek. To support this statement, we have many mails in our mailbox; people are asking very basic questions, which a pro-user would laugh about. But we appreciate their efforts to learn things and interact with us, and therefore, we religiously reply to their queries. And this confirms that lack of technological knowledge prevents them from adopting anything new, including an iOS update.

Having said that, this information also poses a big question mark before Apple – what to do for those 33% who are not willing to switch to iOS 9? Any answer from our readers? Share your feedback with us in comment, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.